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Mueller’s investigative team loses two, now up a creek without an Ohr

Written By | Aug 31, 2018
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WASHINGTON: The Robert Mueller investigative team of “17 angry Democrats” is now down to fifteen. It seems two members of the “get-Trump at all costs” team may have a conscience, resigning from the investigation.  Those prosecutors are Ryan Dickey and Brian Richardson. Dickey is an expert in cyber-crimes.  Special counsel Peter Carr told CNBC that the departures are not due to any allegations of wrongdoing or political bias on the part of the departing prosecutors.

The departures have many Trump supporters optimistic that the Mueller probe may be losing steam, particularly as the co-mingling of Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Peter Strozk and Christopher Steele, are coming to light. Bombshell testimony from DOJ official Bruce Ohr confirms that DOJ and FBI officials knew of the falsity of the Steele Dossier, but proceeded to obtain FISA warrants as if it was fact.

Bruce Ohr: Throwing the dossier off the boat, under the bus, down the garbage shut

Speaking before the Judiciary and Oversight committees for several hours, Bruce Ohr has provided a list of ranking DOJ and FBI officials who were aware of the dossier’s providence. The widely debunked dossier has been used to launch a more than a five-million-dollar investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s task is to find evidence that  Candidate Trump either colluded with Russians or obstructed justice. Or whatever will stick to the wall. So far nothing in the dossier has found purchase.

Document reviews are confirming that Bruce Ohr, who reported to Obama-era Deputy AG Sally Yates, maintained contact with Fusion, GPS and once British spy Christopher Steele before, during and after the election.

The dossier, created by Christopher Steele, is generally a work of fiction, with many of the claims being from ludicrous (golden showers) to ridiculous (Putin began investigating Trump in order to compromise him years before he ever declared his presidency).

Which leads most sane people to ask, I thought the rule was “innocent until proven guilty.”  And after nearly two years, no evidence of wrong doing by Candidate or President Trump has been found.  Nothing.  Nada. Nil. Crickets.

Bruce Ohr was a liaison between Christopher Steele, the dossier author, and FBI officials

Ohr, acting as a liaison between Steele and the FBI is against the bureau’s own rules.   Steele was eventually fired from the FBI for lying about his leaking information to media, he continued to feed un-verified information to Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr then, working around his DOJ superiors, obtained information from Steele, feeding it to the FBI officials.

It is an FBI violation to continue to use a discredited source, nonetheless, the bureau officials knowingly continued to use Ohr to obtain information from Steele.

Peter Strzok, the FBI’s lead investigator in the Trump-Russia probe, confirmed in his congressional testimony that “the FBI received documents and material from Mr. Ohr.”  
FBI broke rules accepting information from Steele via Ohr

Ohr, formerly the associate deputy attorney general, was demoted after it came to light he met with Steele and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.  Simpson is a co-founder of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, has confirmed to the courts that the company hired the wife of the then senior Justice Department official to help with their investigation of candidate Donald Trump.

Nellie Ohr is an expert on Russia and fluent in the language.

Ohr’s testimony confirms that those same DOJ and FBI officers knew that Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was hired by Fusion GPS to develop the dossier. Those same officials were also aware that Bruce and Nellie Ohr were benefitting financially from the development of the dossier.

President Trump is asking the same question many are asking:

Fraudulently obtaining the FISA warrant

Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, says at least one of those DOJ – FBI officials signed off on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant application to spy on Carter Page,  a Trump campaign adviser. Reportedly, Ohr told lawmakers former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was just one the officials that knew the dossier had witness bias and hearsay.

Despite allegedly knowing that the dossier was at best questionable, at worst, completely false, McCabe suspended reasonable doubt, put partisan politics into gear, signing off on the FISA warrant applications even as:

– Andrew Weissmann, who was the chief of the DOJ’s criminal fraud division was “kept in the loop” about the dossier.
– That Steele, and Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm, are less than reputable.
– The Nellie and Bruce Ohr were being financially compensated for their work in creating the dossier.
– Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent, and his paramour, agent Lisa Page, where showing extreme political bias in their plots to overthrow the President (treason?)
-Joe Pientka, an FBI agent who interviewed former national security adviser Michael Flynn with Peter Strzok, was aware of the Dossier’s origination, as was Strzok.
Judiciary and Oversight Committee inquiries

Prior to Ohr’s appearance before the committee, Rep. Ratcliffe says he and his GOP colleagues planned to ask Ohr about former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and efforts to undermine then Candidate Trump’s 2016 election bid. Yates was acting as the Attorney General when President Trump fired her over her refusal to defend the travel ban’s first effort.  Unfortunately, she was able to sign off on at least one of the FISA warrant applications to spy on Page before her firing.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio tells Fox News that GOP-led House committees are aware that the FBI left out “important facts” regarding the Trump dossier when presenting the document to a secret court before obtaining the FISA warrant needed to wiretap onetime Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Jordan, who was there for the Bruce Ohr grilling on Capitol Hill earlier in the day, told “Fox News @ Night” that Ohr confirms that the FBI failed to disclose to the court who funded the dossier much less Ohr’s role in its production and former British spy Christopher Steele’s “extreme bias” against Trump.

Circling the wagons, DOJ and FBI ‘sources’ tell ABC News that Ohr was a “rogue actor” who worked around his DOJ superiors to make contact with the FBI, removing the spotlight of culpability away from the DOJ.

Note: Thank you to Kelly Ann Conway for the “up a creek without an Ohr” analogy. 

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