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Mueller Circus: Michael Cohen will apparently plead guilty to anything

Written By | Nov 30, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Michael Cohen crumbled to pressure from the special counsel Robert Mueller and the unfortunate counsel of his lawyer, Clinton ally Lanny Davis, and now pleads guilty to two counts of lying to Congress about the timeline of the Trump Tower Moscow project. This is the second time that Cohen has pled guilty to crimes that either don’t exist or are never prosecuted. This marks the second instance in Cohen’s case of  Lanny Davis serving the Clinton’s interests and Mueller’s interests instead of his client’s.

Moreover it is the hallmark of a corrupt Mueller investigation using Gestapo, East German, KGB tactics on a regular basis in pursuit of not justice, but scalps.  It is a perversion of justice to be destroying peoples lives. Suborning perjury, threatening family members. Generally acting like an out of control police state all in pursuit of a political agenda to destroy Donald Trump.

Clinton Crony Lanny Davis should be Disbarred

If lying to Congress is being prosecuted we have some suggestions

Its good to see that Mueller is concerned with lying to Congress. Now maybe James Comey, Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton can be indicted. All of them demonstrably lied in front of the same committees that Cohen has now pled guilty to.

All of them lied about material facts that were far more pertinent to our nations integrity. The corruption of the Departments of Justice, the State Department, the CIA and the White House. Far more important than the timing of discussions on a real estate project that never took place.

Brennan, Comey, and Clapper are at the very heart of the deep state conspiracy against Donald Trump. Each lied repeatedly to Congress. When are they going to be frogmarched into Federal Court? Where are those indictments?

Process crimes and crumbling plea agreements

Compare that to the process crimes Mueller and his band of merry thugs have managed to secure against such state enemies as George Papoudopoulas and Michael Flynn. Now Mueller and his team, especially Andrew Weissman, seem to be suborning perjury, asking witnesses to lie, and threatening them if they won’t.

The crumbling of the “plea” arrangements with both Paul Manafort and Jerome Corsi show the extent to which the rule of law is being perverted in ways that are reminiscent of an East German Stassi KGB playbook.

Corsi insists in repeated statements that he was threatened with jail repeatedly if he didn’t change his story to what Mueller and Weissman wanted to hear. He has filed a criminal complaint against the Mueller inquisition charging them with witness tampering, suborning perjury and threatening him if he did not lie.

Can acting A.G. Matthew Whitaker restore Justice to the DOJ?

Mueller and Cohen: an unethical squeeze play

Because this is what Mueller does, and its what he did to Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen was initially indicted on bank fraud and other financial crimes based on his taxi medallion business in New York.

It should be noted that the loans he took that he was convicted of were completely repaid. No actual fraud occurred and no money was lost on any of loans he received. He was indicted over inflating his assets on the bank paperwork regarding collateral for the loans.

Mueller was working hand in glove with the Southern District of New York in this case. The SDNY DA in the case threatened Cohen’s wife and daughter with prison time, because he had put some of his taxi medallions in their names. They would indict and jail his whole family over paperwork discrepancies for loans that were repaid.

Cohen pleads guilty to non-existent crimes

Cohen caved, agreeing to plead guilty to the bank fraud charges to protect his wife and daughter. While they were at it, as part of his deal, he had to plead guilty to two “campaign finance” charges regarding Trump payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Pleading to those counts were integral to Mueller attempting to make crimes out of legal activity. Alan Dershowitz famously pointed out that the payments were neither illegal, nor campaign contributions.

Now, in classic Mueller fashion, he has Cohen pleading guilty to lying about the timeline for the cancellation of a project that never occurred, and lying to Congress no less. Just as in the “campaign finance” pleas, Cohen is pleading guilty to a subjective measure that is not a crime that is ever, or rarely,  prosecuted.

Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

Mueller targeting Trump’s family

The question is why. Mueller needs Cohen to plead to bogus charges of no consequence so he can create the illusion of impropriety. If this sad ignorant bullied patsy, literally a stooge of Mueller’s inquisition,  is guilty of this ludicrous “criminal act”, then everyone around him must be guilty as well.

Mueller clearly has his eyes on Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and the President. He has Michael Cohen pleading guilty to almost anything he asks as a means of smearing his real targets. Michael Cohen is trying to save his own skin. They were going to jail his wife and daughter, so he pleads to two bogus “campaign finance” felonies.

Cohen’s deal: Do as we say or face destruction, along with your family

He then faces 10 – 12 years in prison, so he pleads to two counts of lying to Congress, has his sentencing combined with his other plea, and now faces, at sentencing, no more than 0 – 6 months in prison, and will probably get probation.

Meanwhile Paul Manafort sits in solitary confinement, and is facing new counts from Mueller for refusing to tell them what they want to hear. A great American, General Michael Flynn, has his life destroyed for a process crime.

George Papadopoulas is targeted by the CIA, FBI and MI-6 in a John Brennan operation against the Trump campaign and is indicted because he remembered the date of a meeting wrong by several weeks. Boy do I feel safer.

Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”

Mueller and Weissman: KGB tactics, checkered pasts, no integrity

Jerome Corsi has his life destroyed because he won’t lie and tell Mueller what they want to hear. He has stated publicly that he will go to prison before he will swear before God and a Federal court to something that isn’t true. His accounts are harrowing. This should not be happening in America.

But this is par for the course from Mueller and Weissman. Mueller oversaw the disastrous anthrax investigation that targeted an innocent man, Stephen Hatfill, tormenting him for years, until the real anthrax killer committed suicide. Hatfill was eventually paid 6 million dollars in compensation.

Mueller’s victims: A history of misconduct

Mueller kept 4 innocent men in Boston in prison for years, in order to protect Mob boss Whitey Bulgar, who was his prize FBI informant. Two of the men died in prison before they could be released.

Throughout his career, Weissman’s supervisors reprimanded him for prosecutorial misconduct. Notoriously, Weissman’s efforts destroyed the entire accounting firm Arthur Anderson as a result of filing unfounded criminal charges. That firm’s demise cost thousands of jobs.

Weissman is also responsible for destroying Enron and its base of investors. The Supreme Court overturned his disastrous Arthur Anderson prosecution 9 – 0. Federal judges cited him for pressuring witnesses and employing unethical tactics. Now, he is Mueller’s chief deputy.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

Mueller’s conflicts look like a conspiracy

Together they continue to engage in the most ghastly of tactics, regardless of truth, regardless of ethics. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of Mueller’s involvement with Uranium One, his conflicts of interest, his partisan hiring, and the involvement of his “friends” in the FISA abuse at the DOJ.

The entire Mueller operation has the air of a cover-up of the misconduct by Mueller’s compatriots at the DOJ and CIA. Get Trump before the truth comes out. Its a national disgrace. Its the crime of the century.

Where are the indictments of Comey, Clapper and Brennan

Michael Cohen has now pled to four criminal counts. No jury would find him guilty of these charges. In fact, given the context of his alleged crimes, no law enforcement officer would charge anyone else in this situation. Except, of course, Michael Cohen. Further, if prosecutable offenses now include lying to Congress, how soon can we expect to see the indictments of Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson? Seriously.

And what about long overdue indictments of James Comey, Jim Clapper and John Brennan? When can we expect Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr to face justice? Don’t hold your breath.

Michael Cohen will plead guilty to anything Robert Mueller puts in front of him. Because he wants to save his own skin. But Mueller is revealing himself to be the KGB, East German, Stassi thug he is. Without regard to justice. With no regard for  truth, or decency, or ethics.

Show me the man and I will show you the crime. Stalin would be proud.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.


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