Mozilla’s Eich resigns over gay marriage: Should Obama do the same?

Brenden Eich / The Mozilla Foundation
Brenden Eich / The Mozilla Foundation

LOS ANGLES, April 5, 2014 — Hannibal Lecter has escaped from prison and remade himself as a leader of the LGBT movement. Equality for all extends to behavior, and gay leftists have shown an ability to devour innocent human beings with every bit as much brutality as their straight counterparts.

Take one hardworking CEO, add some barbecue sauce, and throw away the carcass when done.

Gay rights cannibals (gannibles) forced out Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich due to his support for a 2008 California proposition banning gay marriage. Mozilla’s most notable product is the Firefox web browser.

For the purpose of clarity, nobody alleged that Eich discriminated against anybody in the workplace or created a hostile working environment. What he did was quietly donate $1,000 of his own money to Proposition 8 because of his own personal beliefs. He participated legally in the political process. This was too much for the “gannibals.” His public actions on the topic were zero. His private thoughts were enough to have him removed.

Since the gannibals will not allow anybody who has ever expressed anti-gay marriage views to be a CEO, there is only one logical conclusion. Perhaps it is time for Barack Obama to resign as President of the United States.

Forget his record of failure on everything from Obamacare to Russia. Forget his many corruption scandals including Benghazi. This is solely about gay marriage.

The same year Eich was donating money to the Proposition 8 cause, candidate Obama was publicly insisting that he was personally against gay marriage. He claimed that marriage was between one man and one woman, citing his Christian faith.

For those expecting intellectual honesty out of a hypocritical movement, Hannibal Lecter does not become a vegan just because a few bored whites on college campuses declare something trendy. President Obama is black, and guilty white liberals will only target other whites due to a combination of fear and political correctness. If the Mozilla CEO were black, he might still have his job. Despite 70 percent support among blacks for Proposition 8, the gannibals have only protested against white opponents.

Even if one removes the racial component, which the left depends on, Obama would be given a free pass for having “evolved” on the issue. He supported gay marriage during his 2012 reelection. The problem with this narrative is that it is completely false. Obama was for gay marriage when he initially ran for the Illinois State Senate in 2004. He was for it before he was against it before he was for it.

It is fair to question Obama’s sincerity since his position changed with the political climate he was in. He remained against gay marriage until Vice President Joe Biden came out in favor of it before the 2012 election. This forced Obama’s hand, since he was perfectly content to push this issue past the election in the same manner he did Benghazi and flexibility with Vladimir Putin.

Despite his unprincipled stand, Obama should not resign solely due to this issue. His record of failure is another matter, but on this one issue of gay marriage, his resignation is not the solution.

Brendan Eich should have stayed. The Duck Dynasty guys stood up to the gannibal lynch mob. They fought back and won. For those who think the culture wars are over, ask the good people at Cracker Barrel and the less likable people running the Arts and Entertainment Network. The D2 family fought back against the bullies and beat them like a drum. Eich surrendered faster than a Frenchman.

Eich could have delivered a passionate speech about how tolerance of all means exactly that. He could have said that anybody who discriminated against gays at his company would be immediately fired. He then could have said that anybody who discriminated against somebody for quietly disagreeing with gay marriage would also be fired. He could have asked for volunteers to step forward and resign their own jobs. Most of the gannibals would have disappeared faster than anonymous commenters on internet message boards forced to use their real names.

With plenty of talented people looking for work, the gannibals would have been forced to shut up and do their jobs, a novel concept among activists. A company is not a college campus. Eich could have reminded the world of this.

Instead he threw himself on his sword. He sacrificed himself to the gannibals. That was his choice, an unfortunate one that will lead to more gannibalism.

The answer is not more firings, boycotts, and protests. The solution is fewer of them. The only way for this to happen is for conservatives to stand up to gannibals and other leftist activists everywhere.

Otherwise, conservatives will continue to be devoured. The gannibals will then go after moderates who stay on the sidelines choosing not to get involved in the culture wars. With the left, you are either for or against them. Eich was low-hanging fruit. The quiet moderates will come next, since the Edmund Burke expression remains true: Evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

Eich chose to cave, but the attack against him was evil. Will good people stand up?

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  • Bruce Frier

    How hard is this to understand? Not personally favoring laws to allow gay marriage is not the same thing as contributing money to ban gay marriage. (Repeat that 5000 times.)

    • blacktygrrrr

      Who are you to tell a man where he can spend his own hard-earned money? Who are you to tell a man that he should lose his job because of his political beliefs when those beliefs do not in any way affect his job? How would you like it if a company fired you for supporting gay marriage?

      Liberals never get it because they are not the ones being targeted. Repeat that 5,000 times. Sheesh.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Ben

        Nobody is telling Eich where he can spend his hard earned money. He is free to spend it in any way he likes. Nor did anyone suggest he should lose his job because of his political beliefs, but rather his direct actions. And finally, he was not fired. He stepped down and was offered his old job as CTO again.

        Eich actively (and successfully) deprived thousand upon thousands of individuals of their basic human and civil rights. He didn’t merely hold an opinion. Someone who does that is not the kind of person who is qualified to be the public face of a major corporation. It has nothing to do with beliefs, but rather direct and concrete action.

        And this kind of protest goes on all the time. GM faced it when it produced ads that showed same sex couples (and again, but much smaller, when it appointed a woman as CEO). So did Coca Cola. And Pepsi. And Subway faced one when it supported Michelle Obama’s healthy diets initiative. BP faced it for a CEO who had a homosexual affair.

        And each of those protests were completely fair and legal (just as the one against Mozilla was). For the most part they failed because the outright bigotry that they represent is starting to become a minority position (in part due to the boycotts of the civil rights movement). But sometimes they succeed (BP). Still, it is the right of every individual to decide for themselves whether they wish to do business with a company for ANY reason. Even if it is a bigoted reason.

        And in Mozilla’s case, for reasons of fighting bigotry.

        Ultimately CEO’s usually sign a “morals” clause in their contract in which they promise not to engage in the kind of private activities that can bring shame or damage to the corporation. This is because, unlike the rank and file, they have a unique position that is representative of the corporation as a whole. They are, in effect, the public face of the corporation and as such are held to a higher standard. Actively working to deprive citizens of their human and civil rights is one such activity, every bit as much as if they had marched in an anti-miscegenation march. It made him unqualified for the position of CEO.

        Finally, you ask who are we to tell someone where they “can spend [their] own hard-earned money”. I ask, who is Eich that he felt like he had the duty to actually use the law to deprive citizens of this country of their civil rights? He was an active member of a group of people who forced others to change their life plans. All the protesters did was passively withhold their business.

        • blacktygrrrr

          How did Eich deprive anybody of anything? He is not a member of Congress or an administrative agency. Now Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Lois Lerner have deprived millions of people of their rights by deliberately targeting them using the government and its administrative agencies. Eich on the other hand is a private citizen with no political power to enact legislation or issue executive orders.

          I will ask again. How would you feel if a CEO was forced out (yes, Eich was forced out) for being pro-gay marriage?

          I would be upset about that as well.

          The right wants free speech for everyone. The left only wants free speech for the left. That is the problem. I would stand up for your right to speak but you would not do likewise.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • Ben

            Don’t presume to understand my actions. You have no idea about me whatsoever. In fact, I specifically stated that any protests against any corporation is fair, even if it is in favor of bigotry and intolerance. I even suggested that you should organize your own boycott if you feel the Mozialla Corporation’s ouster of Eich was unwarranted. That is the power of freedom. That anyone can band together and make their case for anything they please. Which is exactly what was done.

            As such I would (and specifically did) support your right to speak up. Just as I support the efforts of the anti-civil rights cavemen to boycott GM (as I specifically mentioned) as well as BP (which was, in fact, successful on their part). Go back and re-read my original post if this is confusing to you. I deplore the mentality of these idiots. I will deride them as morons. I will point at them and call them names. I will laugh at them as they inevitably fail at their efforts. I will speak up in favor of GM when it does the right thing to try and counter their ingrained hatred. But I strongly support their right to their boycotts (again – something I specifically mentioned in my previous post). I will never suggest that they shouldn’t have their little boycott. I will never suggest that they shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinions. I will never suggest that they should somehow be compelled to do business with a company that they have issues with.

            Now reread your post where you suggest we should not have spoken up even as you hilariously proclaim that you would stand up for our rights to do so.

            Eich took active steps to enshrine anti-civil rights action into law. He actively engaged in supporting this legislation (every bit as much as if he had marched in favor of it). This law subsequently passed and thousands upon thousands of individuals (including some who were employees who would later come under his leadership) lost their civil rights. As such, he was an active element in getting this law passed. It was deliberate – the law had one and only one purpose – and it was an act he CHOSE to make. It wasn’t passive. It wasn’t mere speech. It wasn’t supporting a candidate who was racist or discriminatory but who may have had other characteristics he supported. It was an active participation in a very narrow, specific process that was designed for a single purpose: to strip human beings of their rights.

            In that way what he did was action, not a “quiet” support of an idea or simple speech.

            What I did was simply exercise my right to withhold my business from a company I did not approve of. Are you suggesting that I should be compelled to give them my patronage?

          • blacktygrrrr

            I disagree that $1,000 out of millions on both sides amounts to action. It is more than zero, but barely. We simply disagree on that point.

            I support your right to boycott, but I think we would all be better off if there were fewer boycotts and protests.

            We have become a nation o crybabies, constantly outraged over everything.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • konaguy

    Sincere or not, Eich was not willing to “evolve”. Lots of people on the minority side of a political shift change their views. He supported government discrimination against gay couples (with a user base that strongly supported equal rights for gay couples). A few decades ago, most segregationists switched their views once they were undeniably on the wrong side of the issue. While I don’t support Eich’s resignation, it is absolutely nothing new.

    • blacktygrrrr

      Wrong. Either everybody has free speech or nobody does. Your view leads to more segregation. Pretty soon we will have Republican companies and Democrat companies because relations will be so poisoned that liberals and conservatives will not be able to coexist in the same company. Maybe we are already there.

      It is the height of liberal arrogance for liberals to insist that conservatives just shut up and agree with liberals, or as liberals call it, evolve. The same argument you make is also being made for climate change and every other leftist idea.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • konaguy

        It is the height of conservative hypocrisy to ignore that a handful of years ago, they overwhelmingly supported DADT, which barred military service to anyone who simply stated that they were gay. Did you just find the “On button” for your outrage meter now? Where was it when the Dixie Chicks were shunned for free speech which annoyed their user base? Perhaps you were one of the few conservatives who disagreed with those actions. Good for you. This ideological shift parallels segregation and several other points in American history. It will pass in a handful of years.

        • blacktygrrrr

          The Dixie Chicks were not fired from their jobs. In fact, the controversy was the best thing that could have happened to them. They made millions off of playing the victim card. While I am not saying they deliberately orchestrated a controversy, it would not surprise me if they had.

          As for DADT, it was Bill Clinton who gave us that and DOMA. For the record, I as a conservative have always been in favor of letting gays serve in the military. Barry Goldwater said “you don’t have to be straight, you just have to shoot straight.”

          Many conservatives are not obsessed with the issue. The left is.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Ben

        Everyone does have free speech. Eich has it. The protesters have it. Everyone.

        Of course, there is nothing about “freedom of speech” that protects you from the consequences of that speech. And absolutely NOTHING about free speech implies that others are not equally free to criticize your speech.

        The debate has nothing to do with Eich’s freedom to do as he pleases. It has everything to do with whether people want to support that kind of activity. Many didn’t. Maybe you did. Fine. Go start a boycott of Mozilla now that it has a different CEO.

        • blacktygrrrr

          While some conservatives will start a boycott of Mozilla, that is not how I live my life. I want more free speech for everybody and fewer boycotts and protests.

          I want politics out of corporate boardrooms. Eich was qualified to do the job. That is what matters.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Chali

    People who hold noxious and unethical positions on matters for which there is a broad social consensus should be held to account for their errant ways. Eich ‘s opinion isn’t simply benign; it’s as hateful and indefensible as material support for Jim Crow or anti-miscegenation laws. He should never be permitted to occupy a job that would place him in the position of exercising judgment over the careers of others.

    • blacktygrrrr

      You call anybody who supports traditional marriage as a bigot. In other words, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are all bigots. Bill Clinton must be a bigot since he signed DOMA. Yet liberals will give them free passes.

      I could say you are a bigot for trying to tear down traditional marriage, but instead I will just assume you have a personal belief. It is typical liberal arrogance to declare anyone who disagrees with a liberal as bigoted. I guess 70% of blacks in California are bigots.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Gumpchun

    As a Democrat and a liberal, I am afraid I could not agree more with Mr. Golub. This enforcement of political correctness against a man for his entirely private political views is reprehensible, chilling and contemptible. It is not the big tent I signed up for as a Democrat. This kind of heretic-burning is something the right does, to people like poor Rick Perry on immigration.

    Good and decent Democrats, CEOs, professors, NGO administrators, employees, high school students, etc can and must be able to disagree on abortion rights, immigration, gay marriage etc. and not be lynched for not following the latest march of the activists. Half of California must be monstrous bigots, since they voted to oppose gay marriage. Does anyone really believe that?

    This is simply a new cyber-McCarthism, a shameful episode of intolerance, and a chilling example of the new world we all live in, where cybermobs can divine anyone’s political views from our party registrations, contributions, and ruin lives with twitter campaigns for retribution. Welcome to 1984. As a Democrat, I have to say, this stinks.

    • Arightleft

      You may be a liberal but you don’t sound like a Democrat. Your speech is not filled with hate, like the others that commented

      • Gumpchun

        Believe me, there are huge number of Democrats who feel that this kind of character assault and cyber-lynching is unacceptable. These young, mostly male, activists are a breed of cyberbullies raised on vilification and anonymous abuse on the internet. You can tell how naive and shallow they are by the rote and easily picked apart arguments they try to make to justify such things.

        Somebody has to stand up and say how despicable and wrong this was and learn from it. I wish Obama would step up and say knock it off. We need Catholics and Muslims and Christians who don’t approve gay marriage inside our party the same as gays. NO one group gets to eject or vilify another. That way lies the marginalization of the party, our ideas, and our coalition.

        • Bob Sims

          Your comments are a welcome relief from the extremist trolls found on every controversial forum on the internet.

      • Bob Sims

        You noticed that, too. What a welcome relief his comments were in this otherwise world or hate-filled liberal extremists.

    • blacktygrrrr


      I respect your integrity, not because you agree with me, but because you clearly stand on principle.

      Imagine if a liberal were fired for being pro-gay marriage. I would stand up and say that was disgusting as well. I want more speech for everybody.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

    • Bob Sims

      You may be a Democrat, but you don’t appear to be a far left wing, venom spewing, radical, communist leaning liberal, and that is a good thing. It is the extremists of any party that we all need to fear.

  • Ed Adams

    lol. if eich had had a known history of contributing to and supported racist or anti-semitic causes, he never would have been considered for the ceo position.

    in fact, before his resignation it was discovered that he had contributed to the racist, anti-semitic, homophobic pat buchanan. this revelation probably influenced his decision to step down too.

    such a history of support for bigoted, discriminatory candidates and causes conflicts with his role as leader of a company that claims it is committed to inclusion and diversity.

    • blacktygrrrr

      You equate anybody who supports traditional marriage as a bigot. In other words, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are all bigots. Bill Clinton must be a bigot since he signed DOMA. Yet liberals will give them free passes.

      I could say you are a bigot for trying to tear down traditional marriage, but instead I will just assume you have a personal belief. It is typical liberal arrogance to declare anyone who disagrees with a liberal as bigoted. I guess 70% of blacks in California are bigots.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Bob Sims

        Good put-down, thanks.

        • Ed Adams

          lol. you obviously are so stupid you fall for obviously flawed and fallacious arguments. typical of those who grovel in front of a dead jew on a stick and think they’re doing something important.

      • Ed Adams

        lol. yet another distorted, fact-free arguments, typical of bigots with a radical anti-gay agenda to push.

        you seem to thrive on false equivalencies in order to play the martyr. it’s an illness of the right-wing jebusite mind.

        the actions of all of those you cited were indeed bigoted and anti-gay. they were denounced at the time. they were not given a pass.

        they have since changed their position and are now supporters–unlike eich. many were acting then out of political necessity.

        eich has shown no such evolution out of his bigotry.

        then you float the lie that same-sex marriage threatens to tear down “traditional” marriage. that is another false idea. after numerous court trials, opponents of ssm have not been able to demonstrate that there is any basis for that lie.

        ssm and opposite sex marriage can co-exist. it is not a zero sum game.

        and then you’re final fallacy (the ad populum). i assume that when the majority of southern whites voted to maintain jim crow laws in their states, they weren’t racists.

        thank you for demonstrating the lies and distortions on which opposition to marriage equality rests. that is why you are losing and will continue to lose.

        • RGZ_50

          So it’s a ‘radical anti-gay agenda’ for anyone to follow their personal conscience and convictions that marriage is to remain defined as a union between a man and a woman? Really?

          If anyone has shown themselves to be a bigot and intolerant, it is you ‘Ed Adams’.

          • Ed Adams


            that’s what the segregationists used to say–that they were not bigots because they were merely maintaining the traditional segregation of the races and opposing interracial marriage; in fact they often cited the bible to justify their claims.

            the kkk, a profoundly christian organization, still has deeply held religious beliefs about the inferiority of blacks and jews.

            i guess you don’t consider them bigots because of their freedom of conscience and would be ok with their codifying their beliefs into laws.

            you guys are losers.

    • Bob Sims

      It is quite obvious that you are a God-hating, liberal extremist. Some of us here feel extreme pity for your sorry soulless mind.

      • Ed Adams

        lol. it’s obvious that you’re a gullible bigoted jebusite with a radical anti-gay agenda. humanity feels sorry for the darkness of your primitive superstition-ridden mind.


    He was fired not resigned they allowed him to say it to save face for FireFox/Mozilla

  • augustoperez

    Maybe he negotiated how he resigned to be able to start a new better company than Mozilla…

  • augustoperez

    Either way, it is chillingbto se how the former victims have become the most intolerant sort of Interest groups.

  • C Baker

    Obama has a whole agency and thousands of armed soldiers to protect him. Eich probably didn’t want to be gang stalked by a bunch of creepy, Ernst Röhm esque people. Seriously, these people are vicious aggressives.
    Obama is a puppet, flapping back in forth in the wind. Like a used car salesmen, he’ll tell you what you want to hear. What is his approval rating right now? 40%?

    Free software works best unencumbered by politics. Did you know that Linus Torvald’s was raised by communists? A persons political beliefs should be left out of non-partisan, public assets such as Mozilla.
    Eich is probably one of the most qualified people to run Mozilla, so the tyranny of a minority is oppressing the majority about, ironically, a matter of personal choice/preference, one which is largely unrelated to the Mozilla foundation.

    • Bob Sims

      What disgusts me is that his approval rating is above 5%, let alone at 40%. This means we have 40% blind idiots that cannot, or will not, wake up to what is so very obvious to the 60%. This shows how very close to socialism we are today.