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MOUNTJOY: Sharpton and Holder add fuel to the Ferguson fire

Written By | Aug 23, 2014

VIRGINIA, August 22, 2014 — Here we go again: The good Rev. Sharpton et al, off to another town to decry the treatment of a young black person. While his current crusade to raise the noise level about a death he deems unjust, let’s not forget how Sharpton got in the limelight to begin with-lying through his teeth.

When Sharpton was an unknown small venue Reverend, he claimed one of his parish, a very young black girl, was gang raped in a pool hall by up to 15 white men.

The entire story was a lie and Sharpton fomented the lie and peppered it with more lies, then refused the police the opportunity to interview her.

Hallelujah! The Good Lord loves a liar!

At least Sharpton must think so.

Now Sharpton is a radical leader of the Church of Idiocracy located in the hearts and minds of bigots everywhere.

Of course “treatment” means the recipient of deadly force by a white police officer and “et al” means President Obama again, making unfair nationally televised comments about a local issue by using his oft ridiculed method of making his position sound neutral but adding a caveat.

For example: ‘both the police and the public in Ferguson, MO. must remain calm’ but adding noise about police brutality and military style policing.

Worse, inward jets Attorney’s General Eric Holder who has never in his professional history come to the so-called aid of a cCaucasian under these circumstances, and who belly aches about his personal memories of mistreatment by cCaucasian police.

Poor, poor, pitiful Eric who feels he must beam down to Ferguson and set things straight without violating the prime directive of Obama Fleet.

Whatever this could be.

After all, Obama actually cut his vacation shortto address the matters at Ferguson. This must be a national crisis; he doesn’t even cut his multi-million dollar, taxpayer paid vacations short when Russia is invading the Ukraine.

This is not the place or responsibility of the Attorney’s General or our President and never has been in our nation’s history.

Are the behaviors of Obama, Sharpton and Holder racist or of bigots? Looking at the facts; more than likely if we look at the Merriam-Webster definition; Bigot-“a person who obstinately or intolerantly is devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices”

Here is what’s known as told by those in the know: A young Ferguson, Mo. Police officer with an exemplary record, Darren Wilson, was in his patrol car doing his job by asking two men to stop obstructing traffic. The men did not stop after repeated demands.

One of the two men, 6’4, 300 lb. Michael Brown, had just finished robbing a store by taking paraphernalia for getting high on illegal substances.

Brown’s disregard and disrespect for his fellow man was obvious when asked by the small store owner to pay, he pushed the store owner aside and calmly walked out with the robbed merchandise.

Officer Wilson was unaware of the robbery so he was not on edge or on high alert. He simply wanted the road cleared.

How did the gigantic Brown react to Officer Wilson’s demand? He rushed Wilson as Wilson was attempting to exit his patrol car and beat Wilson so badly, his orbital socket was broken and sources say his face was “beaten severely”.

Based on what little is known of Brown for this 10 minute period, Brown was not going to stop beating Officer Wilson based on Wilson’s request to stop.

Under these conditions, an officer has the right to his or her own safety and the duty to his or her family to stop the assault by deadly force if needed and since Wilson was beaten silly, semi-unconscious and could not see well at all, he used what any police officer would: deadly force.

What bothers Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the black’s in town is the deadly force was too deadly.

Deadly means deadly and if one does not wish to experience deadly force, it may be a good idea to not severely beat police officers that are armed.

What happens next? The usual-civil unrest, racial accusations, the ‘poor dead guy’ routine and gee, golly, gosh: Looting!. Not just by blacks robbing small store owners in the very town they live in but blacks from out of town seizing the opportunity to get a free T.V.

Oh, and the ever-present opportunist Al “I never met a camera I didn’t like” Sharpton.

What’s that, Obama, Holder and Sharpton? Can’t hear you! Surely you are chomping at the bit to stop this behavior!?

Quick-the Reverend needs his hair done and a microphone! “Oh, Dr. Ben Carson spoke of me? Great man! What? Poorly, you say? Uncle Tom if I ever met one!”

Brown had undergone an autopsy in Mo. and a requested autopsy by the Brown family and now a third ordered by Holder. Imagine an autopsy ordered by the Attorney’s General of a local robber after two were already performed.

The police claim they have “solid proof” that there was a struggle for Officer Wilson’s weapon and the family refuses to release their autopsy results.

Sharpton is correct on one issue-‘enough is enough”. “Enough” meaning Holder go home, Sharpton, go home, folks stop looting and trying to convince the nation Brown is an altar boy and Wilson the devil. We know the truth.

Thank God Wilson is not being autopsied from Brown’s errant and violent behavior.

Wilson serves the people of MO. And has devoted his life to enforce protection of the public and his record of service suggests he has always done just that.

What has Brown done? We all grieve for his family but Brown brought this grief on. He showed in just 10 minutes of recorded behavior he is a druggie, a robber and a mugger.

Brown is not the victim, folks, he is the perpetrator and now he has bleeding heart liberals fearing police using military style defense measures.

The streets are rife with semi and automatic weapons in the wrong hands. Police need such protection and so do good, hard -working folks who have not robbed and beaten others or looted from their own neighbors.

This type of story has grown old, old, old and by all means-“enough is enough”. Stop robbing, drugging, assaulting, looting then crying “foul” when the result of this kind of behavior turns a sour result.

Be responsible, act responsibly, do what is right and let the justice system work as it should. Obama, Holder, Sharpton and looters are doing more damage to the black race than any police department could ever inflict.


Paul Mountjoy is a columnist at Communities Digital News.

Paul Mountjoy

Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia based psychotherapist and writer.