MORIARTY: Giving the President and terrorists what they want

White House / Wikipedia Creative Commons - Image by Sergio Caltagirone
White House / Wikipedia Creative Commons - Image by Sergio Caltagirone

LOS ANGELES, January 21, 2014 — President Obama has a plan. He wants to “fundamentally transform (destroy) the United States of America.” (The parenthetical addition is mine).

Obama must confess and seek forgiveness for his allegiance to everything that would obliterate the original meanings of the Declaration of Independence and its reason for being — the United States of America.

There is no inalienable “right to life” under Obamacare’s wholesale abortion.

A gestating infant’s safety under the words “all men are created equal?” There is no protection for them under Obamacare. They now exist in an Obama Nation of legalized murder, where we live under a new Golden Rule: “Do unto gestating infants what you would not want done to your own gestating infancy!”

Soldier or criminal?
Soldier or criminal?

Soldier or criminal?

America’s two major and grotesquely mortal enemies now are, always have been and always will be Communism’s Maoists and radical Islam. Neither of those two fanatic religions is under any kind of God that a civilized Western Nation could possibly recognize, whether the prophet be Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong or any of their criminally insane disciples of hate.

Dr. Karl Menninger defined insanity as making one’s self a “hostage to hatred”.

The face of a butchering Radical Islam recently appeared to the world on television from England.

Why hasn’t Obama declared “war” on such a mortal enemy of the free world? What are his true feelings? And Michelle’s?

I believe they, like their repudiated Reverend Wright, sympathize with such terrorists and such “soldiers” in their war against the ”Americanized” free world.

“God damn America!” — Reverend Jeremiah Wright

The Obama’s were part of Jeremiah Wright’s spiritual family for 20 years — a generation — repudiating him only when he became a political liability. Is that how the Obama’s felt about their country before they entered the White House?

What has softened them and possibly transformed them?

Not only America’s generosity, but her courage —  the United States had the internal fortitude to hand the highest office in the land to a pair of human beings whose past and curriculum vitae exude a venomous hatred of traditional America and Americans.

Is such rage at the United States an unavoidable necessity for African Americans?

Col. Alan West...
Col. Allen West…


Both Colonel Allen West and Doctor Ben Carson will tell you otherwise.

Because of that and the Obamas’ present situation, the president and first lady exude more calm and less fanaticism than they once did. The Obamas would be hard-pressed to justify Wright-style fanaticism, of course. America and Americans have given them everything they might have ever asked for.

“And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.” — Matthew 5:40

America, in that sense, is truly the most Christian nation on earth. We’ve given the Obamas more than they could ever have demanded.

Moreover, Obama’s drones and military strikes are doing these radical Islamists the greatest favor possible: They are assuring terrorists an Islamic Martyrdom.

The correct response is exactly the same treatment for terrorists that America has so generously afforded the Obamas: safe sanctuary, in either the White House or Guantanamo. Both the Obamas and the terrorists at Guantanamo have been granted sanctuary. You might even say that Barack and Michelle are imprisoned in the White House.

Radical Islam has repeatedly declared war upon the United States of America. Therefore, all captured enemy soldiers fall under the rules of the Geneva Conference.

They become prisoners of war. They should be held in military lock-ups until the enemy surrenders or the war is ended and radical Islam no longer murders citizens of the West.

Radical Islamist soldiers are not and never will be what Obama wants to make of them: civilian criminals.

So what is to be done with the Obamas and the prisoners of Guantanamo?

... and Dr. Ben Carson, two most American Americans.
… and Dr. Ben Carson, two most American Americans.

Before Obama as President succeeds in treating the declared enemies of America as merely common criminals, we impeach him and then possibly treat him as if he were a common criminal.

Obama and his wife Michelle, along with their Reverend Jeremiah Wright, appear to be an Unholy Trinity devoted to the “fundamental transformation of the United States” into a Progressively Marxist/Radically Islamic sanctuary within the United Nations.

That is treason.

If such enemies of individual freedom cannot succeed in making that happen from the White House, it is incontrovertible proof that America, no matter how seemingly threatened from any direction or divided from within, including clearly treasonous intentions springing from the White House, will thrive and remain leader of the human race to Eternity. If the United States can survive this attack upon her and still maintain her basic soul, integrity and identity, nothing will succeed in either “transforming” or destroying the United States of America.

Not ever.

Why not?

The rest of the human race is still playing hurry-and-catch-up with the individual freedom and shaken-but-resilient sense of personal responsibility that are fundamental to America.

(Reprinted from June 2013 – All right reserved Michael Moriarty)

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