Mitch McConnell tells NYT he wants to crush young conservative challengers like Matt Bevin

Mitch McConnell by Donkey Hotey -
Mitch McConnell by Donkey Hotey -

HOUSTON, March 12, 2014 – In a recent interview with The New York Times McConnell said “I think we are going to crush them  everywhere… I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country… I know this:  Politics doesn’t like losers, if you don’t have anything to point to, it is kind of hard to keep it going.”

 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has finally let America know who his true opponents are, and they aren’t the Democrats. When asked about conservative candidates like Matt Bevin, who is challenging him for his Senate seat in the upcoming 2014 election, he said he is going to “crush” them. Although McConnell has recently been attempting to walk back those comments, it should be very apparent to all Americans that the highest ranking Republican in the Senate sees a large portion of the very people he allegedly represents as his opposition that he wants to “crush.”

McConnell is a perfect example of what the establishment GOP represents. He talks a tough game and then folds and hands the Democrats exactly what they want almost every time. He is less principled than all of the Democrats – at least they, for the most part, are clear about their intentions and their dislike for traditional American values and the free market system. McConnell, like the rest of the GOP leadership in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, talks a good conservative game but never follows through.

For example, in February of this year, when the Republicans in the Senate raised the debt ceiling again, McConnell refused to fight to combine raising the debt ceiling with any spending cuts, or other Republican priorities like the approval of the Keystone pipeline. He wanted to give President Obama exactly what Obama asked for: another blank check to spend two trillion dollars. He had planned to sit back and allow the Democrats to pass the debt ceiling hike with only Democratic votes, and then go home to his constituents and argue that he never voted to give Obama another two trillion dollar blank check.  

Sen. Ted Cruz objected, which made the requirement for the bill to pass, 60 votes, rather than the usual 50. McConnell was very upset that his shell game was up and that he would actually have to be on record voting to raise the debt ceiling. In the end, he was one of a few Republicans who voted to hand Barack Obama exactly what he asked for, without an attempt to force the Democrats to make a deal.

Sen. Cruz released a statement following the vote which perfectly sums up the GOP establishment’s role in Washington and their attitude towards their constituents:

“Today’s vote is yet another example that establishment politicians from both parties are simply not listening to the American people. Outside the Beltway, Americans of all political stripes understand that we cannot keep spending money we don’t have.

“Some members of Congress care so much about being praised by the Washington media that they’re willing to mortgage our children’s future,” Cruz added. “They pretend we don’t have a problem and can just kick the can down the road.

“Let’s be clear about the motive behind this vote — there are too many members of Congress who think they can fool people and they will forget about it the next week.

“But sometimes, come November, the people remember.”

McConnell, and the rest of the GOP establishment, are snakes in the grass which makes them more dangerous to the future of this country than the Democrats could ever be. That is why McConnell’s comments about conservatives are so important and so telling. Regardless of what he has said in the past and what he will say in the future, conservatives must never forget that he truly wants to “crush” them and make them political losers.

McConnell, like the rest of the GOP ruling class, sees politics as a game. The Tea Party and other conservatives understand that the future of our country is at risk. The Democrats are fundamentally transforming our society and destroying our Constitutional structure at a rate that this country has never experienced before. The GOP establishment is concerned about making sure they can keep their cushy jobs with all of the benefits that come therewith. Meanwhile, this country is at a tipping point and if the leader of the GOP in the Senate is talking about political winners and losers within his own party, he is completely out of touch with the American people and must be ousted.  The good news is that conservatives and the Tea Party can make this happen in just a few months.

McConnell has been in the Senate for 30 years now and is currently trying to get elected to his sixth term. A constitutionalist businessman from Kentucky, Matt Bevin, however, has different plans for Sen. McConnell. Bevin is running against McConnell in the primary, and even though he had zero name recognition in Kentucky when the race started, his candidacy has gained the support of almost every major influential conservative group in the country and McConnell’s lead in the polls is quickly slipping.

Bevin’s website gives the correct impression that he is a true constitutionalist who believes in America’s founding principles. It states, “Matt is a firm believer in this country’s founding ideals: Individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional principles. He is a job creator who believes American taxpayers deserve more than the failed policies of recent decades – more than the repeated bailouts, tax increases, amnesty, automatic debt-limit increases, congressional pay raises, and backdoor special-interest deals. It is time to hold our representatives in Washington accountable. It is time to elect leaders who know from personal experience how the economic wealth of our nation is created. It is time to ensure, for future generations, the continued opportunity to pursue the American Dream. It is time to take our country back.”

McConnell’s comments should act as a call to action for conservatives around the country. The Tea Party and anyone who believes in our founding principles and the Constitution need to take a stand against snakes in the grass like Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP establishment, who care not about the fate of this country but only whether they can “crush” a large portion of those who they are supposed to represent so they can keep their cushy job.

30 years in the Senate is long enough for Mitch McConnell, and the state of Kentucky is extremely lucky that they have such a principled, constitutionalist like Matt Bevin who will not only oust McConnell but immediately become a very valuable member of the small core of true principled, conservative fighters in the United States Senate.

The GOP ruling class sometimes forgets who is responsible for snatching the gavel and the speakership from Nancy Pelosi and who will be responsible if the GOP takes the Senate in 2014. Sarah Palin’s line from her incredible keynote speech at CPAC last weekend deserves repeating: “You didn’t build that. The Tea Party did.”

For more information on  Matt Bevin, visit his website.

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  • dallface

    Two words for Mitch. Bye-Bye!

  • Candace Zingg

    I suggest ALL of us really get involved in this election. It will be a HUGE personal sacrafise, but WE must stand together. I do not live in some of these states, but I plan on financially contributing… I don’t have much, but if we all just send 20$, 40$ and even just 50$, that will make all the difference. We can also phone bank…. Do whatever we can, to get behind the ” new blood”. It will take an army of us…. Please join me, be a part of the revolution to oust these RINO’s. We can do this!!!!

    • Glorious_Cause

      Matt Bevin all the way!

  • MsgtGdubb

    I don’t know if Mindless Mitch is up for reelection this year but if he is, lets send him to oblivion, where he belongs.

    • James R. Edwards

      He is! and Matt Bevin, the conservative challenger is very much in the mold of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Unfortunately, Rand Paul, who has been co-opted by the establishment, has endorsed and is actively campaigning for McConnell. But we should all donate to Matt’s campaign to help get rid of this guy.

      • La Lummus

        Matt begin is the one to vote for enough of the old skeleton

        • JoJo58

          Skeleton? I always thought he looked like a toothless lizard LOL

  • James R. Edwards

    I have NO AFFILIATION WITH MATT BEVIN OR HIS CAMPAIGN OR ANY POLITICAL ENTITY that would benefit from this. I am just a concerned citizen wanting to get the message out that we can get rid of McConnell if we get behind Matt Bevin over the next few months.

  • Leftbehind

    Thanks for your Service Mitch now Move Along .

  • Horspadi King

    “good ole mitch” got cocky and spilled the beans…we knew it…but hearing it verbally was music to my ears because finally we feel it, we see it and now HEAR it. I think most of us are hurting financially but this year I pledge to send monies (I don’t have) to support Freedom Works, Senate Conservative Fund, Tea Party Patriots and the candidates directly. If we can bounce these ass-hats that pretend to be conservative and switch the majority in the senate and keep the house (and change speaker of the house w someone with cajones), we could actually impeach and convict the prez…. that is what they are really afraid of… what we could do with majorities in both houses that we can’t now. subpoenas, convictions all over the admin and agencies. ONE OF THE MOST CRITICAL VOTES TO DATE!!

    • JoJo58

      Don’t forget about Lindsay Graham. He needed to go a couple elections ago. The people of SC need to vote him out this time. That hot mic accident wanting to help John Kerry should be the final nail in his political coffin. My fingers are crossed that Lamar Alexander of TN gets voted out too. He’s pro UN, pro Monsanto. I’m just wondering WHY Rand Paul is endorsing these creeps (Alexander and McConnell).

      • Jactelit2

        Lindsay Grahamesty is in trouble in SC and all that Electric Power company money can’t help him past the voice of the people. He is currently under 50% and we are doing everything possible to push it lower. Graham is a lying, RINO of the first stripe. He is arrogant to the Nth degree and even went as far to call any South Carolina folks who reject amnesty, as being “Crazy”. He pledged his support to Kerry and delivered. He needs freedom loving people to come out in November ans send him back to Easley, SC or where ever RINO go to pasture.

        • James R. Edwards

          IS there any real organized opposition to Graham? From everything I know he will just waltz to victory like Cornyn did in Texas. I wish so much that Trey Gowdy wouldve run against him but I just dont see how we aren’t stuck with Grahamnesty for another 6 years.

        • Glorious_Cause

          Lee Bright is challenging Lindsey Grahamnesty.

      • James R. Edwards

        Same with Alexander – I just dont see a legitimate contender against him. Gosh, Tenn. has the worst Sens! Alexander and that useful idiot Bob Corker – sad.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Hoping that the rep leadership ALSO takes note here…and puts up some truly strong candidates against the Dems. This nextPres. election might be the time to put up some who are Hispanic/female/black/anything but someone who might be a fine candidate but who is white patrician in background. Once in a while it’s good to break the mold.

    • thinkingabovemypaygrade

      …Thinking Ted Cruz…Michele Bachmann…Col. Alan West…Sarah Palin…

      • NHConstitutionalist

        I’m thinking Dr. Ben Carson. The neurosurgeon who spoke at the 2013 prayer breakfast. He is an eloquent soft spoken but direct man. Dr. Carson doesn’t use a written speech he shoots from the heart and soul of America and our Constitution. Both he and Ted Cruz or Mike Lee would make formidable candidates.
        An all out effort to defeat McConnell and Boehner and other turn coats in the primary should be our first goal in 2014 no matter what state we are from. The state of our nation depends on it.

        • James R. Edwards

          i’m with ya – I think Cruz or Carson (possibly Jindal – we wil see where he comes out on amnesty) or bust. Allen West would make an absolutely incredible Sec of Defense.

  • Janie Johnson

    America doesn’t like losers, look in the mirror McConnell…

  • Sherry Welch

    I suggest we all give Matt Bevin as much money as we can for his campaign. The fat cats are going to be backing the chinless wonder all the way. Even Rand Paul came out of the closet as a RINO when he endorsed Bait and Switch Mitch. McConnell MUST be defeated in the primary, because if he is reelected and the repugnicants take the senate, then McConnell will be the Majority Leader and has already demonstrated his chinless, spineless, toothless ability to cave to the democRATS every time.

  • Pam

    It will be interesting to see if the ” in crowd” can be replaced. They are sure a tightly woven bunch.

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Get rid of him, get rid of McCain, and the list goes on.

  • ABILIFYMaxine Hardy Hammond


  • MrProYo

    We’re wise to “Laughing Boy”. The Tea Party is not going away anytime soon, and both Dems and progressive RINOs should adjust behaviors to preserve their butts!

  • Charles Scrappy Taylor

    This kind of action is exactly why I did not want John Cornyn back in DC again. He tells us one thing and does another. His mouth is moving, but I can’t hear anything his two faced self tells me. He too voted to raise the debt ceiling. How is that being Conservative John? What else have you voted for just to make the Dems happy that we don’t know about?

    • James R. Edwards

      Exactly – I’m from Texas too and I was very upset about how there was no serious opposition to Cornyn. Stockman getting in on the last day to file with no money was almost a joke. When Ted Cruz ran against Dewhurst he started campaigning the VERY FIRST day you could file in Tx, and that helped overcome the huge money deficit. Cornyn is just as bad.

      • Charles Scrappy Taylor

        I found on candidate who owns a racing team or two and has built his business from the ground up. I feel he knows what business needs and what the country needs as he talked about being fiscally conservative and wanting the America he and I grew up with back.. So do I and if people don’t quit just voting for a name that they know nothing will ever change.

  • Danny Robertson

    Crush the GOP. We need good Americans citizens back in Government