Militant gays harass Mozilla–what to do?


COLORADO SPRINGS, April 6, 2014 —The Twitterverse was all a-twitter Friday over the resignation of Mozilla CEO and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, forced out because he had donated $1,000 of his own money to the pro-marriage Proposition 8 in California in 2008. The donation had nothing to do with his job but rather with his beliefs.

Tweets called for people to uninstall their Firefox browsers in protest and instead install a new browser called Pale Moon.

A tweet from @AmericnElephant was widely retweeted:


Dear @Mozilla: I’m gay & I didn’t come out of the closet so fascist leftists could force Christians INTO the closet. Shame on you!

Conservative radio host Tammy Bruce gave Mozilla and the “gay gestapo” hell for transforming the company into a “bastion of intolerance and punishment” for anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideology.

The controversy brings several issues into clear focus.

In the wake of the passage of Proposition 8, pro-gay marriage groups pressured for the release of the names of those who contributed to the campaign. Other supporters of Proposition 8 have been subjected to harassment, intimidation, vandalism, racial scapegoating, blacklisting, loss of employment, economic hardships, angry protests, violence, death threats, and anti-religious bigotry.

All this at the hands of the so-called tolerant Left.

Hans von Spakovsky writes for Heritage,

…the ability and right to engage in anonymous political speech and activity – and making contributions is a form of political speech – used to be considered common sense.  The Federalist Papers were published under pseudonyms and one of the most famous and stirring pieces of writing in American history – Thomas Paine’s Common Sense – was first published anonymously because of the danger to its author for publishing such revolutionary ideas.

This is par for the course of radical leftists everywhere. Every American should understand it. The idea is to make an example of people like Eich so that others will fall into line, or at least keep their opinions and opposition to themselves. This is how a radical and aggressive minority keep a subservient majority in line.

Historically, Americans haven’t been known as subservient. But what is the right response?

One could uninstall the Firefox browser. Windows systems come with Internet Explorer installed; Apple systems with Safari. Firefox browser share, according to The Next Web, is 18%, only 2% ahead of Google Chrome. (Tellingly, Google results for web browser share are not displaying on a Firefox browser today; all you get is a blank page.)

Browser market share

If you install Pale Moon, however, you are still installing a product based on the open source Mozilla engine. The same is true for email client Thunderbird. Both Windows and Apple systems have good email clients, as does Gmail, so Thunderbird is no more necessary than Firefox.

All that is a lot of work: is it worth the effort? Is mirror-imaging the left’s tactics the right thing to do?

Consider this: for the radical leftist, everything is political. They seek to politicize everything. Once they have politicized something, they seek to control or eliminate it. Think Big Gulp.

Perhaps the best response is to call out the childish, bullying antics of the left for what they are. Then go about your business in a rational way. Don’t avoid Starbucks because of their corporate stance on traditional marriage, avoid them because you think they over-roast their coffee. Uninstall Firefox because IE12 or even Pale Moon work better—not because they fired their talented CEO over his personal views. If that’s the way they want to run their business, they’ll fail soon enough anyway.

Let the wild-eyed left howl at the moon. You have better things to do.

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  • Luke James

    Funny how no one seemed to care when that gay scott leader was fired for no other reason than being gay , bigotry it’s a problem only when it effects you or people like you ? If gays can be fired so can anti gays .

    • dervan

      Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean everything bad that happens to you is because of it. He was fired for being annoying and a disturbance to the other kids.

      • Twinkie defense

        That’s not true. He was fired for “admitting” to a reporter that he was gay. Boy Scouts explicitly bar gay Scout leaders.

        • QuoVadisAnima

          So a scout leader admits that he is practicing a lifestyle that he said he wasn’t when he signed on to this PRIVATE & EXPLICITLY CHRISTIAN VOLUNTEER organization – he gets fired for admitting that he had been lying.

          Are you saying that Mozilla has a BUSINESS policy explicitly barring employees from having mainstream viewpoints about redefining marriage & so Eich was outed for his dishonesty?

          • Luke James

            How do you know that said scout leader did not enter into his same sex relation after he had all ready joined the group ? Any view point that treats homosexual people as less than or the other is not mainstream and that is the problem anti gays are now facing = they are the despised minority not the homosexuals . All this talk of radical – homosexual activism is seen by the majority as what it truly is = garbage .Treating gays as you would expect to be treated yourself . Nothing radical at all , common sense .

          • QuoVadisAnima

            Don’t know, but the point remains that Scouts is an explicitly Christian private organization and leaders sign on knowing up front that they are expected to live a Christian lifestyle. If he decided he was gay after signing on, then he should have the integrity to resign. That is exactly what I would do – and would expect others to do. If someone is a leading member of GLAAD and decides they want to embrace Christianity (or Judaism or Islam) in its entirety, would you expect GLAAD to retain that person’s employment?

            And the claim that homosexual people are treated as “less than or the other” is totally bogus. The activists – a tiny minority of a minority – are demanding the power to redefine FOR EVERYONE the meaning of an institution that is older than this country, older than Christianity, older than Judaism. Why should they be given that power? Especially when doing so leads to people being denied their Constitutional rights to free speech and the free PRACTICE of their religion (note that it is “practice” in contrast with the underhanded attempt to rebrand it as freedom of worship so that the fascists can force people of faith out of the public square?)

            As for “anti gays”, you apparently do not understand that definition any better than you do the meaning of tolerance, Constitutional rights, OR marriage. Being against the radical reconstruction of the foundational structural unit of society is not the same as being against treating homosexually-inclined persons with the same God-given dignity that EVERY human being deserves.

      • Twinkie defense

        When you start saying that employee sexual orientation doesn’t matter, maybe we’ll take your protestations against firing Christians more seriously. But in the mean time, you can’t fire someone for being Christian, but you can fire them for being gay.

        • jaybird1951

          A scout master is not a paying position, a job. It is a voluntary position done in one’s free time. The gay scout master had lied when he joined on, I believe.

    • QuoVadisAnima

      Scouts are a volunteer Christian organization. It’s almost on par with being upset with GLAAD for firing a member they found out had supported Prop. 8. That is not comparable to a BUSINESS being allowed to fire someone because of their privately held beliefs or political views.

      Shall we start firing people based on who they voted for next?

    • Bob Sims

      If you had a 12-year old son in the Boy Scouts, and they were going on a camping trip this weekend, sleeping in tents, and he told you that the Scout Leader was going to let him sleep in his tent with him, would you be concerned if you found out that this Scout Leader was gay? Well, you should be, because gay young men learned a long time ago that volunteering for Scout Leader positions was like receiving manna from heaven for them. I learned this 60 years ago when I was in the Scouts, and I had never heard of gays at that time until I was in the Scouts. Does this make a point for you now?

  • Celia1

    This is so sad. People want to be accepted but only if you think like they. Stop it stop….stop fighting, we all need to stop trying to tell others how they should live. I am a Christian and “I” have certain convictions but that does not mean you should, nor that I will slander if you do not. Treat people the way you would like for them to treat you, enough said.

    • Bob Sims

      I agree with you totally, but have you ever directed those same words specifically to a fully committed liberal on one of these forums? If not, you should, and see exactly where it gets you. It will get you hate-filled vulgarity, the likes of which you never saw coming, especially when you mention that you are a Christian. The insults toward you will flow like the venom from a poisonous snake. There will be exceptions, but this will be the majority of the responses.

  • TheJudge

    Vote with your wallet. Glad I removed Firefox earlier. I quit starbucks due to their stance on just about everything. Change is affected buy money and/or the barrel of a gun. I prefer to use my wallet.

    • Twinkie defense

      And of course you realize that’s exactly what the pro-gay rights OK Cupid did by pressuring Mozilla to lose their CEO right? If it works for you I assume you approve of OK Cupid using it to work for them.

      We’ll see who is more successful : )

      • jaybird1951

        There is a difference. OK Cupid wished to harm Eich. I will exit Firefox because I do not wish to be associated with them and am not pushing for anyone’s loss of a job.

  • Kevin Kent

    I refuse to boycott a company because an individual holds a political or religious belief. However, I won’t do business with an organization that basically calls me a homophobe and refuses to let dissenters prosper at their firm. In this case uninstalling Firefox is a rational protest.

  • 5gentexan

    We’ve been letting the wild-eyed left howl at the moon for decades and it has only resulted in our society moving more and more toward utterly unsustainable economic models, climate theories that are fascist in intent, infringement of 1st and 2nd amendment rights, and a whole host of societal plans that no one seems to ever review to see if they actually work.

    I’ve generally been content to not let politics drive much of my purchasing habits – perhaps I should not have been doing that. Firefox because of the nature of their business has the fortunate (unfortunate for them?) distinction of being a product that I can immediately ditch – they have therefore become my proxy for a wide array of frustrations with “progressive” politics. Firefox is coming off every system. (Unfortunately I’m stuck with it at work .. will try Pale Moon and if it works with admin system, it’s gone from work system, too.)

    I think I’m done with letting progressives push and push and push and I bend and bend and bend because I don’t like being labeled. Obviously I’m being labeled no matter what I actually do because I’m conservative … what BENEFIT is there in bending?

  • Twinkie defense

    Conservative and pro-Christian organizations have a long history of boycotting businesses they deem to have run afoul of their beliefs – 7-11 boycotts for selling Playboy, boycotting The Gap for having “holiday” instead of “Christmas” promotions, against Ford for advertising in gay magazines, against Ebony for its Trayvon Martin covers etc. etc. I will take their complaints more seriously when they are promoting freedom of speech that they oppose.

    • QuoVadisAnima

      You don’t seem to get it – this is not about boycotting a company for their business practices (something that the right surely learned from the left, esp the environmentalists).

      Think about it – how different is this conceptually from firing someone because they support homosexual marriage? Or because they voted for a candidate that people didn’t like? Where does this kind of punishment of someone for their privately held views that have been illegally made public stop?

      And while persecution for one’s political views is a hallmark of 3rd world countries, what 1st world country – esp one purporting to be a land of political & ideological freedom – would support such dictatorial tactics knowing historically where they lead?

    • Concerned American

      Boycotting != opposing freedom of speech. But then, I don’t expect a liberal to get that.

  • charliebrown737

    Firefox on all 7 of my home and business computers, gone.
    Maybe someone at Firefox will wake up and smell the coffee, and no, I do not buy Starbucks because of any of the corporate decisions, I boycott them because of their being over prices and not that good.

  • Robert177

    Rightly or wrongly, it’s gay people that will end up being blamed for this good man’s loss of his job. I would say to gay people: You do NOT become more equal by bringing other people DOWN.

  • Socialism is for suckers

    If you love liberty, you will remove Mozilla and push the company into destruction and banktruptcy.
    We HAVE to draw a line here. Otherwise freedom as America has always know it is lost.

  • Sara

    Pale Moon is based on Mozilla

    • Start A Revolt

      Do some more research. There’s a lot more to it than what you think.

  • m c

    homosexuals can go pound salt, you’ll get nothing from me, not respect, not a dime, you homosexual hypocrites.

  • acmaurer

    Postscript to Pale Moon: I installed the 64-bit version on a Windows 8.1 system. It works great and the migration tool was seamless–for a standard installation, as noted in the instructions.
    IE works well, too. Bye, bye Firefox.

  • mrclean

    The biggest scandal here is that Eich’s donation was made public by an IRS LEAK TO GAY LOBBYISTS. “Someone” in the IRS leaked private donation records of those who supported Proposition 8, which in my opinion is grounds for a class-action lawsuit against the government.

    But the people standing up for the majority/normalcy, refuse to take action. A willful minority (gay extremists and their big money financiers) will always dominate a fractured or half-hearted majority that takes their stance for granted.