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Mike Hughes and Bernie Sanders: A contrast between a flat-Earth and socialism

Written By | Feb 27, 2020

WASHINGTON. Daredevil “Mad Mike” Hughes is dead. The 64-year-old rocketeer met his end while seeking proof of a flat-Earth, a sincerely held belief as profound and unshakable as Sen. Bernie Sanders’ on the efficacy and justice of socialism.

Mike Huges, Flat-Earth, Daredevil

“Mad Mike” Hughes. CBS News screen capture.

“I’m the best hope to prove the flat Earth,” Hughes told CBS News in 2018. “I expect to see a flat disk up there. I don’t have an agenda. If it’s a round Earth or a ball, I’m going to come down and say, “Hey, guys, I’m bad. It’s a ball.”

Last Saturday, Hughes died mere seconds after the homemade, steam-powered rocket he piloted crashed into the desert floor outside Barstow, California. He failed to reach the Kármán Line 62-miles above the  Earth’s surface. It was from this high vantage point Hughes hoped to see our flat-Earth, a frisbee-shaped world, the sun, and moon rolling like marbles along its edge.

Flat-Earth, Mike Hughes, Bernie Sanders, Socialism

Flat Earth Theory. CBS News screen capture.

Strange ideas

Sanders has similar bizarre ideas regarding the virtues of that low-level street thuggery known as socialism. He attempts to beguile a society whose leaders serve at the “consent of the governed” by grafting the term “democracy” to failed socialism.

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The omelet’s broken eggs
Flat-Earth, Mike Hughes, Bernie Sanders, Socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders on “60 Minutes.” CBS News screen capture.

And like those who once excused the totalitarian measures of Italian fascist – and former socialist – Benito Mussolini (“he made the trains run on time”), Sanders offered a similar apologia on behalf of Cuba’s late dictator in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

“When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program.”

It was surely cold comfort that Castro’s political prisoners could read their own death warrants.

Socialism, Fidel Castro, Cuba

Fidel Castro at the United Nations in 1960. Photo: Library of Congress.

Back in 1961, a young and confident Castro said,

“A revolution is a fight to the death between the future and the past.”

In 2010, The Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg asked the old and infirmed Castro if the Cuban revolutionary model was a product still worthy of export. The dictator replied:

“The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”
The killing fields of an idea

Sanders suffers the moral inferiority so inseparable from those spouting authoritarian cockeyed theories. Socialism’s depth of moral depravity is such that its adherents feel compelled to devise complex systems of belief to justify its superiority to that of Judeo-Christian morality.

Socialism, Marxism, Bernie Sanders

Karl Marx.

Karl Marx wrote that “the present generation resembles the Jews whom Moses led through the wilderness. It must not only conquer a new world, it must also perish in order to make room for the people who will be equal to a new world.”

Many say Marx was not justifying mass murder as a means to remake that world. But implementing the fundamental transformation of society by force makes such an outcome inevitable.

When speaking of the victims to this societal transformation, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin quipped:

“Who’s going to remember all this riffraff in ten or twenty-years’ time? No one. Who remembers the names of the boyars Ivan the Terrible got rid of? No one. The people had to know he was getting rid of all his enemies. In the end, they all got what they deserved.”
Joseph Stalin, Communism, Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Soviet

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin meets Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop to sign Non-Aggression Pact in 1939.

National Socialist Adolf Hitler believed his Brownshirts were the vanguard of this new world. In fact, he believed they ruled it by right of birth. He thought the justice of his cause was found in German “Aryan” blood, coursing back through time to their Aryan progenitors on the lost continent of Atlantis. This cockeyed notion was all the German dictator needed to justify his socialist wars of conquest and genocidal annihilation, which included the “Jews whom Moses led through the wilderness.”

Free will and force

Rocketeer Mike Hughes and Neolithic Socialist Bernie Sanders clearly shared a cockeyed view of reality. However, the marked moral difference between the two is that Hughes never thought to risk the lives of his fellow citizens to prove his cockeyed theory. And for that reason alone, the late “Mad Mike” Hughes is a giant among men.

Especially when compared to the cockeyed Bernie Sanders. The man who would strap us to the steam-powered rocket of blood-drenched socialism while he, the millionaire, luxuriates comfortably in one of his three homes; situated safely and securely right here on our very flat Earth.


Top Images: “Mad Mike” Hughes and his rocket, Inside Edition screen capture.
Sen. Bernie Sanders inset by Gage Skidmore via Flickr,

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