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Ford vs Kavanaugh: #MeToo isn’t playing so well in the US Senate

Written By | Sep 22, 2018
Ford vs Kavanaugh, MeToo, Senate, Stephen Nemo

Sen. Charles Grassley and inset of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Fox News screen captures.

WASHINGTON: Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, extended until Saturday the deadline for attorneys representing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of groping and attempting to rape her, to decide if their client will testify before the committee. It has become a he said / she said in the battle of Ford vs Kavanaugh.

Ford vs Kavanaugh, Senate, MeToo, Stephen Nemo

Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Fox News screen capture.

The Senate is scheduling a vote to confirm Kavanaugh on Monday.

More #MeToo

The accusations have brought the #MeToo movement to a watershed moment. The feminists at Harper’s Bazaar ask, “What Do Women Have to Do to Be Believed?”

As the article’s author, Jennifer Wright, notes:

“It is far easier for me to imagine that this [Dr. Ford’s accusations] happened than that a seemingly unassuming woman would expose herself to a slew of death threats for… fun, I guess. Because there’s nothing more fun that having to flee your own home.”

That assumes Professor Ford isn’t willing to take one for the team; that is to say, for modern American womanhood. What feminists fear, of course, is that Kavanaugh, a strict constitutional constructionist, will eventually rule – with a future and expanded high-court conservative majority – to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

An insatiable need to kill
Ford vs Kavanaugh, Senate, MeToo, Stephen Nemo

US Supreme Court. Photo: Joe Ravi, CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Abortion, no matter how dearly many American women may wish, is not a constitutional right. It was not an issue under debate at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.  Nor was it ratified by a two-thirds majority of state legislatures to sit aside existing amendments to the US Constitution.

It was contrived by a majority of judicial magicians who pulled the “right” – presto change-o! – from a hidden pocket in their sleeves.

An end to an era?

The conniptions over the Kavanaugh nomination signal that the Progressive Era may be ending.

As the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank ominously warned in a column:

“The Trump administration joined a lawsuit by 20 states that would, if successful, end the requirement that health insurers cover those with preexisting conditions. The case is due to be heard in district court in Texas and could wind up before the Supreme Court – and Kavanaugh – soon.”

America’s progressive age is marked not only by big-government legislative initiatives like the New Deal and Great Society programs, but judicial rulings that defined such things as when life begins in the womb, what constitutes marriage, and whether the government can force a free people to buy a bad health insurance product.

Democrats smear Kavanaugh: Lynch mob saddles up

These decisions are best left to “We the People” through the democratic process and not an authoritarian minority of nine men and women in black robes.

Special treatment
Ford vs Kavanaugh, Senate, MeToo, Stephen Nemo

Attorney Alan Dershowitz. Fox News screen capture.

Dr. Ford’s attorneys say their client would like to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee last and without the accused, Kavanaugh, in the room. That would reduce the hearings to a low-level kangaroo court, devoid of justice. Because justice is not a predetermined outcome but a process.

“The tool of the Inquisition,” renowned criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz reminded Fox News, “was to always call the accused first. Make him testify. Make him lay out his whole case. And only then tell him what the accusation is and let him face his accuser.”

“What Do Women Have to Do to Be believed?”

In the case of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, she needs to present her evidence before the court of public opinion so we may determine whether her accusations pass the smell test. That’s because extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

And something tells me Dr. Ford hasn’t any.


Top Images: Sen. Charles Grassley and inset of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Fox News screen captures.

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