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Media Florida State Guard freakout aims to derail DeSantis’ political future

Written By | Dec 11, 2021
Florida State Guard, Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces proposal to revive the Florida State Guard. YouTube screen capture from ABC News video clip.

WASHINGTON — Whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis runs for President in 2024 has more to do with Donald Trump’s future plans than anything else. But the possibility that DeSantis might throw his hat into the ring has put the left into a veritable frenzy.  But that shows how popular DeSantis remains among conservatives. So in an attempt to smear and discredit him, the progressives who own and operate today’s hyper-partisan MSM have invented another new, self-serving narrative. This fanciful new narrative magically transforms DeSantis’ plan to revive the old Florida State Guard to bolster the National Guard during natural disasters into a nefarious right-wing plot pitted against a fundamentally transformed socialist America.

The actual facts concerning the governor’s proposed revival of the Florida State Guard are much more mundane. But don’t try to tell that to a leftist. In order to understand the fakery put out by the MSM, Americans need to know what the Florida State Guard was and is. And they need to know the reasons behind Governor DeSantis’ reactivation of the Guard in the first place.

What was, or is, the Florida State Guard?

The Florida State Guard, like other State Guards, would support the National Guard. It would be trained and authorized to perform the same duties as the National Guard within the borders of the state. The difference is that the proposed Florida State Guard would be controlled by the state rather than the Federal government when the president activates the National Guard.

This becomes an important distinction. The Florida National Guard devoted more than 2.9 million workdays to Federal missions between 2016 and 2021. But the Florida National Guard spent only 834,000 workdays on state missions. This fact clearly indicates that Floridians (as well as the Florida National Guard) would benefit from the support of a State Guard. Florida’s governor could deploy the state unit to assist in maintaining order and public safety during state emergencies. The re-established Florida State Guard could also support emergency response efforts in the event of hurricanes, natural disasters and other state emergencies in Florida.

Governor DeSantis does not regard the Florida State Guard as a way to work around the Federal government, as some MSM outlets have suggested without evidence. DeSantis regards this move as a prudent way to prepare for future natural disasters, something Florida often experiences. For the very same reason, that bastion of socialist Democrats in the State of California also maintains its own California State Guard. Like the proposed Florida State Guard, California’s guard doesn’t fall under Federal control either. Oddly, we don’t see the MSM warning Americans that California has gone rogue by establishing and funding its own state guard..

The newly-revived Florida State Guard already has a lot of company

By re-establishing the Florida State Guard, Florida will become the 23rd state with a state guard recognized by the Federal government. Many other states, as well as Puerto Rico, maintain their own State Guards. All follow the same mission and remain under the control of the governor of each respective state. Click here for a list of states that support State Guards as the one Governor DeSantis proposed for Florida.

By re-establishing the Florida State Guard, Florida enables its civilians to be trained in the best emergency response techniques. Further, as the Guard members live in Florida, they can spring into action sooner than most US National Guard troops. Thus, the Florida State Guard can quickly deploy in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, such as the hurricanes that frequently hit the state.

Governor DeSantis explains it all

In a statement from Governor DeSantis, we learn why re-establishing the Florida State Guard is the right decision for Floridians.

“We want to make sure that we have the flexibility and the ability needed to respond to events in our state in the most effective way possible. That will require us to have access and be able to use support in ways that are not encumbered by the federal government or don’t require federal government. So I’m going to be recommending in the budget $3.5 million to re-establish the Florida State Guard.

“The Florida State guard will act as a civilian volunteer force that will have the ability to assist the national guard and state-specific emergencies. This funding will support the necessary training equipment and other support functions for up to 200 members who can aid in the response to hurricanes, natural disasters, and other state emergencies. We want to be able to have a quick response, capability and re-establishing the Florida state guard will allow civilians from all over the state to be trained in the best emergency response techniques and have the ability to mobilize very, very quickly.”

(Video of Gov. DeSantis’ announcement below. If you have trouble viewing the video, the direct Rumble link is here.)

(Note: CDN has permission from the Florida Governor’s Office to post this video.)

A practical matter, not a political plot

Far from threatening, the Florida State Guard, as proposed by Governor DeSantis, simply provides another example of how this governor acts with foresight rather than reacting to events after they occur. A very different example: think of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his short supply of N-95 masks as Covid-19 erupted in early 2020. What happened to that supply? Cuomo spent money allocated for an emergency on redistributing income via enhanced social welfare programs. And Cuomo wasn’t alone in this casual dereliction of duty and common sense.

It is the ability of Governor DeSantis to look ahead and prepare for critical health and safety contingencies that frightens the left. Leftists do not want a man who takes his state and his constituents seriously to become their presidential opponent in 2024. So their general plan of attack is to deploy their faithful media acolytes and professional gaslighters to shut down any “presidential-looking” plans from Governor DeSantis. They clearly support any MSM narrative that demonizes the governor as much as possible before he can run against their far-left candidate in 2024.

Just imagine the disastrous possibility that the Democrats may confront the specter of a successful, pro-active Ron DeSantis running against slow Joe or creepy Kamala in 2024. The leftist media has already confronted this potential disaster-in-the-making. In order to prevent that from happening, they attack, without evidence, everything this conservative icon does.


In short, DeSantis’ support for a revived Florida State Guard actually looks like an excellent, pragmatic, All-American proposal. It has few, if any, political implications. Unless, of course, you serve the Marxist left by promoting progressive conspiracy theories inspired by Hillary’s original and laughable right-wing cabal conspiracy theory. If that’s your political touchstone, everything you see in life becomes part of a nefarious right-wing conspiracy. Without much doubt, many in the MSM fall into that category. And we see this daily in the anti-American, anti-DeSantis narratives they falsely proclaim nearly every day.


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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.