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Media declares President-Elect Biden: A “dark winter” is coming

Written By | Nov 7, 2020
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WASHINGTON. A multi-year counterintelligence operation waged by Deep State agencies against President Donald J. Trump failed to deliver the desired result. An impeachment trial failed, again, to yield the same outcome. And so, it fell to old-fashion election fraud to finally drive the only independent president from the White House in the more than 100-year existence of our corrupt two-party system.

President, Trump

President Trump accepts the Republican Party nomination for president. C-SPAN screen capture.

The other losers

President Trump’s two major political issues were defeated as well: the effort to stop illegal immigration and to restructure destructive free-trade agreements with nation’s that happen to do business with Hunter Biden, son of the soon-to-be President-elect.

The other winner

Young Chinese man defies tank near Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989. CNN screen capture.

China’s economic and military ambitions will prosper as our new president oversees America’s “managed decline,” a policy discussed openly by billionaire and leftist loon George Soros. A brave new world where America no longer serves as “a drag on the global economy.”

Until the advent of Coronavirus, average Americans did not know the dominant influence of China in the World Health Organization. It remains to be seen how many other world bodies will feel the squeezing tentacles of China’s Communist Party, as aided by their new puppet in the White House.

Obama’s disastrous legacy and its GOP enablers

In 2016, candidate Trump campaigned to repeal President Obama’s income-wealth redistribution scheme – Obamacare – if elected. But when a vote for repeal was put before the US Senate, Republican Senator John McCain cast the deciding vote to preserve the health care law that destroyed so many free-market and affordable health care insurance plans.

CNN captured the dramatic moment. As its camera focused on democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, he nudged fellow US Senate and colleague Jeanne Shaheen, pointing to McCain as he approached the Senate clerk’s desk. McCain motioned the room into silence and dramatically gave the caesarian thumbs down.

Vietnam war hero, US Senator, Republican presidential candidate and foreign policy hawk, McCain saved socialist medicine in America. That system will see an expansion under President Biden, and will lead to a decline in medical treatment and scarcity in equipment and medications, leading to an eventual rationing of care.

Death panels will soon follow.

Having labeled himself a “maverick,” McCain proved his supposed nonconformity never applied to efforts restraining the power and scope of government.

More than any Republican senator, McCain represented the ideal of the big-government Republican.

Washington’s true maverick

President Trump’s inaugural in 2017. NBC News screen capture.

In that sense, it was President Trump who was the only “Republican in Name Only.” For he operated outside the gentlemen’s agreement of bipartisan cooperation so emblematic of that which existed between maverick John McCain and socialist Bernie Sanders.

Trump also worked tirelessly to extricate America from the myriad and pointless Middle East wars now devouring the nation’s treasure as well as the blood, bone and sinew of our fighting men and women.

Will we spring forward with Trump or fall back with Biden on Election Day?

He withdrew a third of US military personnel from Germany when that nation, which launched the two world wars of the 20th century, refused to pay its share of NATO’s mutual European defense budget.

Trump renegotiated bipartisan trade agreements that exported American jobs to overseas sweatshops, mostly in China. It was his trade moves that began a revitalization of American manufacturing.

That all comes to an end January 20th.

America’s dark winter

Biden will continue the COVID-19 lockdowns, strangling the US economy in the same way Obama extended the misery of the Great Recession with his costly government takeover of health care and job-killing economic regulations by executive order.

Former Vice President Joe Biden takes a knee at the Bethel A.M.E. Church. Twitter screen capture.

Can another recession be far behind? But Biden can take comfort that the fake-news media will explain to the simple US plebeian, as they did during the Obama era, that their financial burdens should be accepted as “the new normal.”

But GOP voters can take comfort that a certain kind of Republican will be elected president sometime in the future. That’s because he or she will govern in the style of John McCain, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush.

National Review’s 2016 cover. Screen capture.

The nationalist, America-first variety of independent Republicans, on the other hand, have been taken out of the mix by the Deep State.  A cabal of the entertainment/media complex, and the establishment forces governing our phony two-party system. Add to this the rigged, Rube Goldberg, vote-by-mail election-stealing machine, and the future does not look good for the forgotten men and women of the country.

It’s not likely we’ll see Trump’s like again. But that should comfort the intellectualoid, never-Trump conservatives at National Review. Those who cling to the empty left/right battles of the last century.

Lastly, what Joe Biden said would be America’s fate had Trump stood victorious in 2020 certainly applies to his coming presidency.

2021 will be the start of a long, cold and “dark winter” for America.

So, be sure to button up. It’s going to be a cold one.

Deep snow in Oregon. Photo: Oregon Department of Transportation via Wikipedia,


Top Image: Joe Biden. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia,

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.