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McCabe faces indictment, IG FISA report coming, Durham on deck

Written By | Sep 16, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC: Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe is facing an imminent indictment over lying to Federal investigators during his tenure at the FBI. It could well be the first of series of indictments for McCabe. Signaling a new welcome phase of accountability for the criminal behavior endemic at the DOJ, FBI,  CIA and State Department during the Obama Administration.

It foretells an avalanche of bad news for those senior Obama officials who plotted to weaponize the intelligence agencies and justice department to destroy political opponents.

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The crimes of Andrew McCabe

What McCabe may face initial indictment for is small potatoes in comparison to the avalanche of official misconduct he was allegedly a part of. From close collaboration with fellow coup plotters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to craft the “insurance policy” that became the Mueller/ Weissmann inquisition.

To his intimate involvement with “Crossfire Hurricane” and its attempts to frame George Papadopoulos.

The Russia Hoax: What Obama and Brennan knew, and when they knew it.

From the illegal FISA warrants obtained with the Steele Dossier. To conspiring with Rod Rosenstein to wiretap the President and invoke the 25th Amendment. From Fusion GPS to the Seth Rich murder and the leaking of DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Everywhere you turn in the saga of the Russia Hoax Andrew McCabe keeps rearing his conspiratorial treacherous head. Consistently using East German Stassi tactics on a regular basis.  He has an elegant company among his many co-conspirators, to be sure.

IG Horowitz FISA abuse report

Indeed the whole collection of coup plotters were involved in the systematic attempt to destroy Donald Trump as a candidate. Strangle his Presidency in its crib, overturning the will of the voters. So it is a little amusing that McCabe’s initial indictment will be for leaking information about the Clinton Foundation in order to cover his own ass.

The ensuing and subsequent indictments from John Durham will be far more on the point.

The release of the report on FISA abuse by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is in the hands of AG Bill Barr.  Insider reports are that it is extremely harsh. That it will find all four FISA warrants to have been improper and illegal. That it will recommend prosecution of the guilty parties.

Holding the coup plotters accountable

Those guilty parties will include James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Andrew Weissmann and Sally Yates. They will be found to have misled the FISA court, using unverified information to seek a warrant to spy on Trump in a political witch hunt designed to target the political opposition. It is an unconscionable breach of ethics and public duty.

Obama Brennan coup involved State Dept., DOD, DNI, DOJ, CIA and FBI

The IG has no purview outside of the DOJ, but it should shed light on the mechanization behind the “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence investigation launched by Peter Strzok. “Crossfire Hurricane” was the end result of John Brennan using foreign intelligence services and American Intelligence assets to frame George Papadopoulos.

Foreign spies, “unauthorized surveillance”

Italy, Australia and Britains MI6 were all involved. Italian and FBI intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud, Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, and DOD and State Department asset Stefan Halper created the origins of the Russia hoax out of thin air, on John Brennan orders. It was a CIA operation against the Trump campaign.

So as they were illegally clearing Hillary Clinton of malfeasance and corruption in the “mid-year exam” they were openly framing a major Presidential candidate as a Russian Agent. Between the Steele Dossier, Crossfire Hurricane and the subsequent FISA warrants that spied on Trump well into his presidency, it is impossible to see how these crimes cannot end in a major prosecution of the perpetrators.

Rod Rosenstein exposed by Judicial Watch

We now know that Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe were not “joking” when they sought to wiretap President Trump. In their quest to invoke the 25th Amendment, ousting the duly elected President. Rosenstein was deadly serious when he offered to wear a wire.

Emails released to Judicial Watch between Rosenstein’s office and Andrew McCabe show conclusively that they were not “joking”. That Rosenstein engaged in extensive efforts to craft a response when their actions were revealed. Thank God for Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, the real Justice Department in America, working on behalf of the actual truth and the right of the American people to know what the hell is going on.

Durham is targeting Brennan and “Unauthorized political surveillance”

These emails reveal that Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe had three objectives. Wiretap the sitting President of the United States. Mobilize the cabinet against him to remove him through the 25th amendment. Seek a Special Counsel to investigate the President.

Well, they did achieve one of their objectives. Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller days later, setting the stage for the biggest political fraud in our nation’s history. That Rosenstein survived to retire will not spare him form the consequences of his actions. Rosenstein signed the final FISA renewal. He will not escape justice either. His culpability in the whole Russia Hoax charade is undeniable.

John Durham in the wings, Lindsay Graham on deck

Then there is John Durham, waiting in the wings to expand the investigation into the CIA, State Department and the Obama White House. As well as the criminal activity in the DOJ and FBI. Once the IG Report releases it will set the stage for subsequent events.

Sen Lindsay Graham has promised Senate Judiciary Committee hearings with IG Michael Horowitz. It is expected that the FISA application and other crucial documents will be declassified and released. This will not be good news for Democrats.

In the final analysis, there is significant criminal exposure for every one part of the planning and implementing of the Russia Hoax. But the criminality extends far beyond that.

Durham’s targets: Brennan, Clapper, and Comey

Durham will be looking at John Brennan and James Clappers role in “unauthorized surveillance”and “political surveillance”. He will be examining the role of Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, ben Rhodes and Samantha Powers in the unmasking of hundreds if not thousands of American citizens.

Finally, Barack Obama will have to answer at some point for the extended campaign of illegal criminal surveillance of American citizens. For weaponizing the intelligence agencies, the DOJ, the DOD and the FBI to target and destroy political opponents.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, the unconstitutional attempts to subvert the will of the American voters cannot go unpunished. The treachery of the attempted coup against Donald Trump is ongoing. The need for transparency and accountability is essential to the future survival of the Republic.

The indictment of Andrew McCabe will be an important first step to bringing those responsible for the last three years of political turmoil to justice. The IG report and the activities of John Durham will finally reveal what kind of Republic we live in, and whether the rule of law and the equal protection of law still exists in this country.


L.J. Keith

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