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Andrew McCabe takes a treasonous path, confesses to coup d’etat plans on 60 Minutes

Written By | Feb 15, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC: Andrew McCabe made an astonishing confession in his earth-shattering interview with 60 Minutes set to air this Sunday.  The former FBI Deputy Director admits to planning a coup d’etat with other senior FBI and Justice Department officials. Their plan? Invoking the 25th amendment to remove President Trump. But not for physical inability.

Removing the President because Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Andrew McCabe confesses to Treason

McCabe, Andrew McCabe, Treason, Coup, Coup d'erat, Conspiracy, President Trump, TrumpMcCabe further admits to initiating a counterintelligence investigation of the President. He confirms that Rod Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to record the President. And contrary to Rosenstein’s allegations that it was frivolity,  that Rosenstein was deadly serious.

Apparently, they were all serious about using the power of their offices to illegally target and remove the President. Meaning they are all equally, criminally, delusional.

McCabe, Andrew McCabe, Treason, Coup, Coup d'erat, Conspiracy, President Trump, TrumpMcCabe’s overt confession to criminally conspiring to actively remove the President made clear to the public what has been widely believed about the top echelon of the FBI and the Justice Department at the end of the Obama Administration. That, simply put, they were out of their minds.

Of course, McCabe is peddling a book, ironically with the name The Threat. But in his march to boost book sales, he is also confessing to treason. He exposes the wider conspiracy between McCabe and Baker, Comey, Clapper, and Brennan to target and destroy Donald Trump.

Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

8 Days in May: 8 days of shame

McCabe’s overt actions during the 8 days in May will be a blight on American justice for centuries to come. The Deputy Director of the FBI was taking it upon himself, because he despised Donald Trump, to overturn the results of an election he couldn’t comprehend.

He tells us what we already know. The FBI, in association with the Justice Department, the CIA and the Obama White House weaponized the intelligence agencies and the law enforcement organs of government and set them loose on Donald Trump.

The litany of crimes

The litany is now well known. Hillary Clinton and the DNC pay Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele $9 million dollars to concoct a dossier of smears about Donald Trump from Kremlin sources. They then peddle this KGB disinformation through the American intelligence and justice systems.

John Brennan sends spies into the Trump campaign as early as March of 2016. He and the FBI, who nickname the operation Crossfire Hurricane, conspire with the British and Australian governments, through the State Department, to penetrate the Trump campaign.

So as early as March of 2016 the CIA, FBI, and State Department, coordinated with the White House, were targeting Donald Trump. The famous George Papadopoulos setting up the encounter leading to his trumped up conviction.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

Veselnitskaya and Fusion GPS

Meanwhile, in June, Fusion GPS is meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. In addition to being behind the Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS also represents Russian interests trying to repeal the Magnitzky Act. They are instrumental in setting up the notorious Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr.  All pretty damn convenient.

Veselnitskaya comes into the US on a special Visa granted by Loretta Lynch. She meets with Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting. Three other people at the Trump Tower meeting have connections to Fusion GPS.

Does anyone else see a set up here? The very people behind the Steele Dossier are the same people behind the Trump Tower meeting. And they are all in cahoots with Hillary Clinton. But the hilarity and corruption doesn’t end there.

The FBI conspiracy continues

From March to July the Justice Department is granting immunity to everyone connected to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

McCabe, Andrew McCabe, Treason, Coup, Coup d'erat, Conspiracy, President Trump, Trump

The FBI’s Peter Strzok. C-SPAN screen capture.

Additionally clearing her of espionage and obstruction of justice. The man in charge of the Hillary investigation was, of course, the notorious Peter Strzok.

That same July John Brennan, John McCain and Bruce Ohr are marching the Steele dossier all over Washington. Brennan briefs Harry Reid personally. Phase two of the White House plan to undermine Donald Trump swings into place. Brennan and Clapper plan every step of the destruction of Trump.

Exclusive: Obama’s coup d’etat docs prove illegal surveillance coverup

Ohr briefs the DOJ/FBI on the dossier

More crucially, Bruce Ohr marches the dossier into the top echelons of the FBI, directly from Fusion GPS, knowing it was a political hit job paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. He meets repeatedly with Christopher Steele. His wife Nellie works for Fusion GPS.

Ohr personally briefs Andrew Weissman, Peter Strzok, Sally Yates, James Comey, and Lisa Page about the Steele dossier. He makes clear it is a political document. They apparently cannot contain their glee. Peter Strzok immediately opens a counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign.

FISA Warrant and the Steele dossier

In August and September, the top members of the Justice Department and the FBI use the Steele dossier as the central aspect of a FISA Court application to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign. No fewer than four warrants are renewed.

Other FISA warrants on Roger Stone and others may have been issued.

Thus the full force of US intelligence agencies and the Justice Department is being deployed against the nominee for President of the opposition party. At no point do any of these conspirators for a moment think they are doing anything wrong. It doesn’t even occur to them, apparently. They hate Trump. Any action they take is justified in their minds.

Coup plot leader Barack Obama just won’t go away

Wikileaks, a news organization, reported news

At the time Wikileaks is releasing emails from the DNC and John Podesta. The emails make clear how Hillary has rigged the primaries and the Democratic National Convention. They lay out the corrupt practices of the Clinton Campaign and their minions at the DNC.

The Pedestal emails show the complete ineptitude of the candidate. Reveal a series of anti-semitic comments. And paint Hillary in a very bad light. Every major media outlet on the planet covers the story, including the New York Times.

This is in the light of the 33000 emails Hillary deleted and destroyed, with bleach bit no less, after they had been subpoenaed by Congress. Emails that had been intercepted by every major intelligence agency on earth.

Wikileaks told the truth

Emails that contained the destroyed evidence of a years-long pay for play scheme surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department. $140 million in bribes surrounding Uranian One. $27 million from Kazakhstan. $27 from Sweden. $4 million to Bill Clinton for speeches in Moscow and Kazakhstan.

Everything Wikileaks released, by the way, was true. 100% accuracy. Because they are a news organization. Whatever the source of the leaks, they were true depictions of corruption and venality. They showed Hillary Clinton and her campaign for what they really were.

Barack “Coup d’Etat” Obama: The gift that keeps on giving

Andrew McCabe: Liar, conspirator, serial dishonesty

So in that context when Trump called for Russia to release the 33,000 emails, it was a joke. An obvious joke at Hillary’s expense. Because the truth was the Russians and the Chinese, and the Israelis, and the Iranians, and the Germans and the Brits all have her emails.

But for Andrew McCabe to take that seriously, after all they were in the middle of concocting, is laughable. So you have the Steele dossier, which you know is a load of crap, and you are already taking it to the FISA Court and swearing by it, even though you know its a bunch of garbage.

But Trump making a joke about a criminal cover-up by the very Hillary Clinton McCabe’s team had just exonerated was a step too far. Trump had to be a Russian agent. What a crock.

DOJ criminal conspiracy hits overdrive after the election

Then Trump wins and the criminal conspiracy goes into overdrive. FISA warrants are invoked on the President-elect. Criminal leaks of classified info begin to fly. Comey briefs Trump on the dossier and then leaks it to the media.

Sally Yates targets Michael Flynn, Peter Strzok ambushes the General. Susan Rice writes a cryptic official note about doing everything by the book. John Brennan and James Comey and James Clapper leak a stream of classified documents to the New York Times and the Washington Post. Transcripts of Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Ambassador suddenly are in print. The hit job is underway.

Disgraced coup plotter “J. Edgar” Comey’s phony outrage

McCabe was at the center of the plot from the start

So when McCabe says he thought the President had been elected by Russia, he is out of his mind. Andrew McCabe and his co-conspirators have done more damage to American democracy and our system of justice than the Russians ever could in 100 years. It is inconceivable that they would pursue the actions they did and think that it was right, or constitutional.

McCabe was at the center of all the efforts to target this man from the beginning. According to reporting on the PRISM NSA program, Donald Trump was a target of Brennan and Clapper for years.

McCabe was involved in the corrupt Crossfire Hurricane penetration. He and Strzok weaponized the Steele dossier and lied to the FISA court. Andrew Weissman, Mueller attack dog, and his right-hand man knew the whole Russian collusion story was a hoax from the very beginning.

They all conspired to use the dossier they knew to be untrue to unleash the power of the Obama White House to stop Donald Trump. When he was elected they conspired to overthrow him.

Continuing the lies and slow motion “putsch” to this day

They continue that conspiracy. John Brennan was smearing and slandering the President on Meet the Press on the same day as the McCabe interview broke. Insinuations that go unchallenged by Chuck Todd.

Brennan’s disgraceful act is a sad charade, a disinformation campaign, or a show of fake bravado perhaps. Like the entire McCarthyite assault on Trump from the very beginning. All from the man at the very center of the criminal conspiracy against Trump. But a reckoning is coming.

Did China hacking of Clinton emails lead to death of CIA spies?

There must be an accounting

McCabes confession to the “8 days in May” coup d’etat attempt is clear and unequivocal. He and James Baker and Jim Comey and John Brennan and James Clapper and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch all worked in concert to subvert the will of the American people.

To overturn the results of the election. Sabotage the government. To frame and destroy the duly elected President with a campaign of McCarthyite lies they knew not to be true.  Mainstream commentators like Alan Dershowitz are describing McCabe’s actions as a “Coup.”  They are correct.


These people belong in jail. McCabe isn’t a hero. He is a mindless traitor. The conspiracy that was clear to many of us two years ago is now in the light.  Which is important.  Because the Republic that is America will die in darkness.

There have to be consequences for those involved. McCabe is delusional if he thinks what he did was right. He had better sell a lot of books.

A reckoning is coming

And to the minions of the press who refuse to cover the biggest story of corruption and malfeasance in American history, shame on you. The mainstream media will never recover from this catastrophe and failure to report the truth.

Honor and decency must be restored. The new Attorney General William Barr must hold these people accountable. Only when Brennan, Comey, Clapper, McCabe, and the others answer for their crimes will there be any chance for the American people to view this with any clarity. A Grand Jury must be empaneled.

Andrew McCabe’s confession to treason and conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected government says everything you need to know about the forces aligned against President Trump. A thorough accounting of the entire affair must occur. Attorney General Barr must vigorously pursue this wherever it goes.  And despite whoever is involved.

If he does the trail will inevitably lead to the far inner reaches of the Obama White House.


Lead Image:  By Donkey Hotey on Flickr

Andrew George McCabe, aka Andrew McCabe, is a former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.This caricature of Andrew McCabe was adapted from a photo in the public domain from the DoJ.

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