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Maureen Dowd and Election 2020’s final nail in Joe Biden’s political coffin

Written By | Apr 16, 2020
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WASHINGTON:  It may have been missed.  On February 23, the headlines were still consumed with the Democrat primary candidates. Including Maureen Dowds New York Times Opinion piece Uncle Joe’s Family Web. With the threat of Coronavirus and the horrific death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and friends taking precedence, you are forgiven if you missed it.

However, with President Obama and the ‘others’ – Bernie Sanders, Kamal Harris, Cory Booker, even Elizabeth Warren, bowing to DNC party pressure, to half-heartedly endorse Biden, it might be worth taking a look now, nearly two months later.

The NYT’s Dowd writes:

“Biden’s appeal for 2020 is that he comes across as a warm, blue-collar, touchy-feely paternal figure, sometimes talking too much, sometimes saying the wrong thing, like calling parts of Asia “the Orient.” At 76, he’s been through it all, and then some.
But as he prepares to present himself as a seasoned patriarch who can lead the country in a smooth, classy way, unlike the current occupant of the Oval, he must grapple with the painful reality of his life as the head of a family that has messily spilled into the tabloids, a brood that is still brooding and suffering the reverberations of 46-year-old Beau Biden’s death from brain cancer in 2015.
The last time Biden thought about running, in 2016, he was in a miasma of grief about Beau, his oldest son — the former Delaware attorney general whom Joe Biden fervently hoped might be president some day.
Grief aside, Barack Obama and his coterie of top aides did not think the vice president was the right person to protect and extend the Obama legacy.”

Which leads to the question, what has changed to make Biden “the candidate” from among a coterie of top Democrat contenders? In 2016, then-President Obama and his strategy gurus felt that Biden “had hit his ceiling, had. his day, had too many gaffes.  Hillary, Obama thought, was an impressive and loyal cabinet member who was great in meetings.” (Maureen Dowd)

Joe Biden, Election 2020, Democrats, Obama, Biden Gaffes, Biden, Joe, Hunter, James, Burisma, Ukraine, CorruptionCan Biden escape the Biden Family Scandals?

Based on the Biden family scandals – from his siblings to his son Hunter’s Ukrainian Slush Fund – it is hard to envision what has changed since 2016?  Because Joe Biden has not become more articulate.  He does not, despite the botox and what appears to be eyelifts, appear to have the stamina or mental acuity to do a job that no one can describe as easy.

From the article We Need to Talk about Joe Biden – National Review 03/13/2020:

But this subject needs to be broached right now. Accusations that Hillary Clinton was unwell were treated as a conspiracy theory up until the moment she seemed to collapse at a 9/11 memorial and was pushed into the side of a van like a sack of meat. Though that viral clip surely hurt Clinton, it was a one-day story and she performed reasonably well on the campaign trail afterward.
Biden is amassing a series of viral clips that are much worse. He’ll forget the name of former president Barack Obama, or the state he’s in, or stock phrases of American oratory: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women created by . . . you know . . . you know the thing.” He’ll announce to a baffled crowd that “I’m Joe Biden’s husband and I work for Cedric Richmond” (Richmond is a congressman, in case you were wondering.)

In How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections, Clinton Cash and Profiles in Corruption author Peter Schweitzer writes (01/18/2020):

The Biden family’s apparent self-enrichment involves five family members: Joe’s son Hunter, son-in-law Howard, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie.
When this subject came up in 2019, Biden declared, “I never talked with my son or my brother or anyone else — even distant family — about their business interests. Period.”
As we will see, this is far from the case …

Schweitzer then detailing how from younger brother James, son Hunter, daughter and son-in-law Ashley and Dr. Howard Krein, brother Frank, and sister Valerie Biden Owens have all made Joe’s political positions a part of the family business.

The President will not forget his Impeachment when taking the debate stage

While the Coronavirus was rearing its ugly head in January and February of this year, Democrats were busy impeaching the President for the “Ukraine” call in which Trump questioned the actions of Ukraine, Burisma and Hunter Biden’s lavish pay days from his position on the board of a company he knew nothing about in a country where he did not speak the language.

While Democrats screamed “Quid Pro Quo” from the rooftops of Washington D.C.’s low lying governmental edifices, the only true pay for play scheme was that of Hunter Biden, and his protective father who essentially had investigations into Burisma halted.  The elder Biden’s threat being the withholding of vital aide to the Ukrainian people.

It would do well to remember that when Ukraine begged the Obama/Biden White House for military and financial aide, they sent blankets and meals ready to eat (MREs).

From Sorry, Joe: Team Obama refused to arm Ukraine at all By Marc Thiessen in on October 9, 2019:

Joe Biden has said that by holding up vital military aid to Ukraine, President Trump “used the power and resources of the United States to pressure a sovereign nation, a partner that is still under direct assault from Russia … to subvert the rule of law.”
That’s rich. The aid in question is lethal military assistance that the Obama-Biden administration refused to give Ukraine.
Facing the incumbent: President Donald J. Trump

Joe Biden has stepped onto a national platform that demands a lot from those who would dare to grace its stage.  Joe Biden, with his family scandals and decades of “Bidenisms” will not be so easily explained away by the Democrat National Party as “oh, it’s just Joe… we all know what he means.”

Because President Trump will be there, ready and able, to explain exactly what he means, or, more likely is unable to articulate. Either because words escape Biden or a lack of past actions do.

From Joe Biden has a lot to say, only no one knows what he means – The Boston Herald: 

“Like his “Petticoat Junction” namesake, Uncle Joe may be movin’ kind of slow, but right about now, in all this doom and gloom, we need some comic relief.
These days Biden is not so much a modern real-life Water Mitty or Forrest Gump, both of whom he has been compared to.
Joe Biden is more like Grandpa Simpson … babbling incoherently.”

And if anyone thinks that President Trump, with his reputation to call it as he sees it, will let Biden skate on any one of his many errors, sniffing scandals or family financial enhancements, they are simply, and quite surely, mistaken.

A Coronavirus war-weary President Trump is, most likely, not going to give Biden a pass on his gaffes, family enrichment, connection to perceived Obama administration failings, or the Democrats non-stop assault on his presidency.

President Trump’s biggest argument might be that if he was capable of being president, he should have been the ticket leader following Obama’s second term. Unfortunately for Biden, President Obama did not think he was ready to be President in 2016 nor in 2020.  Hence his Johnny-come-lately late, and painfully halting endorsement of his former V.P.

The party excuse for Obama’s lackluster endorsements are that the elder Biden was still mourning his son’ Beau Biden’s May 2015 passing.  However, the 2016 campaign season did not start for a full year after that, albeit, horrific loss. So that connection is difficult.

Joe Biden’s Achilles Heel: Age, gaffes and Foreign Policy

Also, history shows us a resolute, if not younger, Biden, who following the loss of his wife Nelia and daughter Neilia, in an automotive accident just prior to Christmas, did take his seat in the 93rd United States Congress (1973-1975).

A Joe Biden historical rewrite is that despite evidence to the contrary, Biden has recently tried to paint the accident as the fault of the other driver, alleging he was drunk.  This despite police determining that Neilia Biden “drove into the path of the on-coming tractor-trailer after failing to stop. (How Did Joe Biden’s First Wife, Neilia Hunter, Die?)

Obama’s excuse for not endorsing Joe Biden in 2020?  Well for one he was busy vetting other candidates, like Patrick Duval, to take the stage on behalf of the DNC.

Joe Biden facing incumbent Donald J. Trump – a train wreck in the making?

President Trump is quite likely to say that after nearly fifty-years in political service, Biden has not “fixed what’s wrong in Washington” before his forced retirement from the White House.

Forced retirement because Hillary Clinton was the 2016 nominee because it was “her turn.”

“Her turn” because she brought the cash strapped DNC Clinton Foundation money.

Money that funded the now thoroughly discredit Russia Hoax, gave her the right to gaze in wonder at the DNC nominating convention balloons.

The end of the Coronavirus Shut-Down is the start of the 2020 Election cycle

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today says that the virus, while not eradicated, is stabilizing. That fears of the health system being overwhelmed by the pandemic are passing.

All in anticipation of the reopening of the economy. Which is the worse news possible for the DNC and their candidate, Joe Biden.

Had the Democrats been able to keep Joe quarantined up through the 2020 DNC Convention and then ramrodded email voting down the Constitutional throat of America, they may have been able to steal 2020 in a manner that they were unable to steal 2016,

Election 2020 – can Democrats win a fair fight against Donald J. Trump and Republicans

Unfortunately for Biden and the Democrats, they are going to have to stage a fair fight against the incumbent, Donald J. Trump. The many Democrat governors, like Michigan’s Governor Gretch Whitmer, will have a fight on their hands over their hamfisted Coronavirus orders. (Michigan residents sue Governor Whitmer over coronavirus pandemic orders)

A fight history says  Democrats will lose.  We will still be in the war against coronavirus when the race begins to roar. However having treatments and testing in hand, we will be in a much better position to handle the epidemic in America. A fact that will not be lost on voting Americans.

And the businessman, Donald J. Trump, with Steve Munuchin and many of America’s most important business leaders at his side, will reinvigorate this economy.  It won’t be the same economy, but by the end of summer we should see jobless rates plummeting, the markets rising and American’s satisfaction with their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness returning.

In addition, President Trump has the accolades of governors who are praising his response to the coronavirus panics.

Which means that America will re-elect President Trump. Biden cannot overcome who he is any more than Clinton could overcome who she is. Particularly without the shield of coronavirus keeping us hiding in our home offices.

With or without a smile hiding face mask.

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