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MAGA Supporters Have US Capitol Under Attack! Really? False flag op?

Written By | Jan 6, 2021
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Today’s MAGA demonstration on the Ellipse. Before things got rough. (Screen grab of RSBN video Tweet.)

WASHINGTON – The headlines are already blaring the predictable, claiming Trump supporters have invaded Capitol Hill, occupied the Rotunda, and have the US Capitol under attack. But Antifa has openly been scheming for weeks to impersonate MAGA supporters at today’s epic anti-fraud demonstration in Washington, D.C. So who’s really inside the Capitol right now? MAGA? Antifa / BLM false flag operatives? No one knows. Except, apparently, our friends at NBC. Without evidence.

CNBC reports. Without investigating exactly who has put the US Capitol under attack

Here’s the current CNBC headline, obviously provided by the business network’s hyper partisan friends at NBC:

Rioters storm Capitol after Trump urges action,
halting declaration of Biden victory

Might today’s “riot” actually be an Antifa / BLM false flag op? The truth starts with this…

A huge gathering of President Trump’s supporters gathered on the extended area of the Ellipse, located just south of the White House. They were regaled Wednesday morning by a variety of speakers urging them to put pressure on reluctant Congress members – including a majority of the President’s own party in the Senate – to seriously examine the obvious and coordinated fraud that occurred in key “swing states” during the November 3, 2020 national elections. A fraud that we’re now likely seeing re-enacted in the state of Georgia’s Senatorial runoff elections just concluded.

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted a great shot of Wednesday morning’s MAGA gathering on the Ellipse.

RSBN tweeted one of their patented video pans of this morning’s crowd, which was impressive.

And the hits just keep on coming. Democrats marching through Georgia.

Meanwhile the MSM gleefully reports that in Georgia – surprise – both seriously flawed Democrat candidates appear to have squeaked out another pre-cooked victory, as I predicted. And they did it with their favorite Dominion voting machines still in place. Even better, last night witnessed Fulton county administrators exiling Republican observers once again as they counted votes in private. This after a judge ruled they had to let the GOP reps in to observe the vote count. Judgments, apparently, are for Republicans and fools to obey, not America’s now-official Socialist Party members. You let the left-wing clowns and compliant RINOs get away with fraud once and they’ll double right down again. When will the GOP learn? (That’s a rhetorical question at this point.)

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Of course, military ballots are coming in late, and who knows what will happen to them? Additionally, at least one county allegedly shut down vote counting overnight. But evidence shows they continued to “count” the vote nonetheless.

The fraud is out in the open today, pretty much as it was in November. And that’s precisely why President Trump’s army of supporters marched up to Capitol Hill in protest, led by the President himself.

MAGA supporters (?) break into the Capitol Building. Or was this an Antifa / BLM false flag op?

As noted above, CNBC called today’s last-ditch demonstration and the subsequent Capitol break-in a “riot.” Of course they did. But they did so without knowing whether it was really Trump supporters who’d broken in, or Antifa / BLM thugs in disguise. It could very well be the false-flag break-in that these actual fascists openly planned to mount for weeks in order to tarnish the reputation of Trump supporters. Just like the Democrats and RINOs smashed the honorable Tea Party renegades into submission years ago, for no reason other than that they were a risk to the Uniparty’s hegemony. The Antifa / BLM thugs regarded Capitol Hill security as lax making the Capitol easy to break into. And easy to blame that break-in on real Trump supporters. If this proves to be the case, it would be the first false flag operation ever that everyone has known about well in advance.

More on the US Capitol under attack by “MAGA supporters”…

Elijah Schaffer of The Blaze tweeted out an exceptional video sample of the fast-paced action inside the US Capitol once Trump supporters – or “Trump supporters” breached security.

Schaffer calls this “anarchy.” But I know of only one dark organization that specializes in this, and it’s not MAGA supporters. The answer to what’s going on here may take some time to track down. The MSM won’t lived a seditious finger to help.

More about today’s “riot”

And back to that word “riot,” while we’re at it, the one the media will insist on using. After the billions of dollars of destroyed businesses and destroyed lives Antifa / BLM continues to leave in its wake, the media has never once termed their year-long reign of terror and violence as a “riot.” But a free assembly of Trump supporters on Capitol Hill, some of whose (or none of whose) members managed to break into the Capitol building itself without damaging it? That’s a “riot” for sure.

This is a story that’s breaking and will continue to break throughout the day. Trump supporters shouldn’t bother tuning in anything run by the MSM, including Fox News, which is now permanently dead to Trump supporters.

Best bets for reasonable updates today are NewsMax, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) — if and when they have audio – and The Blaze. Everyone else will accuse peaceful MAGA supporters of fomenting insurrection against the United States government. Unfortunately, the Democrats and their wealth supporters, likely including international players like China, Iran, the USSR Russia, and at least one mega-rich faux Communist thug whose name we can’t mention. (But his initials are G* S*.

Will this pivotal week lead America’s Patriots to experience a Popeye Moment?

Wednesday’s been a hell of a day for MAGA supporters nationwide. We don’t really know which team’s players really got into the Capitol Building. But whatever the case, an outburst like this has been building a long time. And as darkness falls in Washington, the city is apparently imposing a curfew that Antifa / BLM ops will ignore as long as they can pursue and attack the MAGA red hatters in town. We hope our conservative friends from across America will be able to remain safe in this city’s hostile environment.

But let’s all remember: Whatever the electoral outcome – it’s likely that VP Pence won’t be much help here – what we’re witnessing today in Washington, D.C. is only the prologue to this new play. Whatever anyone says, Pence is a good guy. But he, like most Republicans, don’t understand that it’s no longer the time to act like gentlemen in this political battle. It’s time for conservatives and libertarians to unite and experience a Popeye Moment: We’ve stood all we can stand, and we can’t stands no more!”


– Headline image: Today’s MAGA demonstration on the Ellipse. Before things got rough. (Screen grab of RSBN video Tweet.)


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