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Liberals playing fast and loose with the political narrative

Written By | Dec 2, 2019

WASHINGTON: The White House sends a letter Sunday night informing the House Judiciary Committee that President Trump and his lawyers won’t participate in the impeachment hearing scheduled for Wednesday. Why? Will one good reason is the President is in London at the NATO leaders’ meeting.

That Democrats would even schedule the hearing knowing the President would be at the NATO meeting is further proof of their being either tone-deaf or more likely, attempting to create a false narrative:

See, he won’t appear before the House Judiciary Committee, so he must be guilty because he is hiding, they might say.

Thus creating yet another statement by Lying liberals based not on truth but to fit the Democrat Impeachment narrative.

Deciding what America should know

Democrats are loathsome in their singlemindedness to impeach the President. To destroy, sabotage, to literally nullify the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. To write a narrative to destroy the President and anyone in his orbit.

So says the Speaker: Newt Gingrich on The Plot Against The President

And it is all because Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, despite her best efforts to discredit him not only as an opponent but as a human being.

It began before Trump ever entered the White House.

Prior to noon on January 20, 2017, the assault against the Presidency began.  Hillary Clinton and DNC operatives financed the Russia Dossier filled with salacious lies – lies so unbelievable no one would believe them.  Had they stopped short of hookers urinating on a hotel suite bed, they might have had a better chance at America believing them. Unfortunately for Democrats, they don’t know when to stop being Lying liberals.

Hillary believes that if she lies about President Trump, we will all believe it as true, we will all genuflect and repeat that it is true on social media. (Hillary’s Bold Lies – American Spectator) .

Hillary seems to forget that fifty-percent of America rejected her in 2016.

When liberals want America to believe it is true, they pull out the lie and repeat it over and over hoping we will, like zombies, repeat it with them.  A political version of a camping round song where everyone sings the same melody and lyrics, only groups starting at different times.

I said it, wrote it, but that is not what I meant

The minute a person is caught in a lie, one of the easiest fallbacks is “you have taken me out of context.”  A bit of “I didn’t say I did not steal a cookie, I meant I did not steal that cookie.”

Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page who served under Andrew McCabe.  Page worked on the Hillary Clinton emails in 2016.  Peter Strzok was the lead investigator on the Clinton email probe as well as a member of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“There are two things that happen in the late summer of 2016. The first, of course, is that the FBI gets the predication [courtesy of loose-lipped George Papadopoulos], which starts the Russian investigation. We learn about the possibility that there’s someone on the Trump campaign coordinating with the Russian government in the release of emails, which will damage the Clinton campaign.” – Lisa Page

A Clinton supporter, Page – possibly in an effort to protect the former Secretary of State now seeking the Oval Office- shortly thereafter moves on to another investigation, the Russian government disinformation Dossier being developed to discredit Donald Trump.

During this time, Page found a kindred anti-Donald Trump spirit in Peter Strzok. Though both are married, Page begins an affair with her colleague.  Texts between the two discuss a variety of anti-Trump themes, including an ‘insurance policy’ involving Donald Trump and his election campaign. 

Deep State insurance policies, the press and Intelligence Community coups

The pair also discussed the FBI’s looking into 2016 election interference by the Russians. Page calls Trump a “loathsome human being” while Strzok calls Trump an idiot.

These two individuals with deep, visceral hate for the President exchanged some 50,000 texts over their work phones – used to hide their affair from their respective spouses – over a two year period, July 2015 to 2017.

The texts have raised questions about Mr. Strzok’s independence on both the Clinton and the Russia cases. Previously released texts have revealed Mr. Strzok’s and Ms. Page’s anger toward Mr. Trump, calling him an “idiot” and “loathsome.”

On May 4, 2018, nearly a year after the messages were leaked to the public about the controversial messages she exchanged with Strzok, she resigned from her position with the FBI. 
With the Inspector General’s report being released on December 9, Democrats like Page, Strzok, McCabe, Comey, and others are trying to control the narrative of the release.  To pre-explain the findings of Michael Horowitz.  And if there was, as being speculated by Republicans, evidence of crimes in their actions as FBI lawyers, it could mean at the least, losing their law licenses or at worst, being indicted for treason.
When asked who the President had in mind when spoke of treasonous people, he said,
“A number of people. They have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person.” He then specified former FBI director James Comey, former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, and former FBI agent Peter Strzok. That’s treason. They couldn’t win the election, and that’s what happened.”
Now Page speaks out. And she is hiding behind 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech as an excuse for putting her views into text.  Only she did not speak out.  She was having a private conversation over government property to speak in disparagingly terms not only about her boss but the President of the United States.
The most powerful man of the world.


If she was honorable, she – as the rest of them would have – would have taken their Trump-hating, liberal lying selves and resigned.
And while treason is not “disagreeing” with the President, being a part of an organized coup to overthrow a president is. Leading us to wonder how far up the ladder the lying goes, and just how much did President Obama know? (FBI texts: Obama ‘wants to know everything we’re doing’ – NBC News)
Keep track of the liberal narratives this week.  They might give us clues as to who is worried about the Horowitz report. Starting with Lisa Page.
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