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Louis Farrakhan on The View? Ten career moves once the Democrats flee

Written By | Mar 9, 2018
Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, Erick Holder, The View, Democrats

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, March 9, 2018 — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan helped Jews prepare for Passover by offering inspiring words of anti-Semitism. While Jew-hatred is nothing new for the man Rush Limbaugh calls Calyspo Louie, Farrakhan may need to find something new to do.

With the names of Farrakhan’s congressional friends now under pressure to denounce him, the flow of funds may slow. The Republican Jewish Coalition has called on Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters, and the rest of the Farrakhan friendship circle to resign from Congress.

One and the same:  Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, Eric Holder

Farrakhan’s problem is the same one that vexes his supporters including former President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Operation Fast and Furious: El Chapo’s eerie haunting of Eric Holder

Farrakhan has never held a real job and is not qualified to do much of anything. Luckily for Farrakhan, some jobs do not require any skills at all beyond ranting and raving incoherently. Farrakhan may be incomprehensible, but he knows how to loudly spew nonsense. Here in no particular order are the top ten potential career moves for Louis Farrakhan.

1) Democrat 2020 presidential nominee —

Farrakhan can scream as loud as Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and even Liz Warren. His hatred of Israel and the American capitalist system puts him squarely in the mainstream of the Democrat Party.

2) Co-host of The View —

Very few people have as much public hostility toward Christians as Joy Behar. Farrakhan comes close. He could replace Behar in that role or replace Whoopi Goldberg as the racial bomb thrower of the show.

The mantra of the show is that everything in life is the fault of white Republicans. Farrakhan is a perfect fit.

3) Oscars host —

The Academy Awards are in full collapse. Ratings are plummeting. While current host Jimmy Kimmel perfectly fits the mold of an arrogant smug liberal host, he remains white. To get woke and increase intersectionality, a black Muslim host is necessary.

Plus, Farrakhan represents the values of Hollywood perfectly due to his contempt of everything decent and right in the world.

4) Sportscenter host —

Farrakhan may or may not know much about sports, but ESPN is now a full-fledged social justice network. He could easily fulfill the role of the recently fired Jemele Hill, although with less anger.

5) MSNBC host —

Right now Rachel Maddow is the top dog at this network. She maintains her power because the other hosts are emasculated beta males. If Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Hayes got in a fight, they would both surrender. Farrakhan is not afraid of leftist women.

He hangs out with people who stone them to death.

6) A Leader of the Women’s March —

This started out as a group of angry misfits of varying social causes. Yet organizer Linda Sarsour has connections to Islamists. She is the spark behind the intersectionality movement that welcomes Islamists and condemns Zionists.

A transition from Sarsour to Farrakhan would be seamless.

The March for Life vs. the Women’s March: Which will stand the test of time?

7) Manager for Colin Kaepernick —

Farrakhan could not do any worse than Kaepernick’s current advisers. Kaepernick’s career disintegrated when he began dating a radicalized Muslim woman. Farrakhan could represent them both. This will not help Kaepernick improve his ability to throw a football, but it could get him higher speaking fees from radical leftist organizations.

8) President of France —

Nothing says coddling Islamists and mistreating Jews like the French. Although the Vichy regime is long gone, France is always looking to collaborate with those seeking to annihilate them. Farrakhan would only need to win one election before settling into a lifetime dictatorship.

9) Palestinian reverse mortgage salesman —

Hamas and Hezbollah frequently blow up homes including their own. Farrakhan knows many of the people who supply the munitions. After the deconstruction comes reconstruction. Farrakhan could control the entire life cycle industry of blowing up houses, rebuilding them, and blowing them up again.

10) AARP in-house Jihadi mutual fund salesman —

At 84 years of age, Farrakhan is even older than Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. The new trend among liberals invading Wall Street is socially responsible mutual funds. Replace companies committed to leftism with those committed to Islam, and the Jihadi mutual fund industry is born.

Farrakhan is a born salesman. If he can sell Jihad, he can certainly sell the companies carrying out that vision.

Featured Image: Promotional Image from The View adapted with Social Media / Twitter image of Farrakhan


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