Lois Lerner and Congress: Mutual contempt but no real consequences

Lois Lerner before Congress

NEW YORK, May 8, 2014 — For over a year, Lois Lerner has held Congress in contempt. After many delays, Congress finally let the woman at the heart of the IRS scandal know that the feeling is mutual.

Congressional Democrats expressed outrage at Republicans holding Lerner in contempt, but were quite supportive of her contempt for Republicans.

The investigative panel’s top Democrat, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, has made it clear that the investigation is nothing but a fishing expedition. Cummings is the Democrat who was caught in emails ordering the targeting to begin with, rendering his credibility about as valid as the child who murders his parents and cries over being an orphan. In the spirit of Passover, Elijah was told to take his cup of whine and leave. Republicans are hoping that after the November elections, Cummings’s new name will be Elijah Going Going Gone.

Cummings, Lerner and many other liberals have declared the hearings to be a witch hunt. Cummings ordered Lerner to use the powers of the IRS to deliberately target conservatives attempting to legally participate in the political process. Tea Party activists are still facing IRS audits that never existed until they decided to publicly disagree with President Obama about anything. The actions of targeting half the country were seen as fair, while the attempt to stop criminal behavior and seek out the truth became a witch hunt.

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At this rate liberals could become emboldened enough to go to random conservative homes and set them on fire. When the firefighters show up with water hoses, the firefighters can be arrested for persecuting the arsonists by interfering with their work.

Elijah Cummings is black and Lois Lerner is female. This means that the IRS scandal will somehow be connected to Selma, Alabama and the war on women. Of the hundreds of innocent victims targeted by the IRS, some of them may have been white males. If this does not prove racism and sexism, nothing does.

Lerner did attempt to invoke her Fifth Amendment privileges, but only after giving a defiant opening statement denying any wrongdoing. South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, a prosecutor by trade, pointed out that her opening statement meant she had waived her Fifth Amendment rights. Lerner responded by displaying contempt not only for congressional Republicans, but the entire legal, political and bureaucratic processes. It took more than a year, but congressional Republicans finally let Lerner know that they held her in the same low esteem she held them.

There is no word on whether Cummings and Lerner will be brazen enough to try and have Gowdy, Congressman Darrell Issa or other Republicans investigating her audited.

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Lerner is still not expected to face any serious consequences in the coming weeks. To enforce the contempt citation requires the cooperation of Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder himself holds congressional Republicans in contempt, and they responded in kind. So far contempt citations have the effectiveness of temporarily hurting the feelings of the person cited. If the citation was any less useful it would be downgraded to somewhere between sanctions against a foreign power and a United Nations resolution.

If subordinates to Lerner are also held in contempt, then and only then is there a chance of getting to the truth about the IRS targeting scandal.

Until then, while the congressional action is a tiny microscopic step in the right direction, it will take more than waving a finger in a “shame, shame” manner to get Lerner to tell the truth. Congress told Lerner that they dislike her. So what? She disliked them first, and with much more force.

She actually acted against people she had contempt for. Time will tell if her deeds will be responded to with anything more than scolding words.

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  • Rick Ward

    If what I read was the penalty for contempt being a max of $1000 and a year of jail/prison time; then contempt is a joke. I pray that people who are working in governmental agencies and violate their positions can at least be fired without any benefits. If that is not the case then what we condescendingly refer to as 3d world governments (because of corruption) applies to us…we are no better than they…..

    • Chuck Bump

      The guy that was spending 6 hours every day at work for the EPA downloading porn,hasn’t even been fired and even received a bonus during that time. There is no justice whatsoever with this crooked government!

      • SMJ

        As a federal employee, I’m outraged by this employees behavior. This employee makes 120,00 dollars a year. Watching pornography at work? I can not believe that these sites are not blocked. And then to receive a bonus? As I stated before, there should be an audit of all employees, starting at the top!

        • Chuck Bump

          SMJ– Is it the union(s) that make it almost impossible to fire someone or is it just a good ole boy network not wanting to rock the boat? Are all federal employees required to join a union?

  • Dave Nichols

    obama deliberatly surrounded himself with azzhats like eric holder to insulate his illegal actions from the law. there is no law when the ag will not prosecute it! we must find a way to enforce the law NOW!

  • Thomas J. Butman

    why can’t they raise the penalty for contempt to something that would hurt or at least get their attention?

  • Bren Pool Vignaroli

    We, as Americans, need to start demanding that justice be done with these THUGS we have sitting in our congressional offices that continue to rob, cheat and steal from us without even batting an eye. Are we so ridiculously NUMB that we just don’t give a damn anymore? Write letters, make phone calls and start demanding RESPECT and ACCOUNTABILITY!

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