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Liberals, like Mark Hamill, a young Skywalker no more, raging against Trump

Written By | Nov 30, 2019
Mark Hamill, Robert DeNiro, President Trump, Memes, Liberals, Star Wars

WASHINGTON:  Looking at the headlines from yesterday, there are a lot of people that need to get a life beyond politics.  A sub-set of that group includes aging actors like Robert DeNiro and Mark Hamill.  Neither of which understands that no one under 45 has any clue as to who either of the aged actors are.

See, as a political junkie, it is odd to take a day off. But this year we took the advice of all the cable experts. Thanksgiving was a no-politics day. Phones were turned off. Cable news left dark (other than The Fives Animals are Great special). Getting online was not an option.

It was about the turkey and the sides and a pleasant day with a small group of important people. Important to us, at least. Exactly what a day of giving thanks should be.

And what a great decision it was.

Because liberals continue to rant, rail and be rude.

Warning: Liberal approved crude language from Robert Deniro in this video

Hating President Trump more than they love America

Mark Hamill, the former savior of the Republic has become as hateful toward our President as he was of Darth Vader. Like DeNiro, its a rant of “Orange Man Bad”, but little discussion over policy or the good things — the economy, low unemployment numbers, opportunity zones in economically depressed city neighborhoods, the animal anti-cruelty act, support for our Military, Police and First Responders, increased wages and on.

The only question to be asked is why Skywalker?

Seeing A New Hope in 1976 on opening night, Star Wars has been synonymous with good versus evil for decades. Skywalker was a hero of the underserved. Fighting for the right. Defeating the evil of the Emperor – and that is all a story.

Because Hamill is not fighting the president over policy. He can’t argue the President’s achievements.  He is not seeking to destroy what he sees as an evil empire through the ways and means of the political process that makes America unique in the world.

He, like much of Hollywood, is simply ranting because Hillary is not the President.  Three words – get over it.

Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Liberal victims of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Hammill feels that he can attack the President not on policy but in rude, childish memes and Tweets. He is no longer the young warrior eager to fight evil, he has become the angry old man, in his plaid bathrobe, ranting and raving because he does not like the President.

Instead of defeating the President in a battle of minds, he chooses to hide behind social media, swinging his lightsaber of hate and divisiveness, setting a horrible example to young children who will grow up to be adults – we hope.

As the Star Wars universe will continue with the appearance of the aging actor as Luke Skywalker being relegated to holograms and flashbacks (he is dead, you know), President Trump will continue, winning 2020 easily. (Donald Trump 2020: Why Donald Trump will win BIG in 2020 – prediction)

Here is the bad news for Hamill:

A November 21 RealClearPolitics poll shows Trump is currently polling with 51 percent of support against 49 percent for Joe Biden. That Biden will be the Democrat nominee is yet to be decided. Biden’s success in getting to the general election is far from assured. (3 big reasons Biden is no longer the definitive 2020 Democratic primary frontrunner – prediction)

President Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020 – unless the Democrats can pull off quite the hat trick. But it is highly doubtful that they will be able to mount a competent challenger to the President. With 340 days left until the election, Democrats – led by Adam Schiff and soon Jerry Nadler – will waste many more months on the impeachment hoax – if they actually have the moxie to impeach the President.

Newt Gingrich says “It’s a coup d’etat not an impeachment inquiry”

An impeachment will lead to hearings in the Senate where the President will not be indicted or removed from office as Hamill and liberals pray. But it will provide plenty of opportunities to keep Democrat Senators running for office – or at least who is left – off the campaign trail and in the Senate chambers.

It will also allow Republican Senators to further erode Democrats in the eyes of independent voters as they call in Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, Peter Strozk, John Brennan, James Clapper, and on and on, to question their roles in the Impeachment hoax, Burisma Energy, Ukraine, and general Deep State chicanery all designed to overturn the legitimate election of Donald Trump.

If the Horowitz IG report does not render them all moot.

Newsweek’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Getting back to Thanksgiving,  Newsweek took the opportunity to attack the President for golfing on Thanksgiving, getting it totally wrong, of course (Newsweek Claims Trump Busy ‘Tweeting’ and ‘Golfing’ on Thanksgiving–He Was Visiting Troops in Afghanistan)

And the Washington Post attacks the President, who gives his all, all of the time, to our military, First Responders and Americans – even Mark Hamill:


Maybe a good wish for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays would be that we all start listening to each other.  That we learn to discuss policy.  That the body-shaming of the President stop’s being a national liberal pastime.

And stop the hate … please.  Because conservatives will fight back.  President Trump and Republicans in the house and Senate will win in 2020.  And your only chance to influence politics is going to be in your ability to carry on a conversation.

Because, as Star Wars taught us so many decades ago, hate does not work.

Mark Hamill, Robert DeNiro, President Trump, Memes, Liberals, Star Wars

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