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Liberal media bias has millennials fearing Ben Carson’s power

Written By | Oct 10, 2015

WASHINGTON, October 9, 2015 – Dr. Ben Carson has come out of nowhere and established himself as a legitimate front runner to become the next Republican nominee for president.  His status as a legitimate threat has been absolutely solidified not by the polls, not by a speech he made, not by his resume, but by the hysterical and completely irresponsible way the media has treated him.

They are terrified.

I came to this conclusion by simply watching television, reading the news, and most importantly, logging onto Facebook.

As I scrolled through my feed I couldn’t help but notice that all of my liberal friends who I haven’t managed to unfollow yet were making comments and posting articles about how “stupid”, “dumb”, and “ignorant” Ben Carson is.

GQ f-bombs Ben Carson

I thought to myself, “Surely my friends on Facebook aren’t smarter than a man who successfully separated twins joined at the brain and operated on children inside the womb years after escaping from poverty and building a career as the most respected neurosurgeon in the world, right?”

Well of course that is right, there are few people on this planet as smart as Ben Carson, but why then is there so much arrogance and animosity spewing from the millennial crowd?

The answer to that question is the reckless and irresponsible media bias that has managed to frame the debate and alter impressionable minds.

For example, Ben Carson recently came out and said that if he had been in the Oregon classroom where 9 people were murdered last week that he would have tried to take down the shooter.

A pretty harmless comment about what he would hope he would do in a horrific situation.

When the passengers on Flight 93, faced with certain death at the hands of terrorists, memorialized the phrase “let’s roll” America and the media expressed gratitude and pride.

When Americans Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone, along with Chris Norman, a British man living in France, stopped a mass shooting on a train traveling to France, the media could not stop falling over itself with cries of hero and assumed national pride.

However when Carson said he would hope to have a similar response in an unthinkable situation, the media erupted into a frenzy calling Carson inconsiderate and vile. Yes, Salon (who I refuse to link to because of how terrible of a person I would be if I gave them one single click more than they already have) actually called Dr. Carson vile for saying what he said.

When  Carson made a comment that the Jews in Nazi Germany would have fared better if they had access to guns.  Nothing really controversial here. It is a theory academics and thinkers have been debating for decades.

Yet the media almost had a heart attack and began running outrageous anti-Carson stories with titles like “F*** Ben Carson“.

The only logical explanation for the hysteria that has followed Ben Carson wherever he goes is that the media is terrified.  Ben Carson debunks every lazy liberal stereotype that the left tries to frame Republicans with.  He is a conservative black man from the streets of Detroit who believes in limited government solutions for those who currently live the same life he grew up in, not massive government intrusion.

The left simply can’t wrap their head around that and they have even gone so far as to question the validity of his African-American heritage just because he is a conservative.  Truly disgusting.

We may have expected this type of racism from Democrats 50 years ago but to see race used so openly as a means to destroy a political opponent is really stunning. 

But not as stunning as the gullible millenials and liberal elites supporting racism of the vilest sort in 2015.

Dr. Ben Carson’s stand against tyranny

The Democrats understand that they don’t have a single viable candidate competing for the nomination other than Hillary and her plummeting legitimacy.

The only tactic they understand is to throw as much mud as they can at Republicans regardless of how much truth their is behind it.

That is what is happening here and it is really a shame to watch.

Ben Carson, by all accounts, is a good man trying to do what he thinks is best for the country.  It is reasonable to not agree with his positions on policy, but to sit back and call him names like stupid or ignorant doesn’t advance the discussion in the slightest.

It might be time for the people criticizing Carson to sit back and take a look at their own personal accomplishments and reconsider their intellectually flawed belief that Ben Carson doesn’t belong in the race for president.

Andrew Mark Miller