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Canadian journalist Lauren Southern denied entry into the U.K.

Written By | Mar 14, 2018
Lauren Southern, UK

By Lauren Southern (Lauren Southern) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON, March 13, 2018. – Border Force officials in Calais detained popular activist and Canadian journalist Lauren Southern and later denied her entry into the United Kingdom (U.K). Officials with the U.K. Home Office said that Border Force has the power to refuse entry to anyone they consider to have a presence in the United Kingdom which may not be favorable to the public good.

Lauren Southern and The Rebel Media

Lauren Southern previously worked for the popular right-wing Canadian site “The Rebel Media.” Southern has claimed that British officials told her she was denied entry into the United Kingdom because of racism.

Southern previously supported an operation that worked to allegedly prevent the rescue of refugees.

U.K. officials are detaining other activists and journalists.

The U.K. also detained American YouTuber Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend Austrian activist Martin Sellner. The couple were denied entry at the Luton Airport over the weekend, officials also claimed their presence was not favorable to the public good.

Sellner and Pettibone left Britain on Sunday after their release.

Southern was planning to visit friends in the country including Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defense League. Sympathizers are criticizing Robinson for his speech against Islam. On Sunday, Sellner was going to deliver a speech at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park.

Hope Not Hate raises concerns over anti-refugee activism

Dr. Joe Mulhall who is part of the anti-racism campaign “Hope not Hate,” has said the organization had been raising concerns about Ms. Lauren Southern’s work and activism. Mullhall told “The Independent,” that she was becoming even more extreme in her recent outbursts and associations.

Lauren Southern was held in a detention center and questioned for several hours. Southern told Fox News, that they asked her if she was a Christian extremist.

This latest denial of entry stems from a social experiment that Southern and Robinson conducted in Luton. Luton has a large Muslim population.

They both passed out fake “LGBT for Islam UK” posters that said “Allah is Gay, Trans, Lesbian, Intersex, Feminist, Queer, and is All of Us.”

Criticizing Islam

Lauren Southern launched the experiment in response to an article that Vice produced which asked whether Jesus was gay. They also want to show how the Islamic community would react if a similar claim was made about Allah. Police later told them to remove the posters for their own safety. Southern and Robinson denied the materials were racists, claiming that criticizing a religion is not a racist act.

Southern, Pettibone and Sellner are not the first to be denied entry into the United Kingdom after criticizing Islam.

Talk radio personality Michael Savage and Pamela Geller cannot enter the United Kingdom, because of their criticisms of Islam.

U.K. officials are detaining other activists and journalists.


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