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Kyle Rittenhouse and death in Kenosha: What this tells us about America

Written By | Aug 28, 2020
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The shootings and deaths in Kenosha were a planned event. Planned to cause an emotional, and violent, response. The desired response is that right-winged militias are the real cause of the ongoing violence across America. It is the theme being fed to the left and independents who read the mainstream media. It is why there is an ongoing argument that both sides in today’s bitter antagonism are equal. All fake news, but believed by many.

An article at National Public Radio, titled; ” Vehicle Attacks Rise As Extremists Target Protesters,” opens with an explosive sentence:

“Right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons, with reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since protests against police violence erupted nationwide in late May.”

The article does not back up that thesis statement, rather immediately turns to the Charlottesville incident, where a man with ties to the KKK ran into a crowd of people with his car, killing one and injuring others. It then tried to compare all other incidents of cars hitting rioters as “right-wing” attacks like the one in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville, VA

Of course, none of the other incidents is anything like Charlottesville.

Charlottesville was the biggest propaganda success the left has had to date. In order to keep its success going, all other incidents where Antifa and BLM criminals are injured, are automatically linked to it. The leftist press even called at least two incidents where blacks ran into rioters as ‘right-wing’ attacks.

Charlottesville was the left’s high point, one that they are desperately trying to recreate. So much so, that the Antifa organization has trained their soldiers to identify and target weak opposition in order to again win a propaganda windfall. They believed they found one in Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, appears in court on murder charges in shooting of Kenosha protesters, stalls return to Wisconsin)

To understand Kenosha,  we first must look back at what happened in Charlottesville.

James Fields Jr., 22, killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer, by driving his car into a crowd of left-wing Antifa agitators, and other protesters. Fields pled guilty to 29 of the 30 federal hate-crimes he was charged with. He now will face life in prison, without being eligible for parole.

Seems rather cut and dried. Here is a KKK supporter that killed an ‘innocent ‘ protester at a “support the right” rally. As he has been found guilty we will not deny that he did what was charged, but there were unreported circumstances that led to Heyer’s death.

Peter Fonda and ANTIFA: The Liberal call for sedition, violence should be stopped

Fields became lost while driving. He came to Charlottesville to support the cause from Toledo, Ohio, and did not know his way around. While trying to find his way back to the group he left, Antifa soldiers removed a barricade from the road and lured him down that street, directly into the jaws of left-wing progressive radicals clamoring for blood.

Once enveloped by the screaming mob, pounding on his car with fists, sticks, poles, and anything else at hand, this disoriented man tried to speed out of harm’s way. In the process, he injured over a dozen progressives and killed one. At first, he claimed self-defense but later changed his plea to guilty on the advice of his attorney.

His lawyer must have advised him that his social media connection with the KKK was too overpowering to mount an effective self-defense case.

The coup against the right was complete with that conviction. The only problem was, it needed to be replicated in order to really have an impact on the upcoming election. Ever since that incident, the left has been trying to obtain another coup of that magnitude.
That is why there are so many incidents of people being surrounded in a car, where rioters pound on the car, demanding the driver open his door, and then is beaten, some nearly to death. This is a planned strategy.
Charlottesville taught Antifa what needed to be done to win such a stunning propaganda victory again.

First, they must identify a victim, preferably someone young and weak. Old and weak works too, but young works better because of their naivete.

Once the victim is identified, they must isolate him. Once isolated he must be physically and mentally attacked. Left fearing for his life. At that point is when he will do something that can be used against him later, like drive through the crowd or shoot at them. Afterward, they will loudly proclaim that he is a right-wing, nazi, militiaman, homophobe, racist, and etc.

The press automatically prints these accusations without anything to confirm them.

This is exactly what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle shot because he was under attack by violent rioters, who were burning businesses and beating people who did not submit to their rants and demands. This video is raw and allows you to see what happened, the chaos and confusion.

Click the “enlarge screen” icon in the bottom right hand of the video.  We see Kyle running down the street, looking back over this shoulder as shots are being fired behind him.  A man in a white shirt comes up from behind him, slugging him in the head. You can also see the “bicycle boys.” But more on them further down.

At about .22 seconds, Rittenhouse falls.  It appears one man attempts to kick Kyle, while another swoops in and tries to take Kyle’s gun from him after hitting Rittenhouse with his skateboard. As the gun is strapped, he cannot pull the gun away.

Instead, Rittenhouse, with admirable control, shoots another man, who appears to be holding a pistol, in the arm.  That individual, Gaige Grosskreutz was in Kenosha with the social justice group The People’s Revolution.

Now watch this NBC News video.

The narrator describes the order of events and the video includes still shots showing what precipitated the shootings.


We then see Rittenhouse, hands up, attempting to get assistance from the police.

We can debate whether Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old kid, should have been there in the first place. Everyone was breaking the curfew laws.  No one should have been there.  But it does appear Rittenhouse was being pursued by violent agitators.  That the first man shot while Rittenhouse was on the ground, tried to take his gun.  That Grosskreutz, who is carrying a pistol, was rushing Rittenhouse.

But Rittenhouse was identified, isolated, and physically attacked by the anarchists in keeping with their modus operandi.

The criminal elements among the rioters did exactly what they were trained to do.

First, they intimidated him, then they isolated him, and finally, they attacked him. This young man, who had no training to prepare for this type of situation, reacted out of fear for his life. As he was armed with a weapon, Rittenhouse did the only thing that he thought he could to save himself, used the weapon that he possessed against the angry mob attacking him.

Just as Fields did in Charlottesville with a car.

Unlike Fields, Rittenhouse does not have a social media history of right-wing zealotry. Which is no problem to the fake news media, they will simply make that up as they go. They did not learn a lesson doing the same thing to Nick Sandman and the rest of the Covington kids when they were attacked by two different left-wing zealot groups.

For the reality is that all that is necessary is a red MAGA hat to be called right-wing extremists by the radical press.

Rittenhouse was under attack, isolated and in fear for his life as an angry, violent mob encircled him.

The only thing this young man could think of was saving his life. He shot his first antagonist and ran for safety. He was surrounded again, and attacked by several agitators at once, one even pulling his gun out of his hands.

Lucky for Kyle, he had it attached to him with a sling and was able to regain control of the rifle. As the attack continued, he shot to save himself, only to be attacked again on two sides. Firing once again he drove off his attackers and ran directly to police, who ignored him as they concentrated on the unruly mob in front of them.

Police saw the real threat, and it wasn’t Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a victim of Antifa, a nationwide organization. Which leads to another falsehood often repeated. That Antifa is a loose group of like-minded people, but not a national organization. But Kenosha dispels that notion.

There are clues proving the organization surrounding the coordinated attack on Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As you look at the anarchists’, the point people confronting police and citizens, look harder. In the background you see people on bicycles circling the area under attack. Look at any video from Portland to the attack on Senator Rand Paul last night.  They are always there on the periphery, circling, seemingly only observers.

Ever wonder about them?

They are like army sergeants, who are directing the individual soldiers.

Portland, Oregon under siege: Whither Goest, Portlandia?

Watch them and not the other activities and you will see them going to a central figure, usually surrounded by several others, then the bicyclist returns to the crowd. There he will say something, and the crowd of soldiers moves in a direction. He circles, watching the action, going back to the man in the middle of the anarchy.

That man is the lieutenant, who directs the movements of the soldiers through the bicycle boys. The lieutenant moves the anarchists toward a position or person, through bicycle boys. The movements are coordinate by a captain somewhere else on the field, but far enough away to have a clearer view of the overall attack.

Bicycle boy may go from the lieutenant to the captain from time to time, but communications are usually conducted by portable radio or cell phone between the lieutenant and captain throughout the night.

The Anarchists Generals

That communications link continues upward, through a chain of command, to a battlefield commander who is not in the area of the riots. Rather somewhere else where he/she will never be located by authorities.

This general is the person who chose this place of disruption, prepositions bricks, frozen water bottles, fireworks, umbrellas, and Molotov cocktails to be used throughout the night. He provides resupply as necessary.

This level of command and control is not a populist group of unconnected, untrained people of like politics, as repeated by every Antifa supporter and the liberal media.  It is rather a sophisticated organization of trained guerrilla fighters who have the ultimate goal of destroying America from within.

This is why President Trump declared Antifa a terrorist organization.

Watching videos, and there are many, one might have a hard time seeing the command and control happening, but don’t watch the unfolding events, rather look carefully at the bicycle boys and follow their movements.

It is enlightening. Then spot the person they report to nearby, eventually, you should be able to spot the captain further away.

Antifa hides in plain sight, trying very hard to conceal their true identity, but watch closely. You will see that this is not a populist uprising against racism, rather organized warfare against America. Their real goals are to turn America from a capitalist country, into a socialist one.

Democrat despair has America in the crosshairs of violently ill extremists

The shooting in Kenosha opens our eyes to what is coming to a mid-sized city near all of us.

The resistance has just morphed into a rebellion. It won’t end until it is stopped. The only thing that will stop it, is the defeat of Donald Trump in November.  Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Arianne Pressley, Rshaid Tlaib – all-Democrat congressional leaders – have called for the ongoing violence.

They are now attempting to change the narrative that the violence in Democrat cities – Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and now Kenosha, Wi., a small bedroom community, is somehow organized by Donald Trump.

They are organized, ready, and already in the fight; while our side continues to debate who we are fighting.

The only hope we have of defeating this insurrection is a total victory for President Trump in November. He stands strong for law and order and bringing this nation together once again. While Biden and Democrats want to tear apart this nation. It is only 65 days until we vote for our future, will it be more Kenosha’s, or freedom from fear?

It is up to us.


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About the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer,  has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.