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Kirsten Gillibrand and ‘Democracy Dollars’ – Taxpayer Funded Political Campaigns

Written By | May 10, 2019
Democracy Dollars, Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrats

WASHINGTON: Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has come up with a new political campaign fundraising method. Eligible voters would receive up to $600 in what Gillibrand calls “Democracy Dollars” for major elections — $200 each for House, Senate and the presidential election. (‘Democracy Dollars’: Gillibrand’s plan to give every voter $600 to donate to campaigns)

There’s a catch, of course. The money would have to then be given back as “campaign donations” ostensibly for the voter’s favorite candidates.

Joe Biden: aka, Gropin’ Joe, the Wheeler Dealer Feeler Candidate

Let’s start with the phrase “eligible voters”. How would you determine a voter’s eligibility? Surely they wouldn’t allow any form of ID to be used here, that’s unacceptable in Democratic circles.

Perhaps one could just declare, “I’m an eligible voter… where’s my 600 dollars?”

It could be a way to boost voter registration, that is until people realize they, the voters, won’t get the cash.

The Adam Schiff Horror Show – Courtesy of MSNBC and CNN

Voters earn credits that represent the money. Those credits to be given to a candidate of their choosing.

Pretty slick, huh? A way to give without actually giving.

Bottom line, the Federal government would be subsidizing the candidates. And where does the government get the money? Say it with me folks… from the taxpayers!

What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

Democracy Dollars, Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrats

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