KERNS: The Bundy Ranch beef is not over cattle, but Government control

Images from the Bundy Ranch standoff
Images from the Bundy Ranch standoff

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2014 – A standoff raged out West this week between Federal agents and a self-described “stubborn old man” with 1,000 cows. Not all the legal issues are clear, but one thing is certain: This showdown had very little to do with head of cattle and everything to do with heads of state.

Seizing land for federal gain dates back at least to the late 1970’s and President Jimmy Carter. Under the Carter Administration, the Tennessee River Valley Authority was forced to shut down billions of dollars in projects in order to save the snail darter, a tiny fish the size of a large paperclip.

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In the late 1980s, the forestry industry in the Pacific Northwest was nearly bankrupted in order to save the spotted owl. (The spotted owl has passed into legend as a snarky conservative slogan, but there really was a campaign to save it.)

A recent case is in California, where the Federal government has intervened to shut down the water supply to California’s farming community in order to save a 4-inch minnow in Northern California.

Locals in the Central Valley of California say that this is about government control: control of farmlands, control of the food supply, control of workers, and perhaps even a form of retaliation against Republican voters.

The more rural part of California has long been home to one-fifth of the State’s Republican voting base. What better way to wreak havoc in the lives of citizens than to take away their water, their livelihoods, and their food supply so that they have to move somewhere else, perhaps even out of state?

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I believe Democrats have long been in cahoots with their allies in the environmental lobby to seize lands that don’t belong to them as a way to control opposing groups.

The clash of powers in Nevada this week came as the federal government claimed the authority to seize property in order to protect a rare desert tortoise. Cliven Bundy, the owner of the ranch, claims that his family’s ownership of the land pre-dates the establishment of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and therefore is exempt from the laws enacted in 1993 that the Feds claim he is breaking.

While it has been widely reported that Bundy failed to pay grazing fees (taxes in order to utilize the land), that is not entirely true. Bundy said in numerous interviews yesterday that he’s abiding by the State of Nevada’s laws, and that he’s happy to pay fees directly to Clark County, which he believes has appropriate jurisdiction, not the Feds.

Whichever side is right, we have seen a scenario play out that will play out again and again for the foreseeable future. As the federal government in Washington continues to grow and overreach for more and more power — as the NSA leans in to listen a little more closely, as the IRS continues to place their foot on the neck of democracy — you will see more and more of these battles wage, and more American citizens rebel.

We saw this in Colorado last fall with the Colorado recalls — an all-out gun battle over the government’s attempt to erode Second Amendment rights. We are seeing this scene repeat in states like New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, where Second Amendment rights are being trampled, and the people are beginning to entertain the idea of similar recall efforts.

Americans hate the thought of government control of their lives. This country was founded upon notions of individual liberty, which means respect for free will. It is written in our DNA as much as in our founding documents. It rings clearly in the Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights.

We hate the idea of nameless bureaucrats at the BLM sending agents armed to the teeth with rifles, pepper spray, assault vehicles and the authority to seize property at the drop of a cowboy hat. We hate it as much as we hate the idea of bureaucrats like Lois Lerner picking and choosing which political organizations get to operate during critical election years.

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That’s what we witnessed at the showdown in Nevada today. David vs. Goliath. Mom and Pop vs. Uncle Sam. The real beef here was not over cattle; it was over government control. And Americans fought back. The Tea Party Network reports that the BLM has been ordered to take their pepper gas, riot shields, and AR-15s and stand down, even as neighbors and supporters of Bundy have gone out to take his cattle back from government control.

With a Federal government growing ever more out of control, what we are seeing is just the beginning, not the end, of resistance and the winds of rebellion.

Cliven Bundy declared yesterday that this wasn’t simply about him; it’s about freedom and liberty for all of us. He said he was willing to die for it. Are you?

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Jennifer Kerns
Jennifer Kerns is a writer/journalist and a GOP Media Strategist in the Western States region. She has served as Spokeswoman for the first-ever Colorado Recall elections, defeating the Democratic National Committee and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors against Illegal Guns (MAIG) PAC in a battleground state. She previously served as Spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, a political appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Spokeswoman for the historic Prop. 8 campaign. An aggressive communicator, she strongly advocates that conservatives work proactively with the Media, and she is the only Republican Press Secretary to have ever won 52 unanimous newspaper endorsements for her candidates including liberal publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, and the Spanish-language La Opinion.
  • There needs to be a serious criminal investigation into Harry Reid and his connection with a Chinese Energy firm that wanted to take the land for their own profit.

    • StopThisMadness

      You got that right….and here’s another interesting tidbit:

      April 9, 2014 4:45 AM

      Nevadan Named BLM Chief

      CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — A natural resource manager who grew up in Elko has been named director of the Bureau of Land Management.

      “Kornze was raised in Elko and is a former senior adviser to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He joined the BLM in 2011 and has been leading the agency as principal deputy director for the past year”

      • Irate diver02

        Oh wow, I see no connection here……move along, move along….

  • Bren Pool Vignaroli

    EXCELLENT POST, I am Breitbart!!

  • icy69hot

    GOD BLESS all who stood up for our Freedoms and to fight against Communist Control which is what this has become with the Feds controlling over 80% of the State of Nevada as well as vast parts of other states. With their taking ownership where does that leave our elected state govt personnel?

  • Chauncey Freeman

    Beware the democrat/military complex.

  • CarolinaSistah

    Who ordered the ‘stand down’? Does anyone know?

    • pinkelephant22

      Well, it’s sure coincidental that the BLM retreated after Harry Reid’s connection was made public.

    • Lisa

      I think it was the Sherif, who Mr. Bundy said had more authority over the land than the Feds.

      • the Local Sheriff always has the Legal authority against all others.

        • Lisa

          I understand that, I was just repeating what I Clive Bundy said. 🙂

      • CarolinaSistah

        I would think that ‘authority’ held by a sheriff is in reference to controlling violence or the potential for such (which was present in this situation). I’m just thankful someone stepped up and asserted some common sense.

  • Hoot Jacobs

    EXCELLENT, I Am Breitbart. May I have your permission to use that?

    • I Am Breitbart

      I would love to take credit…please see my edit!

  • Wilecoyote

    This is about Congress writing bills they dont understand or give a flying f*** and let bureaucrats define or make up regulations as it went along (FTC – the case against Kevin Trudeau – wrote and sold 800K books on weight loss, 67 people complained, jailed for 10 years) and there are numerous others.. Time for people to wake up and take back America

  • Thank God for men like Cliven Bundy and those who made the trip to help.

  • Kachina Lively

    AMERICANS call for the Arrest of all agents and agency’s responsible for the invasion on Cliven Bundy’s ranch! This includes all Bankers, Gas/Oil Executives and Harry Reid!

  • Sandy

    The American people taking a stand against the government is what it is going to take to stop the invasion of our rights by this administration. If we don’t start winning small battles, like this, it is going to take an all out armed revolution to stop this insanity. THIS IS AMERICA! WE MUST NOT LET IT, OR OUR WAY OF LIFE, BE DESTROYED BY THE MINORITY OF PEOPLE!!

  • John Beck

    Why am I seeing Harry Reid’s name only in the Comments section and not in the article?

  • Steven Wedig

    Bravo sir!!!

  • Daniel Clouser

    Very well said! A wonderful prayer, and an oath worth taking! May God’s face forever shine on the Republic that we call the United States

  • Tim Irving

    Yes, Jennifer I am, I was ready, when I enlisted so many years ago. Then it was supposed to be about freedom for all the citizens, from the spread of Communism. Our government lied then and intentionally or not, has every time since. When our young men and women have been sent in harms way at any time since the Second W W it’s never for the reasons the Politicians sell it with..
    Usually it has to do with energy in the form of oil, control of the country that has it or the folks that run that country. When that’s not possible, controlling the paths to move it or the means of moving it will do. The war machine gorges at the trough and uses it’s considerable influence to continue the conflicts for as long as possible. Meanwhile our elected officials use the distractions to find more ways to work their own scams. Pork or some other sweetheart deal that fills their pockets. The Tea Party is not feared because it’s divisive but because it upsets so many carefully crafted “deals” . Sudden loss of a seat that is considered to be nearly a lifetime permit to skin the citizens upsets more than the plans of that office holder… So although I am willing to give my life for this country I need to KNOW who my enemy is and that I have some chance of winning the battle. At the moment the government seems to be the foe. I would really rather fix than replace the government for the sake of stability. Do we have a chance of replacing enough of our elected officials with true PUBLIC servants and will they be able to change the course we are on ?? I feel that we are already too far down this road to ruin to find a way back but I pray that it’s not so..

  • AirForceMed

    The Bundy Ranch is just the beginning of the turning of the tide for the American people!

  • NYCMom

    Thumbs Up! I’m all in! ….it’s about time we take this nation back! HS may have stockpiles of ammo….(6 bullets for each man woman and child in this country right now) but we have a WHOLE lot more citizens than they have cops and military…if push comes to shove…we have the numbers on our side.

    • Taum

      The private citizens that would stand and fight probably outgun the enemy. They may have armored vehicles and such but there are ways of stopping them. The people that make the vehicles and parts will be part of the problem if the day comes that there is a firefight type confrontation that lasts any amount of time.

  • Jeremiah B

    Maybe a solar power plant is what Nevada needs.. Just a little bit more than cattle.

  • Seaven Cadoche


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