Kansas City JCC tragedies: Murder and Steve Israel’s blood libel

Screen Shot - Kansas City shooting
Screen Shot - Kansas City shooting

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2014 — On the day before Jews prepared to begin their sacred holiday of Passover, a pair of horrible events cast a pall over the Jewish community.  

The Kansas Jewish Community Center became a tragic scene when a gunman opened fire. The gunman’s rampage also took him to the nearby retirement community of Village Shalom. The word “shalom” in Hebrew has three meanings. It translates to “hello,” “goodbye,” and “peace.”

Now three innocent Americans were forced to say goodbye to the world. For their families, there will be no more peace.

Hours before the shooting took place, another hateful individual was engaging in another act of hate. This earlier event, while not resulting in any deaths, still deserves notice.

New York Congressman Steve Israel, who also heads a House committee to elect Democrats, publicly accused Republicans of racism for not moving swiftly on immigration reform.

Rep. Steve Israel’s comments mirror House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi who similarly blamed racial issues for the GOP’s failure to act on comprehensive immigration legislation. Asked about Pelosi’s comments, Israel agrees.

“To a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism. And that’s unfortunate,” said Israel. (AP)

Racism is a serious charge. It is at the core of what a deranged madman does when he chooses to murder innocents because of their lineage.

Israel’s comments are far less serious than a gunman spilling blood, but his remarks are not “nothing.” His words matter, and he should know better, especially during the Passover season.

Passover is the story of Jews escaping the bonds of Egypt. Forced to do hard labor, Jews fled their oppressors and successfully achieved freedom. The entire reason for the oppression was due to a phenomenon that is sadly all too common.

The Jews were different. The Egyptians inflicted physical and emotional harm on them solely due to their being Jews.

Anti-Semitism would eventually lead to the worst evil the world has ever known, the Holocaust. Six million Jews were murdered merely for being Jews.

While this act of evil in Kansas could be a random act, the initial evidence would point toward Jew-hatred. The suspect in custody is already being charged with a hate crime.

Many groups have experienced discrimination all over the world. In America, the Irish and the Italians were subjected to bigotry. Blacks were victims of slavery. Gays, women and other groups have fought for their own rights. No group has suffered as unimaginable horror as what was done to the Jews of the Holocaust.

For this reason, it is especially heartbreaking when a man belonging to the most bullied and victimized group in the history of civilization becomes a bullying oppressor himself.

There is no worse epithet that a bigot can toss at another person than a racial or ethnic slur. There is no worse blood libel that can be spread than somebody bearing false witness in accusing another of racism or bigotry.

Steve Israel did not kill anybody, but he did do harm with his remarks.

It is Israel and his fellow liberals who have long argued that cruel words lead to violent actions. Whenever a murder takes place, liberals in high profile jobs in government and media reflexively blame Fox News, talk radio, conservative politicians, and tea party attendees.

Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and others wanting lower taxes are seen as fomenting “hate speech.”

More often than not, the killer turns out to be an apolitical mentally deranged individual or a leftist. The story is then dropped for not following the “conservatives are murderers” script.

Like many liberals, Israel is guilty of projection. Rather than have an honest discussion about an emotionally charged issue, Israel chooses to take half the country and demonize them. Wanting to secure the American borders North and South is a national security issue, but it is much easier to demagogue Republicans as hating brown-skinned individuals.

This is destructive. It is dehumanizing, and stripping away an entire group’s humanity is the first step toward eliminating them altogether.

Steve Israel is not going to go on a shooting rampage. He is not going to murder Republicans. However, his words do stoke anger and resentment, pitting one group of people straight at another group.

If an illegal immigrant were to target Republicans tomorrow, would Steve Israel feel an ounce of guilt?

Hating any group of people is wrong. Accusing an entire group of people of hatred without any proof is also wrong.

Three people in Kansas are dead because one man chose to spread hatred in the worst possible way.

When Steve Israel sits down at his own Passover Seder, he may wish to remember that he holds a position of significant power and influence. With that comes responsibility.

After all, if Steve Israel were to God forbid be harmed, those conservative Republicans he castigates would be the first people to try and save him. They would practice love thy neighbor, even when that love is not always earned.

The world would be better off if we all prayed more, loved more, and stopped demonizing people just for being different from us. Racial and ethnic bigotry are poison. So is ideological bigotry.

Never again.

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  • not

    Golub is apparently a little scrambled in his thinking … his anologies might also need a little updating as it is arguable that the living Hell the State of Israel has put the Palestinians through in the last decades may be even worse than The Holocaust, to-wit: its creation of the largest quasi-concentration camps in human history, I.e., Gaza and the West Bank.

    • MV

      Nice ignorance of history. Gaza & the West Bank are controlled by the Arab/”Palastinians” – and they have indeed created a hell on earth – while Muslim Arabs who live in the state of Israel have a much better life and have more rights than the typical “Palastinian” in the West Bank or Gaza. Those areas are ruled by murderous thugs who refuse to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist. And anti-semetic haters such as “not” are part of the problem.

      • not

        Cannot face the true facts on the ground, eh? So, toss in the old worn out “anti-Semitic” dodge. Got some news for you ..
        all true Arabs are Semitic too, and for that matter ALL native born Israelis are Arab too, in that Israel is geologically part of the Arab Peninsula/Plate. As for who be the thugs, I suggest you take a very hard look at the current right wing national socialists running the government of Israel.

        As for the article, the author should get a good dictionary and look up the words “liberal” and “conservative” and maybe “tolerant” … perhaps he might then understand that racism is a part of the ultra right sick conservative fringe, like national socialists, KKK and anti-Semitic (people of Southwestern Asia), and as Steve Israel pointed out some far right members of the GOP.

        • Wow, you accuse others of distortions and in the same breath make quite a few yourself.
          First, if your claim that all “true Arabs” are Semitic carries any weight it would weigh in best at a Mosque. What say you ?
          Palestinians are a mishmash of rejects from surrounding Arab states. In Gaza, the West Bank, you will not find any such thing as a “Palestinian”.
          They simply swarmed in right after WW2 to try and take advantage of more Jews being rounded up in one place than ever before.
          As did the surrounding Arab nations who reneged on the Balford Accord and UN creation of Israel, returning them a piece of their home which is very well documented in many many historical sources.
          Also, “Right Wing National Socialists” ?
          So, what you’re saying is that todays governing body in Israel is identical to the Nazi Party ?
          Seriously ?
          You’re so far off the mark you barely make sense.
          Tell me about the last time a Palestinian (Hamas) took an injured Israeli soldier to the hospital ?
          Whens the last time an Israeli flew a jet into a building killing 3000 world citizens ?
          Whens the last time an Israeli blew up a school, mutilated a girls genitals, beat her and deformed for going school, cut off a family members head for dishonoring them ?
          Or gassed hundreds of thousands of their own people ?
          Or burnt a church ?
          Or or killed a Christian out of religious bigotry ?
          Also, please dont dress yourself up as some beacon of tolerance by asking anyone to look it up in a dictionary while you’ve made it abundantly clear you’re only tolerant of the misguided nonsense you spew.

          In finishing…

          For your information, the Klan was born of Democrats.
          Matter of fact, the last few diehards and an ex-Grand Wizard were in our Leftist Congress up til just a few years ago.
          Since the original settlers landed here, before the first thirteen states, it has been the pagans/democrats who thrived on some aspect of race be it slavery or 200+ years of victimization/reparations/enabling and keeping race on the plantation right up til 2014.
          Ironically, the first people to make slaves out of their own were Black Africans, who then sold em to the ole SouthernDixiecratgoodoleboys.

      • Anthony Davis

        So why do jews live in Christian nations then and acknowledge our right to exist as Christian nations? Get out of our natios, stick to your own. But you won’t do that because you are hypocrites.

        • You’re not making sense.
          Whats wrong with Israelis/Jews living in Christian nations and acknowledging their right to exist as such ?
          Are you so narrow that we can never travel and must always leave our faiths at our borders ?
          Israel is host to many different religions.
          So I really have no idea who you’re calling hypocrite.

      • Jeanne DeSilver

        The refusal of Arab states to address the conditions of the Palestian refugees is a calculated Arab policy, intended to keep the Palestinians in a state of desperation in order to incite more hatred for the Jews.

    • blacktygrrrr

      There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are as fictional as unicorns. The Arabs in Gaza are Egyptians. The Arabs in the West Bank are Jordanian.

      Since Israel invented the technology allowing you to use your keyboard, you must stop typing immediately before your fingers get infected with the blood of Jews.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • not

        As fictional as Israelis before 1947 … when the UN and British partitioned Palestine into 3 future states, I.e., Israel, occupied Palestine and occupied Jerusalem … don’t you think?

        As for your joke about Israel claiming to be another Al Gore … I like your funny. Making up more facts on the ground … about as legitimate as the author of the article trying to tie Steve Israel’s comment, which is valid as there is racism motivating some (not all) of the GOP, to the JCC tragedy, blood libel, etc. Simply twisted propaganda from the paranoid mind of another ignorant soul.

        Now have fun playing on the Web portion of the US invented Internet with that technology from the US, Europe and Eastern Asia that you claim was invented in Israel … ROFLMAO.

        • blacktygrrrr


      • Anthony Davis

        There is also no such thing as an Israel. It’s a fake, made up country. There was no such nation in history – it was a term used to describe wanderers who pretty much freeloaded in others’ nations. And since Arabs were at the forefront of math and science discoveries, you should stop using science altogether lest your fingers get infected with the blood of Arabs. We know how racist your nation is.

        • blacktygrrrr


  • MV

    Steve Israel is a member of the Democrat party – a virulent racist organization that has roots going back to slavery, KKK, etc. They have never really changed from the past – and still seek to enslave blacks (through government programs instead of slavery), and they support infanticide (abortion), and Marxist policies. And the Democrat party relies on compliant Jews like Steve Israel – the same way that some Jews were willing to assist the evil Nazis in running their death camps. [Look up the definition of “sonderkommando”…and maybe modern versions will have a picture of Steve Israel next to it for the 21st Century version of that type person.]

  • dee cee

    Hmm, kinda disagree with Mr. Golub with some aspects. Congressperson Israel should be ashamed of his irresponsible words of course, but a blood libel? I don’t know, don’t think it gets to that point. As for some comments here that Israel(the country surrounded by other countries who want it gone) has recreated, “arguably”, a holocaust like environment for “palestinians”, that is just plain flat out crap……Either no clue about the holocaust or believes everything he hears from the left about conditions for “palestinians”, or perhaps both. And besides, hardships “palestinians” face are there own fault: what country in their right mind wouldn’t do what Israel has to do to protect their citizens?

    • Anthony Davis

      And the hardships Jews supposedly face anywhere else is also their own doing. Remember that.

  • Anthony Davis

    You do realize that the Jews never were in Egypt, right? No archaeological evidence exists for the whole Jews as slaves in Egypt story. Falsifying history or trying to paint biblical myths as reality does no one any good. your story would have had more credibility without trying to bring in mythology. One that equates to a blood libel, might I ad – accusing Egypt of doing things they did not (slavery).