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Kaepernick, Nike, Democrats: Spitting on America and the 4th of July

Written By | Jul 3, 2019
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WASHINGTON, DC:  Nike has pulled its Betsy Ross American Flag shoe from the shelves. Why? NFL has-been Colin Kaepernick’s complained that the Betsy Ross flag was a symbol of white supremacy.  Nike said they didn’t want to potentially “offend” anybody. Surprise to Nike. They are offending a significant portion of the American public

But spitting on America, and her freedom has become a way of life in 2019.  Not only for Nike and Kaepernick but also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and soccer’s Rapino as well.

Democrats attack America and the 4th of July

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lies about America and Americans. She regularly calls border detention centers ‘concentration camps”.  AOC offends the rule of law and the legacy of the Holocaust by trying to portray America as some sort of Nazi police state. Shamelessly lying about women being forced to drink from toilets.  All while voting against providing funds to help the very people she is screaming about.

Only times are changing.  American’s are standing up to demand the truth.  And AOC is getting some serious push-back to her statements.

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, a Hispanic pastor who had advised Presidents Trump, Obama, and George W. Bush on immigration reform, saying:

“I read the reports, saw the news clips. I just wanted to see what was actually happening in order to better enable our efforts to find a fair and a just solution to our broken immigration system…”
“To my surprise, I saw something drastically different from the stories I’ve been hearing in our national discourse. Even as a veteran of immigration advocacy in the U.S., I was shocked at the misinformation of the crisis at the border…”
“We found no soiled diapers, no deplorable conditions and no lack of basic necessities…”


Democrat homeless disaster killing San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Seattle (Shocking Videos)

Democrats, Presidential candidates and left wing congressional rank and file, are complaining about the 4th of July ceremony on the Mall. How dare the President have tanks and military equipment on display.  For using the Fourth of July celebration to remember the sacrifices of America’s warriors, but also the power of our military dominance. However, this is not unique to President Trump.

Recognizing our military strength, both in the Armed Forces personnel that serve and the tanks and planes that support them is appropriate.

Kaepernick and Nike: Hating America

Does Kaepernick or Nike even know what the 4th of July is all about? How can you celebrate the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War without acknowledging the 13 colonies struggle against the greatest power on the Earth at that time?

It is anti-historical while being quasi-hysterical.  It simply makes no sense.

Begging the question of when did Colin Kaepernick become the arbiter of what is patriotic and decent in America? I cannot think of a more divisive figure. First, he is the poster boy for disrespecting our flag, our veterans, and the National Anthem. He single-handedly turns every single sporting event into a symbol of what he decides is wrong with America. Leading us to World Cup women’s soccer.

USA Women’s soccer and Megan Rapinoe: Hating America

His legacy continues with the antics of the ‘star’ and team captain of the USA women’s soccer Megan Rapinoe, Rapinoe was told she must stand for the National Anthem. But she refuses.

She is representing America on the world stage and yet she disrespects our country by figuratively spitting on our national anthem. And the flag. And the country it stands for.

Why? Because she hates Donald Trump. Rapinoe should be off the team. And though it may trigger her, she needs to know it is not about her or her feelings.  In playing on the World Stage as one of America’s teams, she is representing America. She is representing all of us.

Hillary’s People’s Republic of California Jungle Primary Voter Suppression

She has single-handedly insulted her country and damaged her sport with her incendiary comments that she would not attend a White House ceremony if her team wins the World Cup. Now no one cares if her team wins. She has ruined any sense of national pride that would come from their success.

Like Kaepernick, her anti-American message resonates too clearly to be distorted.

Those hating America, like Rapinoe, do not represent me or my country. Neither does Kaepernick. No wonder the ratings for women’s soccer are in the toilet. Little wonder there is no interest or pride in their victories for America. Rapinoe is out for herself. Kaepernick is out for himself. They don’t give a damn about America. That much is obvious.

Nike coddles China, attacks America

Nike is a brutal multinational company that coddles authoritarian regimes and has obviously chosen an anti- American strategy in their marketing. 70% of Nike sales are overseas. They clearly think they can cater to “inner city” attitudes, prop up Kaepernicks’ race hatred toward this country, and insult the history of the United States.

Nike was previously criticized for using child labor in sweatshop conditions to produce their shoes. (‘We Blew It’: Nike Admits to Mistakes Over Child Labor)

Nike recently canceled a shoe design at the request of China because it was developed by a pro-democracy activist. They have smeared the reputation of Betsy Ross, the colonial flag of the 13 colonies, and the United States, and they don’t care.  Many believe the shoe and Kaepernick’s response was a well-planned marketing ploy. (Nike’s brand is beholden to the moral authority of Colin Kaepernick, who now has a weird amount of responsibility for a spokesperson)

Betsy Ross was an American patriot and hero

Betsy Ross was an independent woman and a seamstress with her own business. Whether she actually designed that first flag, or even knew General Washington, is debated.

Other than the say-so of her distant relatives, there is no evidence supporting Ross’ design and creation of the first American flag. However, much circumstantial evidence against her role includes no records of a flag design committee, no evidence that George Washington even knew who Betsy Ross was, and no mention in letters or diaries that have surfaced from the period. Betsy Ross was paid a significant sum by the Pennsylvania State Navy Board to make flags, but there’s no details about what those flags were. – The Betsy Ross Flag: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About This American Icon

Regardless of who designed and sewed the first American flag, it represents the 13 original colonies and the birth of freedom for a new independent Republic. A new form of government based on the principles of freedom and self-determination.

The flag, then and now, is not a symbol of oppression or slavery. It represents the birth of America. Every added star representing a new state in our union.  The red and white stripes representing paying homage to the original thirteen colonies.

The Betsy Ross flag represents the birth of freedom in America. A small band of colonies fighting off the yoke of oppression against the greatest power on earth. How does that represent white supremacy? Why does Colin Kaepernick and Nike get to tell us which symbols of our past are offensive and which are not?

Is the flag of our founding fathers offensive because they say so?

Of course not.

Nike and Kaepernick: A deliberately offensive and cynical marketing stunt.

What Nike and Kaepernick are doing is highly offensive. Intentionally insulting to the United States. Timed for maximum media exposure just days before the 4th of July. A calculated stunt, designed to enrage Americans. Well, it worked. America is truly enraged and disgusted. And deeply offended.

Nike and Kaepernick don’t care. Mission accomplished. The image of the USA is smeared around the globe, and Nike gets a massive amount of free advertising. The Betsy Ross flag shoes, those that made it to the stores, are now selling for $2,500 a pair. (Nike Flag Shoes Selling for $2,500 on Secondary Market StockX) How much do you want to bet Kaepernick has at least one pair?


What happened to American Patriotism

I’m old enough to remember Armed Forces Day. Especially overseas, while growing up on military bases around the world. On Armed Forces Day you got to see the tanks on an Army base, board ships on a Naval Base, and see fighter jets up close on Air Force bases.

It was a celebration of national pride and the men, and women, who fight to keep our nation free.

Durham probing Bond villains in the Obama White House

Well maybe not according to Democrats, Nike, Kaepernick, AOC, or Rappinoe. Nike’s stunt has gotten them the publicity they wanted. It has also irrevocably branded them as anti-American. Just another multinational conglomerate that cares more about its marketing and sales than the country that made it possible to exist.

If it has to insult America on the 4th of July to make grater marketing point around the world then so be it. That they used Kaepernick as their foil to explain their reasoning just makes it all the more insulting.

Nike clearly sees its sales around the world and its relations with China to be a more important consideration. Fine. I haven’t used a Nike product in years, and I certainly never will again. T

hey have probably figured that into the equation.

Kaepernick and Nike: Ungrateful hypocrites

As for Kaepernick, he is the most ungrateful $100 million dollar Americans I know of. If he is so concerned with black America you would think he might acknowledge the extent to which Donald Trump has done more for black Americans in two years than Barack Obama did in eight.

Democrats, like AOC, who object to the 4th of July celebration while they call our border detention facilities concentration camps show exactly what kind of Americans they really are.  They hate our country. Hate our President. They are destroying our society with hatred and lies.

It is all ridiculous and dangerously offensive.

Building a better America without Nike and Kaepernick et al.

Our progress toward a better society that embraces our values has been steady, hard-fought, and not without controversy. Emancipation for slaves. Equality and voting rights for blacks and women. The creation of a great society. The blessings of the nation we know today. All growth milestones for this young nation.

America isn’t perfect, but it is far more perfect than it has ever been.

It has always been a beacon for the development of the better angels of mankind. Americans are sick of Nike, and Colin Kaepernick and radical members of the Democrat party spitting on America. Spitting on the 4th of July. Desecrating our heritage. Lying about our history.

For one day, for the 4th of July, can’t we all just be Americans. Just for one day.


Rick Johnson