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Jussie Smollett may not be a victim, but America is

Written By | Feb 18, 2019
Jussie Smollett, MAGA, Attack, Chicago, Liberal Lies

Jussie Smollett on GMA – Screen Shot

WASHINGTON: Identity politics is killing America.  And Democrats are wielding the instrument of our destruction.  Jussie Smollett an actor on the show Empire, claimed that while walking Chicago’s streets in the early hours of the morning, he was attacked. He claims he was doused with bleach and had a noose tied around his neck.  And that his attackers called Chicago “MAGA Country.”

That statement should have given any thinking person reason to pause.  Of all the places that are not MAGA country, Chicago is one.

That aside.

Socialist Democrats tearing apart the very fabric of what makes America great

It was the perfect crime to vilify the conservative right. It melded race, homophobia, and politics into a quick docu-drama style story. Perfect for a liberal son of Hollywood.

Chicago Police may no longer consider actor Jussie Smollett a victim. However, there is a victim in this latest theater of ideology.  It’s us.  All of us.  Our way of life. Constitution. Our ability to see and believe in the truths that are put before us.

And it harms young liberals eagerly drinking the kool-aid of ideological diversity being distributed by the Democrat party.

For the Socialist Democrat ideologues like Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Corey Booker (D-NJ) this was the perfect crime to enrage social politics.  A young, attractive, gay black man being attacked by two men wearing hoods and MAGA hats.  He claims to have been doused with bleach to lighten his skin and a “noose” was placed around his neck.

The perfect crime to show that radical right-wing extremists were attacking the good Socialist Democrats among them.

Some obvious issues in Smollett’s story:

As previously stated this is Chicago, a liberal stronghold for, well, forever.
If you ask a Socialist Democrat, no black would align with Donald Trump.  Those that do are paid, coerced or looking for a spotlight. The truth is President Trump has a large, growing following among the African-American and black communities.
Smollett did not immediately report the crime or use the cell phone in his pocket to call the police, claiming embarrassment. None of the Hollywood ilk would bypass the chance to be dramatically on-camera as the police respond to his cries for help.

Proof of our national hysteria over President Trump

Within moments of President Trump’s election, liberals began experiencing a national hysteria. A mental meltdown that started with those that believed that Hillary Clinton had some right to the Presidency.

National hysteria has crept into our political bodies and our cities.

Early Anti-Trump cheerleaders like Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren immediately began crying for the President’s impeachment and the harassment of conservatives and members of the Trump Administration. Water’s encouraged violence and in-your-face activism to disrupt not the political lives, but the personal lives, of conservatives and conservative politicians.

The FBI and DOJ, with help from the Clinton Cabal, Republican John McCain, GPS-Fusion and Christopher Steele, became weaponized in their attacks against conservatives and the President.  Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is turning into the cotter pin of the coup détat against the President.  That formal actions, starting with the Russia dossier and false allegations against the president, has led to a multi-year national investigation.  Or a nightmare.

Either way, the actions of the weaponized justice system have nothing to do with justice as much as revenge.  Revenge against the man who finally shut Hillary Clinton down.

Senate Intelligence Commission finds no Russian Collusion and neither will Robert Mueller

The Senate Intelligence Committee is ending its multi-year investigation into possible meddling by the Russian’s in the 2016 election. Democrats and Republicans on the committee say they have found no evidence to connect the Trump campaign in a conspiracy with Russia.

Unfortunately, the hysteria surrounding President Trump has led to the harassment and indictment of General Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort.  At this time Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi are both under investigation.  To the weaponized end of the Justice System and the never Trump deep-state cabal, the destruction of Americans is but collateral damage.

Remembering Liberal Lies about Benghazi

Like when Clinton and Obama let four Americans Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs were left to die in the 2012 Benghazi attack. Clinton attempting to cover-up CIA activities and the results of her actions in Libya felt they were but collateral damage.  Because their activities were illegal, immoral and caused the death of four Patriots.

Further damaging the Benghazi Four’s sacrifices by claiming a “video” created the outrage that led to the deaths.  Lies. Lies on lies. However, for the Socialist Democrat party, lies are justified if they create the desired results.  Because hey, we all deserve a participation trophy.  Even when we lose the game for the team.

Jussie Smollett – taking one for the cause?

The alleged attackers are actors seeking a break into Hollywood. One acting as a physical trainer for Smollett.  We may never know what Smollett was thinking during this attack. Or if he orchestrated the attack. But the Chicago Police say Smollett is no longer a victim.  The men briefly detained are no longer suspects, claiming Smollett paid them for their participation.

Reports are that evidence shows that the attack was most likely pre-planned and rehearsed.  It appears the attack was the actor’s attempt at writing a drama.

What is most interesting from this tale whose veracity required immediate questioning, is the rush to judgment.

Smollett’s attack is happening for a reason, says Representative Maxine Waters. Claiming that at fault is President Donald Trump. Possibly Ms. Water’s should consider that it is her, and her party followers, like Hollywood’s Mr. Smollett, that is creating the division, the hate and the social horror.

Speaking as a conservative living in a Sanctuary State, there is no pro-Trump, pro-life messages on my car or home.  My neighbors, the ones with the resist flags and impeach signs would at best remove them, at worse vandalize my personal property.

Why do I believe that?  Watch Max at work.  Note Jussie standing up for social justice while trashing the President and conservatives, like me.

Corey Booker claims that since 9/11, the marjority of attacks on U.S. soil have been from right wing extremists.

Presidential hopeful Senator Kamila Harris joining Mr. Booker in calling the attack a modern-day lynching.

Nonetheless, Mr. Booker, facts are funny things:

Here is a timeline of major terror attacks in the US (America since 9/11: timeline of attacks linked to the ‘war on terror’):

4 July 2002

Hesham Muhammad Hadayet, an Egyptian national with a green card giving him permanent status in the United States, killed two people and wounded four at an El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport. The FBI later concluded that it was an act of terrorism but that Hadayet was acting alone.

1 June 2009

In 2009, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American-born convert to Islam, opened fire on an army recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Muhammad killed one soldier and wounded another. His lawyers produced an expert who testified that he was delusional and Muhammad eventually pled guilty to avoid the death penalty.

5 November 2009

Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood, Texas. The American-born Hasan killed 13 fellow soldiers and wounded 32. At his trial, he declared himself to be at war with America and investigators found that although he acted alone, he had accessed jihadist websites. Hasan was sentenced to death.

15 April 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing attack was carried out by two brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The bomb placed at the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured 264. The two later killed Sean Collins, an MIT police officer. In addition, in a firefight between the brothers and the police, 16 officers were injured and another later died. Tamerlan, the older brother, died after he was shot by police and his brother ran over him in an attempt to escape. Dzhokhar was apprehended and sentenced to death. The two Kyrgyz-American immigrants had been self-radicalized but learned to make their bomb from the al-Qaida online magazine Inspire.

16 July 2015

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez attacked both a marine recruiting office and US Navy reserve center. Abdulazeez first opened fire on the recruiting office from a car, wounding a recruiter inside. He then drove to a Navy reserve center where he killed four marines and one seaman before police officers killed him. Abdulazeez was an American citizen born in Kuwait.

15 December 2015

A married couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tasheen Malik, opened fire on a Christmas party at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, where Farook worked. Fourteen people died and 24 were injured. Farook was born in the United States and Malik was a Pakistani immigrant who married Farook in Saudi Arabia after they met on the internet. The FBI later described the two as “homegrown violent extremists” and found that they had radicalized before they met online.

12 June 2016

American-born Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 58 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In calls made during his rampage at the gay nightclub, Mateen pledged allegiance to Isis. After his initial assault, the attack into a hostage situation that lasted for nearly three hours.

31 October 2017

A man drove a rented pickup truck into cyclists and runners on the Hudson River bike path on Manhattan’s lower west side, killing eight people and injuring 11. Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan, has been charged with murder. On 28 November 2017, he pleaded not guilty. The next hearing in Saipov’s case is set for 23 January.

Not a right-wing extremist among the group.

What about domestic terror, Mr. Booker?
Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival killed 851.

There is no evidence that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a right-wing extremist. Instead, it seems that ballooning debt, not politics, is more responsible. Note, the people Paddock killed were there for a Country and Western music concert, a group that statistically leans toward conservatism.

Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in 2018.

Seventeen, mostly children, were killed by Nikolas Cruz. Despite the Broward County sheriff’s office receiving a number of tips in 2016 and 2017 about Cruz’s threats to carry out a school shooting, no significant actions were taken. Cruz, who had expressed violent thoughts toward many groups, including blacks, gays, Mexicans, was allowed to slip through the cracks of democrat policies.

Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in 2018.

The eleven congregants killed by Gregory Bowers were members of the Conservative Jewish Synagogue. Bowers was a known and vocal anti-semite, but no evidence he was a right-wing extremist.

Sutherland Springs Church Shooting in 2017.

This shooting was the result of a domestic dispute. Devin Patrick Kelley entered the church, conducting the fifth-deadliest shooting in the U.S. Kelly was supposed to be prohibited to purchase firearms due to multiple previous domestic violence convictions, rape and assault on a child charges. Kelley was also separated from the Air-Force following a military court-martial. However, Kelly had a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns.

As Kelley left the church, he was confronted by and traded fire with Stephen Willeford, a local resident and former NRA firearms instructor. Williford, armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle shot Kelley twice, once in the leg and in the upper left torso under his tactical gear. As Kelley escaped Williford persued him in a high speed chase that ended in Kelly hitting a tree after shooting himself.

Liberals and liars

One only has to look at the good Reverand Al Sharpton to find one of the earliest instances of liberals lying about crimes for political gain. (Revisiting a Rape Scandal That Would Have Been Monstrous if True). In the late 1980’s Tawana Brawley claims were she was abducted and repeatedly raped by six white men. When found the initials “KKK” were written across her chest.  There is a racial epithet on her stomach. There was feces in her hair.

Reports at the time were that she was traumatized to the point of being mute.  Only being able to communicate via blinking her eyes to yes or no questions.

Brawley would claim that two of the rapists were law enforcement officials.


Ms. Brawley’s case went to the grand jury where after seven months, 6,000 pages of testimony and 180 witnesses, her story was found to be a hoax. Neither the police officer nor the district attorney accused by Ms. Brawley and Mr. Sharpton had been involved in any way.

Brawley and Sharpton never apologized for their role in the hoax.  Neither will Waters, Harris, Booker or Smollett.

Correction:  References that two of the alleged attackers are Nigeran removed.


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