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Julian Assange, the real “whistleblower”, is a political prisoner

Written By | Dec 31, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC: Julian Assange is an award-winning journalist and political prisoner who sits in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison outside of London awaiting extradition proceedings to the United States. He is kept in isolation 23 hours a day, and is frequently medicated. He faces up to 175 years in prison in the United States for espionage in relation to his publishing leaked classified documents from Private Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning.

Assange has been subject to 9 years of psychological torture

According to UN special reporter on torture Nils Melzer,  Assange is under 24-hour video surveillance, isolated from “any friendly, familiar contact” and kept in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day. In addition, he has no access to his American lawyers or to the prosecution’s case file.

“Despite the complexity of the proceedings against him led by the world’s most powerful Government, Mr. Assange’s access to legal counsel and documents has been severely obstructed, thus effectively undermining his most fundamental right to prepare his defense”,  Melzer said.

Reporters without Borders, formerly Reporters Sans Frontiers, is “alarmed” by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s health and demanded his immediate release. They demanded the  United States “should cease” its plans to charge Assange under the Espionage Act in a statement published Friday.

“We are alarmed by the current state of Julian Assange’s health, and call for his immediate release on humanitarian grounds,” said RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire. “Assange is being targeted by the US for his journalistic-like activities, which sets a dangerous precedent for press freedom. The US should cease its persecution of Assange and drop the charges under the Espionage Act without further delay.”

Assange is a journalist being persecuted for telling the truth

In 2010, in collaboration with a string of major international newspapers, Assange publicized embarrassing revelations of extensive and pervasive American covert activities around the world. American authorities were not pleased.

NSA’s Adm. Mike Rogers, American hero, working with Durham probe

Over 700,000 documents concerning American military and diplomatic activity in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places were released. He released gun camera video of two Reuters reporters being killed in a helicopter assault in Iraq. Documents casting doubt on the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

Evidence that undermined the logic behind the war in Iraq.

In the same ways that Daniel Ellsberg and the release of the Pentagon Papers were acts of a genuine whistleblower,  the publication of those papers was protected by the first amendment. Wikileaks’ actions in 2010 and 2016 were acts of journalism, working in conjunction with their journalistic peers.

Ellsberg and Assange: The real whistleblowers, like them or not

Whatever you think of Ellsberg of Assange, politically or morally, the reality is that Wikileaks acted as a legitimate journalistic outlet publishing legitimately newsworthy information. In collaboration with the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian in London, Der Spiegel in Berlin, Le Monde in Paris, and El Pais in Madrid.

Horowitz report, roadmap for Durham, destroys Comey’s FBI

Of course, Wikileaks and Assange were central figures in publishing the leaks from the DNC and John Podesta in 2016 which were also widely reported by every major news organization on the planet. Somehow in the diversionary discussion of Donald Trump being a Russian agent, it got lost that every word that Wikileaks released that was reported about Hillary Clinton was true.

A legitimate news organization, Wikileaks, was releasing information on a legitimate news target that showed Hillary and the DNC manipulating the primary process, disparaging Bernie Sanders, and rigging the election in her behalf. It also revealed the particularly venal and arrogant nature of Clinton’s campaign and its minions at the DNC. As well as the lengths they would go to ruthlessly stack the deck and destroy her opponents.

More lies from the people who gave you the Russia Hoax

Assange has now been labeled a Russian puppet who coordinated to interfere in our election by the same people who brought you the Russia Hoax and the Mueller inquisition. The same people who created the Steele Dossier and used it to get illegal FISA Warrants. Who worked with MI-6, Australian Intelligence, and Italian intelligence to frame Donald Trump.

The people who lied repeatedly about Trump and Russia for the last three years. Those same people have been pushing Julian Assange is a Russian spy story. And trying to shut him up.

Assange insists that the DNC and Podesta leaks did not come from Russia or other state actors.

A study of download speeds necessary to hack the DNC systems found that the leak could only have come from inside the DNC. The speeds necessary could only have been on a thumb drive downloaded with direct access.

The DNC server was never looked at by the FBI or NSA and still hasn’t been looked at. A Democrat software security company, Crowdstrike, reached the expedient unfounded conclusions of Russian hacking. John Brennan took that and combined it with the fraudulent Steele dossier to create the 2016 Intelligence Community Assessment.

Wikileaks and the DNC

The Mueller Weissmann inquisition actually indicted a string of Russian companies for hacking. They were shocked when an American affiliate demanded they disclose what actual evidence they had. Maybe they should have just talked to Assange.

Barr backs Durham criminal probe: Reads the riot act to the Coup Plotters

Assange, surprisingly,  offered a $25,000 reward for information in the murder of Seth Rich. An Assange associate was interviewed stating he had been passed the thumb drive with the DNC leaks in the woods near American University.

Numerous journalists quoted Assange as implying Seth Rich was the source for the DNC leaks. While Rich’s family denies his involvement.

But according to a Politico article from August 2019  a recent Federal Court defamation lawsuit from investigator Ed Butowsky against NPR threatens to blow the lid off of what actually happened at the DNC. This will change the way anyone looks at Russian hacking and the DNC. (Former Fox Business Guest Commentator Files $118 Million Defamation Lawsuit)

For Hillary Clinton, the truth hurt. But it was still the truth.

There is no question that Hillary Clinton’s DNC leaks hurt her campaign. There is also no question that they were the truth. Legitimate news items. Carried by all the major papers of the day.

So how is it that Julian Assange is now somehow not a journalist? Not entitled to the protection of Freedom of the Press. Or due process. Because Deep State Democats don’t want him to see the light of day.  Ever again.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks are far more accurate than the New York Times and Washington Post have been. As Assange liked to say, Wikileaks is 100% accurate. That is indisputable. You can’t say that about the New York Times. I’m still waiting for my apology from them for three years of the Russia hoax. And for them to return their Pulitzer Prizes. The question is then, why is Wikileaks not journalism? Why is this not protected speech?

As  the New York Times stated about Assange when they were working with him:

Though he is not a conventional journalist, much of what Mr Assange does at WikiLeaks is difficult to distinguish in a legally meaningful way from what traditional news organizations like the Times do: seek and publish information that officials want to be secret, including classified national security matters, and take steps to protect the confidentiality of sources.
Persecuting and drugging a journalist for committing journalism

Where are Julians Assange’s fellow journalists now? Oh that’s right. They all went on the Russian witch hunt. They all spewed deep state propaganda for the last three years claiming that Trump is a Russian agent. Meanwhile, like a real whistleblower, Assange has born the consequences. Julian Assange has spent the last 9 years dealing with the aftershocks of his 2010 and 2016 disclosures.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

Private Bradley Manning was convicted and sentenced to prison for his legitimate offenses against the Military Code of Justice. President Obama commuted the sentence shortly before he left office and, after sex reassignment surgery while incarcerated, Chelsea Manning was released. She remains a free woman today.

Julian Assange, meanwhile, was targeted by Swedish Authorities for alleged sex crimes with acquaintances, that turned out to be the equivalent of having sex without a condom. When his arrest was sought in Britain Assange was certain it was a plot to hand him over to the Americans.

He took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy. There he stayed for over 7 years. A modern Robinson Crusoe in exile in the small chambers of the brownstone next to Harrods. During that time he was surveilled constantly by the CIA.

Extradition issues that may free Assange

Spain’s national court will hear evidence on whether Spanish surveillance company UC Global had provided transcripts, videos and other material from surveillance equipment secretly installed to monitor Assange’s private communications. It is alleged these were provided to the CIA.

Upon his expulsion and arrest by British authorities, Assange has been held under the harshest of conditions in a maximum security jail. He faces an extradition hearing in February. His primary defense is that he is a journalist engaged in protected speech. This is indisputable.

His secondary defense is that he is the target of politically motivated attacks. That he is a political prisoner. That he was targeted by the CIA.

That is also indisputable.

Julian Assange is a persecuted journalist

Julian Assange is a real whistleblower. Not like the Adam Schiff “whistleblower” whose name dare not be mentioned. When the truth about Wikileaks and 2016 ever comes out, it will be clear that people who have been lying to you of the last three years are lying to you again. About Wikileaks and Assange. It is an assault on journalism itself.

William Barr’s words: Obama and Brennan were spying on Trump

Robert Mueller and John Brennan both used the Russia Hoax and the Wikileaks revelations to paint a McCarthyite picture of that moment in history. How the truthful revelations about a corrupt candidate became fodder for a coup attempt against Trump is just one more piece of a three-dimensional puzzle of action and intentions by our jaundiced and untrustworthy institutions at the DOJ and CIA.

Julian Assange has been persecuted for a decade for practicing the crime of journalism. His health is deteriorating. A group of doctors recently warned that he could die in prison. How very Soviet Union of us. Very Putinesque. Whatever you think of Wikileaks or Julian Assange or Daniel Ellsberg, these are the people the 1st Amendment was supposed to protect.

Debunking the Mueller Weissman Russia Hoax

The Mueller Weissmann report made numerous allegations about Russian hacking that, in light of recent disclosures, make it clear that it was just another lie. A DNC strategy to deal with a messy leak, on the way to a coup attempt against a sitting President.  Divert attention from the horrific content of the leaks by blaming Russia na Donald Trump. Mueller could have cleared up a lot of things had he bothered to offer Assange immunity.

He didn’t want to. They had a lie to protect. A cover story to spread.

Judge Rosemary Collyer’s reprimand of intelligence over FISA abuse

In the meantime, Assange sits, a shell of his former self. 10 years into his persecution for being a journalist. A political prisoner facing life in prison. A journalist every major news organization in the world worked with and cooperated with. A man every legitimate journalistic media outlet should be speaking out for.

Julian Assange is a political prisoner

As his mother, Christine Assange recently told the Sydney Daily Telegraph:

“All I want for Christmas is my son Julian to be home safe with his family, under the protection of his country, to be free from this nine-year unlawful and brutal political persecution and to heal from the human rights abuses and torture which have damaged his mind and body,” she said.
“If he ends up in US hands, there will be a show trial and there will be nothing fair or just about it. He will never see the light of day again. He is accused of engaging in multi-award winning journalism, not hurting anyone.”

We should be thanking Assange for doing us a favor in 2010 and then again in 2016.  For telling us the truth. We criticize Russia for persecuting and drugging and killing journalists. Then turn a blind eye while the same thing is happening before our very eyes.

We decry CIA torture techniques but use them on a journalist we don’t like. Then stand by and let a legitimate journalist be drugged and kept in isolation 23 hours day. Shades of Michael Hastings mysterious demise.  There must be something he knows that they really don’t want us to hear.

Julian Assange has a lot he could tell us about the Russia Hoax.  He may not live to get the chance.



Rick Johnson