The left demonizes conservatives over Benghazi, water remains wet


NEW YORK, May 7, 2014 — The announcement of a select committee to investigate Benghazi has liberals panicked. The walls are closing in as the truth slowly comes out. Top Obama assistant Ben Rhodes was recently caught advising Democrats on how to blame Benghazi on an internet video rather than a policy failure. Covering President Obama’s hindquarters weeks before his reelection took precedence over the truth.

With dogged prosecutor Congressman Trey Gowdy leading the select committee, Democrats are expected to get meaner, nastier and more defiant in an attempt to discredit the committee and save Obama and Hillary Clinton. The first leftist out of the gate is television host Jon Stewart. One of five people who tells most liberals what to think, Stewart blasted the GOP investigation in what can best be described as a liberal “circle-the-wagons” mode.

The gist of Stewart’s counter-attack is to bring up completely irrelevant events from a decade ago. This week’s “blame Bush” moment is straightforward. Republicans are demanding the truth about four dead bodies in Benghazi. They did not show outrage when Bush waged an illegal war in Iraq that led to 4,000 dead bodies. Therefore, Republicans are hypocrites only pursuing Benghazi to embarrass a Democratic president. At least Stewart did not make Obama’s race an issue, although that card will be played as soon as Republicans get closer to the truth.

The Daily Show

Stewart had his liberal say. In the spirit of free speech that many liberals continue to try and stifle, Stewart’s narrative needs to be shredded and replaced with one based on truth and facts. This requires dealing with the accuser and the accusations.

Start with Stewart. Radical Islamsists wage global Jihad in the name of protecting Allah. Stewart and his fellow leftists show equal passion in defending their holy one, peace be upon him, Barack Obama. Stewart is not a neutral observer. He is a leftist defending his fellow leftist in the name of their shared leftist religion. Stewart has a history of doctoring footage to humiliate conservatives and cast leftists in the best possible light.

Stewart publicly accused President Harry Truman of being a war criminal for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Stewart backed down under howls of protests from supporters who reminded him that accusations of war crimes must only be directed at Republicans.

While Stewart fits the stereotype of a smarmy, effete leftist snob, his accusations have to be tackled. The messenger is flawed, but the message is even worse. Rehashing the Iraq War takes time, but the Cliff’s Notes version is cut and dry.

The Iraq War was the right war at the right time with the right President. George W. Bush told the truth. Saddam Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction. The WMD were hidden in Syria. A trace of WMD were found in 2005, and the rest will be found once Bashar Assad joins Saddam Hussein underground. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry had the same intelligence information as Bush. The world is better off without Saddam. The Iraqi people certainly are.

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The Iraq War was never about WMD. For the right, it was about forcible regime change, which was proper. For the left, it was about liberals hating George W. Bush more than they love their country.

Liberals began their descent into madness during the 1998 Clinton impeachment hearings, which were also legal and proper. The descent turned into frothing insane rage with the 2000 election. Liberals still incorrectly claim that Bush stole the election. Anger over losing that election affects every politically liberal thought and action. Anything a conservative does is evil. Anything a liberal does is good. This ideological bigotry is based on a bloodlust for political vengeance.

This is why Stewart will attack Republicans for standing by a Republican president for doing the right thing that happened to result in wartime deaths. This is why Stewart will stand by a Democrat president for doing the wrong thing that resulted in deaths that never should have occurred. After all, the left says we are not at war, and refuses to call radical Islam out by name.

If liberals were fitted with dog shock collars, every time they blamed Bush for Obama misdeeds, they would be electrocuted in seconds.

That is why liberals despise the Benghazi investigation. It is the equivalent of having reality truth serum rammed down their throats. George W. Bush was an honest man liberals hated because they disagreed with him. Barack Obama is a corrupt man liberals worship because they agree with him.

Stewart and his weapons of mass distraction cannot alter the facts. The Obama administration’s incompetence got innocent Americans killed. The truth was covered up. The lies are beginning to unravel.

No amount of liberal spin will change the facts on the ground. Whether liberals choose to love America and the truth more than their failed ideology remains to be seen. With the left or without them, the truth about Benghazi will come out. The only partisan witch hunt is the one being conducted by Stewart and his fellow leftists. Their demigod is a false prophet. Their religious deity has been exposed.

All they have left is the screaming, ranting lunacy that comes from those who will back false prophets to the end, good or evil, right or wrong.

If four dead bodies interfere with their zeal, “What difference at this point does it make?”

The truth makes all the difference in the world. The left may not be able to handle it, but they will not have a choice. It needs to be told, it must be told, and it will be told.

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  • phillyfanatic

    Well the lies of the Adm. and the Dems will be just a huge laugh as first Lerner of the IRS will face contempt of Congress charges and slowly but surely Trey will crush the lies of Rice, Obama and yes, even Hillary in Benghazi. I suggest that when Dems cross the aisle on investigations, they are wanting to escape the the voters punishing them for the lies of the Admin. Laugh all you want Jon, but if facts show duplicity and lawlessness, your type of liberalism will be on trial too.

  • Crystal

    Liberalism is a mental disorder- “illusiory superiority” They are too stupid to realize how stupid they are!

    • rushthis

      And yet Stewart exposed you for what you are. Keep living in that information bubble.

      • Liberalism is very much a mental disorder.
        Its based on a belief that the profits of success they demonize so rigorously grows on trees fertilized by greed.
        It claims were all equal yet manages to make us all very unique individuals who are screwed if were not fat white Christians
        If you bother to sit back and objectively look at the ideologies main positions it pretty much eats itself like your body does when starving.
        Liberalism feeds on success while demonizing it to suit a narrative important only at the time.
        Liberalism bashs fossil fuels as part of their bs green agenda yet defends unions and industry that make the cars.. that make the furnaces..that make the jets that use those fossil fuels.
        70% of Liberals claim to be Christian yet 50% of them are pro choice.
        Liberalism in America represents anything but “being liberal” as their administrations have given us more regulation and restrictions to our lives than any Conservative admin. ever could.
        Liberalism deters greater achievement by way of taxation yet needs that taxation to fund its promises to those they’ve convinced are victims.
        As Maggy said, “eventually you run out of other peoples money”.
        Its a paradox, it eats itself.
        Its like having a blanket thats too short and cutting off the bottom to sew it to the top to make it longer.

  • Excellent Eric!

  • rushthis

    Stewart exposed Fox news and the GOP for politicizing both Benghazi and 9/11. You didn’t care about the truth then, and you don’t really now. You have scandal envy.

    • Wrong.
      Benghazi was politicized by the Obama admin in the first place, the day after, the Rice appearances, Hillary saying to a grieving mother “it was a video” , Obama mentioning the video.
      All that garbage was intended to back the campaign narrative “Osama Bin Laden is Dead , Al Queda is on the run, “decimated”.
      We now know that they knew it was not because of a video but were told to say it was regardless of previous intel saying everything but.

      • Thom

        Imagine if you were half as upset at the thousands of troops dead from both wars under W.

        • Seriously ?
          After 13+ years you’re still foisting that ridiculous argument ?
          Need you be reminded of what lead to those wars and that those who fought “VOLUNTEERED” knowing damn well they’d go to one place or the other ?
          Are you aware of the thousands that enlisted because of GWs call ?
          Good Americans couldn’t wait to get dressed up and go kick these monsters arses !
          How dare you make their sacrifice a tool of your ignorance ?
          Try me, bring it on buddy. I’ve got all my ducks in a row and will make it abundantly clear to you with documented facts that both wars served a purpose very important to the freedoms that allow you to spew such nonsense.
          Those who answered the call are not upset but instead wouldn’t change a thing.
          In finishing…
          Please tell, how the hell am I supposed to be half as upset at dead troops ?
          Even if your post read “as the thousands of troops” instead of “at the thousands of troops ” it would make no sense because I know of no one that has ever channeled the emotions of the dead.
          Thankyou for giving us all the very accurate display of the Liberal mentality that comes from the intestine and not the mind.

  • Ted Hughes

    Who is Jon Stewart? Is he a Muslim ?

    • Cam

      Jonathan Leibowitz is most definitely not a Muslim.

      • Pat Nash

        Not a Muslim but I guarantee he agrees more with MB (terrorist group) than with his conservative brothers.

        • He has no Conservative brothers.

          • Pat Nash

            The brotherhood of anything decent???

          • Thats a legitimate question. But you specified “his conservative brothers” which I’m sure was an honest mistake.
            I Seriously doubt Stewart has any Conservatives in his life close enough to be seen as bros.
            He understands the threat of radical Islam but that has never stopped him from equating it with anything not of his far leftist idiocy.
            Him and his ilk will bash the right for GWs policies while celebrating Obamas bolstered use of them. Patriot Act, Drones, etc…

  • Random Canadian

    Is this a serious article? Demonize the right? So let us demonize the left? Hypocrite much? Gotta love murica.

    • Yeah, sorry, thats a very failed approach.
      If you hit someone back who hits you its not hypocrisy.
      Its an answer to a wrong.
      If the author was willing to demonize the left by writing something untrue in his post, that would be hypocrisy.

  • SemperFi1946

    This man is a comic, not an intellectual or political sage. He has a leftist agenda, and would not know objective reporting or commentary, if it fell on his biased head. His small little audience is like Bill Maher and he is just singing to the choir.

  • dellt

    Jon should stick with comedy, he’s good at that, but he’s real lousy at preaching politics, justifying deceit by the president, and pushing lies like some street-corner crack dealer.

  • Cam

    Today’s liberalism is impelled by the same destructive forces as its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.

  • Jasmine An’deez

    Americans need to keep in mind that it was Hussein Obama’s criminal regime which left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then viciously tried to deny health care to ten year old Sarah Murnaghan.