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Jolly Roger Goodell and his Come to Jesus Money moments

Written By | Aug 26, 2020
Democrats and operatives helping aggressive bears

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. See link in article.

Jolly Roger Goodell has found his way–again. He apparently after subliminally reaching into his multi-millionaire mind, laden with jock-sweat- canons has seen the light—maybe? He, of course, must be careful. Playing both sides of the dollar-and-popularity fence can be tricky. But…now he can say, with fidelity, to both sides that:

“This (kneeling and protesting) is not about the flag. These are not people who are unpatriotic. They’re not disloyal. They’re not against our military.”

Emmanuel Acho former black football player, now black authority on crime, interviewed Jolly Roger Goodell.
Acho uttered and reinforced similar words as he interviewed Goodell.  (Roger Goodell: ‘Wish we had listened earlier’ to what Colin Kaepernick was protesting)

Not about the flag? Golly, gee: the “Star-Spangled Banner” is “not about the flag.” Who knew?

Acho, was almost captivating with his rant of wanting to tear his hair out when people suggest a flag connection to sideline kneeling. Then spoon-feeding Goodell with the real cause being the murder (guess we missed the trial) of George Floyd and other injustices, Acho then allows Goodell to pontificate.

Colin Kaepernick: Learn to love football – NFL Week 12 Preview and Bettor’s Guide

Goodell said he hoped that people realized that that (“the murder”) was what the players were protesting. So, any of the kneelings before George Floyd was “murdered” were what? Just practice kneelings? Only kneelings after George Floyd died count as real kneelings. I see; that is: “we” see. Oh, well “I” see.

Sports lives don’t matter to me.

I am probably the only one who cares “not” whether football is ever played again (or baseball or basketball for that matter). Let the participants get jobs. Then they might matter. Millionaire ball bums get a bit tiring and stale after a while. Let them learn about real sweat on life’s trail. No more cheering for these empty-minded brats.
Or insofar as being after Floyd’s “murder,” did the players propose kneeling for “other injustices” such as looting, assaults, rioting, of people and their properties? These are even ongoing.

Trump vs the NFL: The Hatfields and McCoys revisited

Continuing with his brilliance Goodell says, “’that’ (presumably black murders) has been going on for a long time.” Again, golly gee. “That” has been going on– particularly in a place called Chicago.
Have the Chicago Bears ever taken notice? There is mayhem all about them. Do they not notice?

Suddenly Jolly Roger has found his way.

He says it gnaws at him that people haven’t paid attention as to what the players have been protesting. Pause herein for a puke break! It is sickening to watch this in-the-eye-of the public celebrities offer themselves up as experts. Then pretend to lean one way simply because of expediency.

And they have no more of an authoritative opinion than those people in the middle class of America who keep themselves abreast of the events of life. But celebrities must protect their monetary interests with any side of an issue that hurts the least. To middle-class America, money is unimportant!

In typical from-the-loins-of-a-politician fashion, Goodell opened the interview with Acho by misrepresenting his own family. He showed Acho a photo to which he proudly claimed (as so many attempts) his father marched with George McGovern and Coretta Scott King. They marched (in solidarity of course) to protest the Viet Nam War way back in the bad old days of the 60s.

Jolly old Roger claimed that this cost his father his Senate seat.

This is not true as Charles Goodell lost his seat when James Buckley (conservative) won by splitting the liberal New York Vote between Charles Goodell and Democrat, Richard Ottinger. It has little if anything to do with principles.

Toward the end of the interview, Ahco settles the matter by suggesting that there is nothing more somber and meaningful than taking a knee during the playing of the-Star Spangled Banner.

Perhaps the players have this opinion.

However, a more somber and meaningful moment would be to see how many did not take a paycheck for their principles.

Greenbacks matter. Goodell knows this, well. He’s still got to figure out a “come to Jesus speech” for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He’s still got to satisfy all those pesky principled players and fans in Washington and Kansas City.
Maybe Elizabeth Warren can intercede.


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Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

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