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John Sullivan, BLM organizer and ANTIFA activist, loses Ashli Babbitt blood money

Written By | May 26, 2021
January 6, Sullivan, John Sullivan, Ashli Babbitt

John Sullivan – Mug Shot Utah Jail, Screen shot

FLORIDA: The U.S. Department of Justice has seized over $90,000 from the self-proclaimed Black Lives Matter activist, John Sullivan. He earned that income by selling videos of Ashli Babbitt’s murder to various news outlets. Sullivan not only provoked violence and illegal activity inside and outside of the Capitol, but he also made a handsome profit from doing so. John Sullivan, 25, was charged federally with being on restricted property, civil disorder, and “violent entry or disorderly conduct,” for his illegal entry into the Capitol on January 6th. He was also charged, on May 19, with additional federal counts of civil disorder, obstructing an official proceeding, disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon, entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon on Capitol grounds, aiding and abetting, false statements to federal investigators, and demonstrating in the Capitol.

John Sullivan arrived at the Capitol with a knife and a bullhorn. His goal to incite conservatives who were there to peacefully protest the election results.  Sullivan later offered the knife to others while he incited the crowd to violence with his bullhorn. He encouraged protesters to climb a wall to get to an entrance and offered a knife to a group of rioters who were trying to pry doors open, according to charging documents.  Investigators said he illegally carried the knife with him into the Capitol Building, then lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation when he was questioned about it.

His actions were caught on the CCTV cameras scattered throughout the Capitol, the very same footage that the Capitol Police and FBI refuse to make available to the public. (DOJ Charges BLM Supporter Who Allegedly Stormed Capitol, Instigated Trump Supporters)

Sullivan also lied to the police saying he was an independent journalist reporting on the protest at the Capitol.

However, other statements that he has made repudiate that false journalist premise. Investigators said they had uncovered a Jan. 5 YouTube video where Sullivan boasted about lying about being a journalist, or reporter, in the past.

“I think I made up, uh — what did I say I was? Oh, yeah, I was just a journalist, but I use that all the time,” he quipped.

Prosecutors further said that he actively participated in the chaos and encouraged others to do the same, something a real journalist should not do.

Sullivan also recorded footage of the confrontation between U.S. Capitol Police officers and rioters outside of the U.S. Senate Chambers, to include the moment when 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot by a USCP officer.John Earle Sullivan touts himself as a revolutionary protest organizer and the founder of “Insurgence USA,” as reported by the Washington Examiner. “My footage is worth like a million of dollars, millions of dollars!” he proclaimed to an unnamed witness after the shooting, according to court documents. Sullivan proceeded to sell the footage to multiple news outlets, cashing in on approximately $90,000 total, Reuters reported.

The DOJ seized $1,000 from Sullivan’s Venmo account and another $89,875 from his JPMorgan Chase account last week, sources report.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Candice Wong said:

“Sullivan’s immediate reaction to the mayhem was “about cashing in, [which] supports an inference that he recognized on January 6 that the more disorder he captured around him, the better footage, and more money, he stood to get. Where an indicted criminal defendant is enriched by profits that he would not have obtained but for his charged crime, there is a strong governmental interest in seizing those allegedly ill-gotten gains, and in ultimately removing the financial incentives for this behavior.”

Steven Kiersh, the attorney representing Sullivan, claimed the federal government violated his client’s rights by seizing the funds.

“The proceeds of the seized bank account are not the product of criminal activity alleged in the indictment,” Kiersh, who will not be paid if Sullivan is rendered broke, argued.

According to invoices submitted by Sullivan’s attorney back in February, the rioter pocketed $35,000 from CNN, $35,000 from NBC, $5,000 from Showtime, and $2,375 from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation through sales of the footage. He made another $10,000 off of the Washington Post, according to court documents. The source of the $1,000 payment in his Venmo account is unclear. Sullivan gave interviews to news media after Jan. 6 and bragged that he was a Black Lives Matter activist.

Charging documents show that when Sullivan, who is from Utah, was detained by police on January 7, he “claimed to be an activist and journalist that filmed protests and riots” but admitted he had no press credentials.

But videos of the Capitol protest showed that Sullivan was a very active participant in the breach of the building and that he actually encouraged other to riot, to break in and burn it all down.

According to the Deseret News, videos show him shouting:

“There are so many people,” he yelled over a microphone in one video. “Let’s go. This [expletive] is ours! [Expletive] yeah. We accomplished this [expletive]. We did this together. [Expletive] yeah! [We] are all a part of this history. Let’s burn this [expletive] down.”

Sullivan wore a ballistic vest and gas mask as he entered the U.S. Capitol through a broken window and pushed past police, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice. Sullivan’s behavior shows BLM/ANTIFA as the only armed insurrectionist at the Capitol that day.

Charging documents also report that “in at least two encounters, Sullivan can be heard on the video arguing with the officers, telling them to stand down so that they do not get hurt. Among other things, Sullivan can be heard telling officers,

‘You are putting yourself in harm’s way,’ ‘The people have spoken,’ and ‘There are too many people, you gotta stand down, the people out there that tried to do that (expletive), they got hurt, I saw it, I’m caring about you.”

According to the DOJ, Sullivan “positioned himself with a front seat to not one, but multiple confrontations with officers at multiple locations, and made consistently gleeful exhortations about burning and breaking things.” Why he hasn’t been charged with inciting a riot is unknown. The DOJ has made no comment on this point.

Sullivan currently faces criminal mischief and rioting charges in connection with the Provo, Utah ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter protest he helped organize last summer. (Organizer of Provo protest arrested, accused of rioting, making threats)

During that incident, rioters boxed in an innocent driver at an intersection, and as he fled for his life an ANTIFA thug shot him. Sullivan allegedly encouraging the shooting. He is presently out on bond for that incident. Utah Black Lives Matter leader, Lex Scott, has tried to distance his group from Sullivan, calling him a “Loose cannon; we do not want to be associated with him.

Nonetheless, Scott does not deny that Sullivan is a member of the Utah BLM movement.

The entire premise of an armed insurrection on January 6 is falling apart. The only armed people found inside the Capitol being police and a BLM/ANTIFA antagonist. How many other BLM/ANTIFA members were among the MAGA supporters is not known.  But when watching the videos it is easy to see that there were dozens.. The more we learn about the breach the more we find out that what we’ve been told is a false flag.

Patriots entered the Capitol on January 6, even though some broke laws and committed crimes. When they got there, there were some evil people inside whose intent was to create mayhem. John Sullivan seems to be one of them.


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Political Staff Writer Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer,  has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.

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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.