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John Boehner cries a river over Republicans Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan

Written By | Apr 12, 2021

Former GOP Speaker John Boehner has a good cry. CNN screen capture.

WASHINGTON. John Boehner, the former House speaker, is remembered for being something of a weeper. Tears flowed liberally every time he recalled milestones in his rather lackluster life when speaking to fellow lawmakers and the press. It’s understandable considering how he must feel, like a small man surrounded by a very big and scary world.

Boehner, On The House, Republican, Cruz, Jordan

John Boehner weeps during an interview on “60 Minutes.” CBS News screen capture.

But he recently ingratiated himself in the eyes of the press and his spiritual brothers, Democrats, with attacks on conservative and vocal Republicans in his upcoming book “On the House: A Washington Memoir.

In an interview with CBS’s John Dickerson, Boehner explains why he believes certain congressional conservatives are “political terrorists.”

Of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Boehner said:

“He’s the perfect symbol of, you know, getting elected, making a lot of noise, draw a lot of attention to yourself, raise a lot of money. Which means you’re going to make more noise, raise more money and, uh, it’s really unfortunate.”

Of fellow Ohioan Rep. Jim Jordan he noted:

“I just never saw a guy who spent more time tearing things apart and never building anything. Never putting anything together.”

The left defines a “terrorist” as anyone who opposes their authoritarian reordering of American society. Cruz did so with his filibuster of dictatorial Obamacare in 2010. Jim Jordan did likewise with his work revealing the Deep State’s coup plot to oust President Trump from office on the manufactured claim he worked as an intelligence asset of Russia.

These abominations Cruz and Jordan refused to lend a helpful hand, as Boehner puts it, in “building.”

John Boehner exemplifies what’s known as the Peter Principle.

Simply put, it states that a low-echelon, but competent employee, will eventually advance up the corporate ladder, attaining a high-level company position at which he or she, well, sucks.

You may recall that Boehner became House speaker after the conservative Tea Party successfully ousted both left-wing Democrats and moderate and squishy Republicans from Congress in the midterm elections of 2010 and 2014.

President Barack Obama described the electoral drubbings as a “shellacking.”

Boehner, On The House, Republican, Cruz, Jordan

John Boehner gives Nancy Pelosi a kiss when taking the speaker’s gavel in 2010. C-SPAN screen capture.

The Tea Party

Lucky for Obama and Democrats, the bumbling Republicans that survived the Tea Party onslaught voted Boehner House speaker and the face of their party.

But the House Tea Party cadre made Boehner’s budget deals with the Obama White House fruitless endeavors.

His inability to convince GOP House members to submit to Democrat leadership bred intense frustration within Boehner and eventually forced his resignation from Congress – preceded by, of course, a river of tears.

He soon found a perfect post-political career shilling for Acreage Holdings, a cannabis company in 2015, the same year Donald Trump became president. What Boehner said in a speech concerning his evolved views on marijuana echoed his (and many GOP lawmakers’) changed opinions about opposing Democrats and their anti-American agenda:

“I feel like I’m like your average American who over the years began to look at this a little differently and I think over the last five years my position, it has kind of softened up and softened up.”

Though out of power since September of 2015, Boehner sadly represents the heart and soul of today’s anemic and irrelevant GOP.

A thing devoid of ideas, principles, and fight.

But nothing makes Boehner-like Republicans come alive like that rare Republican unwilling to deal with the devil.

Hence Boehner’s contempt for Republicans Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan.

What made the presidency of Donald Trump so dangerous to Democrats and never-Trump Republicans alike is how easy it was for one man to oppose the Democratic agenda when uncowed by media narratives and Democrat attacks.

Boehner, On The House, Republican, Cruz, Jordan

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks with The Daily Caller’s Anders Hagstrom. The Daily Caller YouTube screen capture.

For his part, Sen. Cruz told The Daily Caller’s White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom,

“This guy’s a little unhinged… in my entire life, I don’t think I’ve spoken fifty words to John Boehner… He was an aloof swamp creature when I arrived in the Senate.”

Cruz’s obstructionist moves against the Democrat’s agenda only make swampy Republicans like former GOP House Speaker John Boehner cry – the tears of a clown.


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