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Joe Biden’s empty promises: I will cure cancer, COVID and unify America

Written By | Nov 16, 2020
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Joe Biden is still holding out that he is the (fake) president-elect.  Well, that is a lie as until the votes are certified on December 14th, or President Trump concedes, it is simply not true.  As are Joe Biden’s campaign promises.  The hopeful Biden even stopping late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien in his tracks, promising to cure cancer.

Unfortunately for those who are relying on groups such as the Biden Cancer Center, help will not be coming from Biden.  Biden along with wife Dr. Jill Biden founded the organization in June 2017. The Center was to continue efforts begun by the Obama administration’s Cancer Moonshot, a Vice President Biden initiative.  When Biden announced he was running for president, he and Mrs. Biden stepped down as the group’s co-Chairs. The couple also closed the Biden Foundation at this time.

According to the AP:

Now that Biden is running for president those relationships highlight his reliance on a powerful industry with much at stake in the outcome of the 2020 race. Many of the organizations he’s celebrated — including some tied to the men Biden mentioned in the 2018 speech — have financial or regulatory interests before the federal government. A Biden administration would inevitably have to reckon with their efforts to influence its policies, ethics experts say. – Biden anti-cancer groups could pose influence concerns

Now reports are that Biden’s Cancer Charity has been caught funneling millions in donations to the group to the center’s executive staff. Reports are that up to and eclipsing 65% of all donations were used for salaries.  The suggested amount of each dollar spent on salaries and administrative costs is 25%.   Of the $4.8 million raised by the group in 2017-2018, over $3 million was used to line the pockets of administrators.

According to PJ Media:

Charity watchdogs might call the Joe Biden Cancer Initiative a scam. It raised and spent millions, mostly on executive salaries, while giving precious little to established groups that are actually trying to fight the disease. In fact, the “charity” was little more than a political slush fund that Biden used to reward supporters. – Biden Cancer Charity Paid Execs Millions, But Didn’t Spend Much Fighting Cancer

The dollars funding the center were the result of pledges from partnerships with drug and health insurance companies, according to PJ Media.  Of concern is the financial ties between those companies and the federal government.  Following his announcement to run for President, those industry pledges moved from the Center to Biden’s presidential campaign.

The conclusion is that the Biden charity was not to honor deceased son Beau Biden by helping to find a cure for cancer. Instead, like the Clinton Foundation funneled influence money to the former President and Secretary of State, the Biden Cancer Center was used to funnel money to Biden cronies and to the Biden presidential campaign.

Joe promises to cure COVID-19

We have never cured a corona or flu-virus.  We have learned to live with it.  Every year we line up and get our flu vaccine, but we can’t cure it. The CDC estimates that “influence has resulted in between 9million and 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 = 810,000 hospitalization and between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.”  

Biden also promises to have an effect COVID task force, with the likes of Zeke Emanuel, brother of Chicago’s past failed mayor, Rahm, as the head of his task force.  Zeke is under scrutiny for his comments that American’s usefulness ends at 75, and therefore they should quietly agree to move on.  Someone best tell Joe that at 78 he has outlived his usefulness by three years.

While the vaccine resulting from President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed will help people avoid contracting the disease, the only way to stop deaths from COVID are through therapeutics and Remdesiver and Regeneron.  A therapeutic, once you get sick, help the stricken to fight the disease.  For example, at home, if you get the yearly flu you might use an over-the-counter product like Thera-Flu to find relief and stop the disease from worsening.  This is an example of a therapeutic.

Likewise, if you present to the hospital with severe COVID symptoms, they will use therapeutics to help you feel better.  President Trump has already completed this work, getting the COVID-19 therapeutics he used to recover FDA approved and available for wide use.

President Trump: Fighting Covid-19 virus like the boss of America

Like cancer or the yearly flu, Joe cannot cure COVID-19.

And if he could, as he claims, then why isn’t he saving people right now?  Biden’s covid plan includes further shutdowns, increased testing, and developing a vaccine.  Unfortunately, Biden is simply plagiarizing what the Trump Administration has done.

In claiming that the Trump administration has failed, Biden seems to not understand how the Federal – State government relationship works. The President’s job was to make sure that the states had the PPE and hospital space to handle the onslaught of COVID cases that threatened to overtake the health care system.   Vice President Mike Pence and the Covid Task Force held weekly phone meetings with all state governors to ensure that they had the ability to ask for, and receive the help they needed.

In states like New York, Governor Cuomo failed to attend many of those calls. He ignored the task force and President who called for protecting the elder population by putting COVID patients into nursing homes resulting in anywhere between six and ten thousand deaths, though numbers are not exactly known as Cuomo refuses to allow Federal review of the data. Now Cuomo has said he will not allow New Yorkers to have access to the vaccine until after Joe Biden’s inauguration.  Thus leading to more deaths, shutdowns, and economic ruin for the state.

Joe Biden will unify America, he will be the president for all Americans

But that is hard to fathom when American’s are unable to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC without being attacked by Biden supported ANTIFA and BLM groups.  The for V.P. calling the anarchist group and “idea.”

The Biden supported ANTIFA and BLM are the biggest cancer infecting America’s peace today.

Like Hillary’s deplorable comment, Joe has called Trump-supporting Americans the “dregs of society,” chumps, damn liars, dog face pony boys, and just before the election, an armed militia.  Which is curious as it is proven time and time again that the unfettered violence in America is not only approved of, as indicated by his lack of calling for it to end but supported, as both he and running mate Harris have contributed to bailing funds for violent looters in Minneapolis and Portland.

It will be hard to unify America after four months of anarchy and violence.  As FNC’s Tucker Carlson pointed out prior to the election:

“This is one of those moments when there’s so much lying, so much relentless bewildering lying, that it’s worth taking three steps back and considering the obvious and here’s the most obvious thing.
For three months, Joe Biden’s voters have trashed our country. They have looted our cities, burned buildings, beaten and killed dozens of people.
For three months, Joe Biden and his advisers have done their best to ignore it all and pretend it wasn’t happening. The same people who lecture you that silence is violence said virtually nothing about the riots in our streets. In fact, they threatened anyone who talked about them, who mentioned the arson, the stealing, and the vandalism, anyone who in any way questioned the tactics of the mob.” – Tucker Carlson – August 31, 2020
Americans are not being led to unify, they are being told to unify under Biden

Or else the former V.P. says the violence will continue. Following the totally peaceful gathering of Trump supporters at Freedom Plaza for the Million Maga March, Trump supporters – including families with children were harassed and attacked.  One man now in ICU after being hit in the back of the head with a hammer.  A young child screams as her family is being pursued are haunting.

Joe Biden, with his allegiance to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, will be unable to stop this merciless, animal-like behavior.  (Trump supporters attacked at Million MAGA March: Video)

Biden will never be able to say, as President Trump has, Promises Made, Promises Kept.  He will not cure cancer, nor will he have any impact on the battle against COVID.  That was is fought, and being won, by President Trump.

For those who lost loved ones, businesses, jobs, and home security as a result of Biden’s Democrat party, unity will be hard to come by.  Conservatives’ eyes are wide open.  Should Trump prevail in his challenge to the election results, the violence across America will horrific.  However, Trump is ready to use everything in his power to quell it.  We have all had enough after four-years of liberal temper tantrums.

The following links to on the scene videos from the rally were by
DC Metropolitan Police blocked off BLM Plaza so Million MAGA March attendees could not go through. Trump supporters had to walk through a gauntlet of BLM, Antifa, and black bloc assailants in order to leave the area.
A black woman hauled off and sucker-punched a man carrying a Trump flag.
Rioters walked down the street and harassed an elderly couple while trying to rip a Trump flag out of their hands.
They threatened and harassed an elderly man walking down the street with a scooter. Pushing the scooter down and throwing unidentified liquids at him.
They yelled, “Get the f**k out of here! You better run motherf**ker! You better run motherf**ker!”
Protesters attacked a middle-aged woman walking with other women and some Trump supporters. A black woman hit the woman in the back of the head.
A black mother with her young children wearing a Blue Lives matter hat and a Trump jacket frantically told police officers she wanted to press charges against her assailants. The assailants cornered her and asked her why she had her children there.
She was pushing a child in a stroller and shielding her pre-teen daughter when she was attacked, reported Breitbart News.
BLM and Antifa assaulted, threw eggs and liquids at a young couple trying to walk through the BLM Plaza.  The female cried out in fear.
Breitbart News reported that protestors stomped on an older man’s head after the rally. A black man ran up behind the Trump supporter and bushwacked him making him fall to the ground.
Antifa beat another man about the head and body with a flag pole.
As restaurant-goers were dining outside, Antifa and BLM threw large fireworks and projectiles at them.
They gathered outside of hotels where Trump supporters were staying.
One BLM protester hassled a woman wearing a red MAGA hat and kept calling her a b**ch.
A horde of BLM and anti-fascists shone lights and lasers into hotel rooms of The Capital Hilton hotel. They were stopped from rushing into the lobby.
BLM and Antifa rioters clashed with peace officers outside The Capital Hilton. They were reported to have been pushed back with pepper spray.
Lead Image: Remarks at Mountain Top Inn – Warm Springs, GA – October 27, 2020 Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

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