Jill (Biden) get your gun: The bad advice of left leaning Vice Presidents

Vice President Joe Biden - Official White House portrait
Vice President Joe Biden - Official White House portrait

WASHINGTON, February 7, 2014 – During the last spate of maniacal gun grabbing hysteria, Vice President Joe Biden, in his classic shoot-aim-point style of analysis, sputtered the now infamous advice, “Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.” In addition, Biden made a series of ill conceived comments during an interview with Parent’s Magazine in February of 2013.     

The perception that Joe Biden is a harmless, doddering fool ignores a very serious reality. As Vice President, Biden wields power far out of proportion to his meager intellectual acumen. It is a power bestowed on him by the media, in spite of his lack of intellect.

Therefore, his statements have influence. Sadly, Biden’s influence seems to be at its zenith with the troubled, weak-minded, self-destructive, and homicidal.

Six months after Biden’s ill conceived comments on September 16, 2013, a suicidal maniac entered the Navy Yard facility and, armed with a 12 gauge shotgun, initiated a mass shooting. This, of course, occurred in a liberal sanctuary, the fabled “gun-free zone.” This incident was the first “mass shooting” subsequent to the Vice President’s advice to “Buy a shotgun.

This incident was somewhat unusual, as the much maligned “assault weapon” was not the weapon of choice in this incident. Instead, the perpetrator seemed to have taken Biden’s sage counsel. But, a single incident does not a pattern make.

We didn’t have to wait long for the next “mass shooting” to occur. In December of 2013, Arapahoe High School experienced a mass shooting involving the use of a shotgun. Most recently, January 26, 2014, the third mass shooting occurred at the Mall of Columbia with the use of a shotgun.

What is most striking is the historical record of mass shootings prior to Biden’s shotgun comments. The tragedy that inspired Biden’s gaffe was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which occurred on December 14, 2012. That act of barbarity was accomplished using an AR-15 type carbine. Going back as far as the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, a shotgun was used only twice in mass shootings over a five year period. In 2009 (The Carthage Nursing Home shooting) and in 2012 (The Aurora Theatre Shooting) shotguns were used, along with hand guns.

Since Biden’s comments, a shotgun has been used in three shootings covering a span of only ten months.

Though this brief survey cannot be deemed to be conclusive, it does lead a thinking person to consider how Biden’s ill conceived comments may have contributed to the use of the shotgun in the most recent acts of barbarity. To lend some perspective, how were Sarah Palin’s innocuous comments treated with regard to “targeting” political opponents? She was lambasted in the press as fomenting insurrection and inspiring murder.

What is particularly ironic, is that Sarah Palin was dismissed by the liberal media machine precisely for making statements that they characterized as ignorant, uniformed, or inflammatory. Palin has never once advised people to blast away indiscriminately with a shotgun. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is provided with a national platform, by an uncritical and fawning media, from which to espouse his stream of consciousness form of social and political commentary.

There is always a price to be paid for stupidity and society at large pays the price of unintended consequences. But, when you’re a leftist Vice President, you get to say really stupid things and garner respect and celebrity for it.

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  • Tanya Grimsley

    Most excellent and MAN, you brought this together and I doubt most of America would have caught this. Good article John!

  • Tami Nantz

    They said Sarah was a fool…and then gave us this guy.

  • Josie Weeks Elliott

    During a recent gun training session the Instructors told us that the LEAST effective home security gun was the shotgun because of it’s unreliability and that not once in history has ANY intruder ever run away by hearing the racking of a shotgun.

    • Tami Nantz

      I would assume that’s because they were unable to run away. Bullet holes tend to prevent that.

      • Josie Weeks Elliott

        Very True. I think the motive behind the issue was talking about the Politicians trying to take away our right to own Ar-15’s, and showing the difference in the accuracy of a shot gun in comparison to a 12 gauge in distance. (Far away it is not very accurate) However if I to, I would grab whatever I could.

        • Tami Nantz

          as I’m sure you could tell, I was being sarcastic. I personally prefer the AR-15 so as not to fall flat on my rear end when I shoot. lol But I’ll defer to Andy below on the reliability of the shotgun and the distance of most personal defense shootings. I’ll take either one, honestly. 😉

    • Andy Haines

      I think you need to find a new training establishment. A short 12 gauge
      pump shotgun loaded with buckshot is the most devastating anti personnel
      weapon readily available to a civilian, and is VERY reliable – if it
      wasn’t, do you think every police cruiser would be issued one? If you’re
      talking shooting at distance, then the shotgun is limited, but then, self
      defence shootings rarely take place at much more than a few yards. Don’t
      get me wrong, though, a high capacity semi auto rifle still has its
      place in civillian hands.

      • Josie Weeks Elliott

        They were shooting from a distance. But truly if any of us were faced with the situation, we have no idea how far away we would be from them ahead of time, or if they would be armed as well, which seems to happen quite often these days. Crimes are certainly more violent than they were when I was growing up. Evil world in which we live. Hell these days you can’t even subdue criminals that are high on bath salts, and they are zombie like, shotgun, tazer and all. The bad thing about a shotgun is you cannot have as many rounds as you can in a semi automatic. Which is of course what the government really wants to take away. Hi capacity round clips. Wonder why???

  • Donald Burkhart

    I agree with everyone that biden is a harmless, doddering fool that ignores a very serious reality. however blaming him for the shotgun choice for these 2 mass shootings is like biden & his anti gun friends saying that guns are the problem. we all need to understand that GUNS are not the problem, people, especially liberals that don’t enforce the laws we have in the books are the problem.

    • Tami Nantz

      Donald, I think the point the writer was trying to make is that the VP was extremely irresponsible in his comments–and given the mental capacity of many of the types of people that carry out these sorts of shootings, it’s entirely believable for one to draw a conclusion like this. He made it pretty clear that he’s stating his opinion, but it is rather interesting that suddenly the number of mass shootings with a shotgun go up drastically after the VP’s comments, no?

  • Connie Alsip

    Do you hear yourself?? How stupid to blame gun violence on a shot gun. A shotgun is used for hunting. The fact that goofy old Joe is to blame is ridiculous. Just think, out of the millions of guns in the USA, crimes were perpetrated by wild-eyed leftists using ol’ Joe’s shotguns. The rhetoric isn’t even close to the truth, Damn libs believe whatever they hear, no matter how moronic it is, if it’s spoken by a fellow liberal. pfftt

    • Libertarian1911

      I think that the point being made was, isn’t it a coincidence that after uncle Joe B told the world that they do not need, in his words, “assault weapons” for home defense but instead should just get a shotgun. Then interestingly enough the next two mass shooting were carried out with shotguns. Quite out of the normal pattern for the weapon of choice. Agreed, it is not a gun problem it is a people problem. Just strange that suddenly criminals are using shotguns where they would have used handguns or rifles previously.

  • ClarkeB10

    Having a big mouth is a big problem when your ego is bigger than
    your ability.
    “what we have here ….. is a failure to exterminate”

  • guy r west

    just inforce the laws alredy on the books any thing else well draw your own ideals

  • Steve S.

    The Sandy Hook shooting was perpetrated with hand guns, not an AR-15. The police chief of Newtown stated unequivocally that the shooter had been found with two hand guns, two additional hand guns were found on the premises, and a Bushmaster AR-15 was found in the trunk of the car the shooter was driving, but had not been used.

    • Tami Nantz

      Steve, that is incorrect. The Connecticut State Police came out after the fact and called that a conspiracy theory.

      • Steve S.

        Oooooh, good response….NOT. <object width="420" height="245" id="msnbcd757e" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"

      • Steve S.

        P.S.: Not all conspiracy theories turn out to be false. 😉

  • Tim Kern

    If the VP wants to see what a real gun looks like close up, he should pay an uninvited visit to most American homes.

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