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Jan 6 “false flag insurrection” lives on in military purge by extremist activists

Written By | May 27, 2021
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WASHINGTON D.C., Jan 20, 2021. National Guard Soldiers walk down the street in riot gear near the U.S. Capitol Building. At least 25,000 National Guard men and women have been authorized to conduct security, communication, and logistical missions in support of federal and District authorities leading up and through the 59th Presidential Inauguration. Photo U.S. Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Anthony Agosti

SAN DIEGO: The fallout for ANTIFA/BLM activist John Sullivan’s role in a “false flag” attack on Jan 6 has done more than discredit President Trump and the conservative movement. Sullivan, a braggart left-wing activist had his lies all down, his Trump hat on, and a knife tucked away on his person. Evidence shows Sullivan yelling into his bullhorn, inciting the Capitol crowd to commit crimes. He spurred violence that horrible day, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Sullivan and the liberal elite in D.C. and their media friends flipped the switch on 75 million Trump voters, including those in the military. Leading Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stepped in announcing a “military purge” as his first order of business.

Suddenly anyone with a tie to Trump is a target for condemnation, censorship, and culling from society…and duty.

The Sullivan spurred insurrection lie thrives in a more dangerous purge of our military.

National Guardsmen ordered to guard the Capitol that voted for Trump are looked at as potential rabble-rousers with rifles. As if military members in the ranks were the new extremist enemy, not ISIS, nor al Qaeda or the Taliban. The latest shocking news of a national security breach beyond comprehension is that Biden has chosen Islamic activists to head up the hunt for extremists in our U.S. military.

“Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had announced the Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG) group to counter supposed “extremism” in the military, the list of CEWG partners contains a lot of Muslim lawyers and activists,”  The Washington Standard reports on May 24.

Muslim Brotherhood supporter and Pakistani citizen Hina Shamsi is head of the ACLU’s National Security Project. Ten years ago Shamsi fought on behalf of the Holy Land Foundation leaders convicted of providing material support to Hamas. She fought like a lion for  Islamic terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay. Now Shamsi is primed to go after our military members with another Pakistani immigrant, Faiza Patel. She is an advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood, arguing it’s not a terrorist organization.

“Patel has worked for international organizations in Europe, including the International Criminal Tribunal, and was a member of a UN Human Rights Council working group which listed her as a member from Pakistan, not the United States, raising questions about her citizenship,” says The Washington Standard.

Patel and Shamsi join and the notorious Pakistani Awan Brothers.

What is it with giving open-door access to intelligence and matters of national security without the blink of Biden’s eye and in plain sight of Congress? Both have advocated for Pakistani citizens with terrorist ties to work in government with free reign to information they can give or sell to our enemies. They bring on Pakistanis to PIN ‘extremist’ on our military members, see our military plans, to know our military personnel while they buddy up with Islamic terrorists. This is treason. Not to mention putting a target on our troops’ backs.

Welcome, Mr. Defense Secretary, to the real National Guard.

Secretary of Defense Austin dishonored our troops by damning them before a public spotlight. He joined the chorus of the Democrats assaulting the troops with untrue, unappreciative, demeaning threats. The hunt was on. Following January 6th, our brave troops suddenly become racists in uniform waiting to turn on America. Instead of defending their history of honorable service, Austin chose to ignore it. But we’ll remind him, gladly.

In 2005, it was a grisly reality for the Nebraska Army National Guard when their convoy was hit by insurgents. “a line of 33 vehicles was stalled in the road by a van that had been flipped over by an IED. With impassible mud on either side of the thin road, 40 to 50 combatants appeared and fired on the convoy with automatic rifles and RPGs.”

They fought back bravely; four were wounded. (Reported by

The 45th Infantry Brigade deployed to Eastern Afghanistan in 2011. The mountain valleys of Laghman province were a contested area. The Brigade lost 14 of its soldiers and more than 300 were wounded following orders to deter, stop the terrorists. For this Oklahoma- based National Guard unit, it was the deadliest era of fighting. (Reported in Task and Purpose).

How does a Defense Secretary call these military members “threats to their country”?

Members of the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team based in Florida were part of a force that “cut through two earthen berms between Jordan and Iraq using hand tools; they forewent larger hardware to maintain secrecy. This successful mission allowed special operations forces to secure Basra and its surrounding oil fields,” says, who also reported that, National Guardsman William Gunter, while serving as a cook in Iraq in 2003 was attacked by mortars sending 12 rounds of shrapnel into his body. He continued serving for nine more years, three of the shrapnel pieces till embedded.

You train them to be warriors, not traitors. They earn the legacy, as well as the respect. Not expecting the irreverent political activities to toss them aside to satisfy Congressional mania and deceit. Those young Guardsmen are the torch of freedom carriers and they know it.

John Sullivan carries a different torch. His torch used to light the fires that burn cities down.

Was the Sullivan-incited Jan 6 Capitol violence a distraction for the 2020 Election?

The release of classified documents relating to the made-up Russia Hoax still hangs over the Left caballers’ heads. They had to invent a reason to stop Trump because not enough facts were there to move their ‘get Trump’ agenda forward. Sullivan was already working the Capitol crowd before Trump finished his speech. The nuclear attack on him and his supporters was about to unleash.

In the impeachment furor that followed, where was Sullivan’s father, retired Lt. General Kevin J. Sullivan? Now a defense contractor at Dayton Aerospace, does Sullivan simply ignore the news?

Adopted son John ran free sowing anarchy at the Capitol building, while the others he incited ended up in jail for weeks charged with minor offenses. John Sullivan was released the day he was detained without bail. Yet his actions had seeded the storm headed for the patriot sons and daughters in our military. The DoD Trump hunting party readied to track down active-duty members fueled by Left paranoia based on a manufactured crisis.

John Sullivan’s father caught in a military scandal in 2008.

In 2008 Wired reports “Six generals been smacked for their involvement in the mishandling of nuclear gear. One got a career-killing “letter of reprimand,” and has “requested retirement.” The other five will likely be barred from future promotion with “letters of admonishment.”

*Lt. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan received a letter of reprimand for not adequately addressing logistics policy deficiencies and for not taking adequate action to correct previously identified systemic issues in ICBM logistics in his position as Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installations and Mission Support. He was also cited for not exercising effective command oversight to recognize and correct deficiencies in ICBM depot maintenance and materiel control while serving as Commander of the Ogden Air Logistics Center. General
Sullivan has requested retirement. *”

Let’s not forget the defense contractor job Sullivan got with a company that consults to the Pentagon. Nuke consulting, we hope not.

Lies do have consequences.

The stars lined up in the plan to destroy President Trump and see to a military purge.

“If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this sh*t down,” he [John] says in a video clip surrounded by pro-Trump supporters.

Let’s call it like it is. The liberal sycophants at CNN, NBC, and Showtime paid Sullivan for a riot ‘well done.’  To spread the insurrection lie that put over $90,000 in his bank accounts. As reported recently by CDN writer Joe Ragonese. (John Sullivan, BLM organizer and ANTIFA activist, loses Ashli Babbitt blood money)

In that lie, Sullivan sets off a chain of events that took defenseless veteran Ashli Babbitt to her grave. With records sealed so no one can see her killer or the details although Judicial watch has sued for disclosure. Sullivan and the media could now dance a victory jig on the trouble they caused our troops. Loyalties breached may never turn back around. Because for troops, trust among each other is life.

And for CNN that breach of trust is killing them.

“Nielson ratings are out, showing an abysmal drop in viewership for CNN in the month of April. Since January, total viewership has dropped 71%,” reports

“Within the 25-54 demographic, CNN snagged 798,000 primetime viewers and 530,000 total day viewers as recently as January. Now, they only reached 229,000 during primetime and 152,000 in total day views,” says Carter.

We must take a long look.

John Sullivan and fellow activists had a part in launching the nuclear purge on the military as they obfuscated the facts of the November 3 election by effectively stopping the Republican Congress from testifying against the fraud.  James Sullivan brother of leftist provocateur John, claims 226 Antifa members started the Capitol riots.  Not President Trump.  Not MAGA hat-wearing supporters.  It was Sullivan, his ANTIFA mob all following marching orders coming from the Democrat party.

The Sullivan brothers operate on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum. Hence, quite the pair. Both have built reputations of being provocateurs. John helps ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter while James works closely with the Proud Boys. (Video: John Sullivan Was Turned Into The FBI By His Own Brother, He Believes That Somehow John Was “In Charge” Of The Capitol Hill Riot)

The “purge’ of those dangerous to America should be towards the activist groups destroying America. As well as corrupt and disloyal government circles we know are busy tearing down our Republic.


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About the Author:

Senior Staff Writer for CommDigiNews, Jeanne McKinney is an award-winning writer whose focus and passion is our United States active-duty military members and military news. Her Patriot Profiles offer an inside look at the amazing active-duty men and women in all Armed Services, including U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard.

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Jeanne McKinney

Senior Staff Writer for CommDigiNews, Jeanne McKinney is an award-winning writer whose focus and passion is our United States active-duty military members and military news. Her Patriot Profiles offer an inside look at the amazing active-duty men and women in all Armed Services, including U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard. Reporting includes first-hand accounts of combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fight against violent terror groups, global defense, tactical training and readiness, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, next-generation defense technology, family survival at home, U.S. port and border protection and illegal immigration, women in combat, honoring the Fallen, Wounded Warriors, Military Working Dogs, Crisis Response, and much more. Starting in 2012, McKinney has won multiple San Diego Press Club “Excellence in Journalism Awards,” including eight “First Place” honors, as well as multiple second and third place recognition for her Patriot Profiles published printed articles. Including awards for Patriot Profiles military films. During the year 2020, McKinney has written and had published dozens of investigative articles in her ongoing fight to preserve America the Republic, the Constitution, and its laws. One such story selected for use in a legal brief in the national fight for 2020 election integrity.