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It’s official: Illegal immigrants will be eligible for tax payer funded benefits

Written By | Feb 6, 2015

PASADENA, CA — Since unilaterally granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants in blatant defiance of the midterm election results, President Obama has done nothing but double down on the controversial move. The most notable potential repercussion of Obama’s executive action is that the newly legalized immigrants will be eligible for tax payer funded benefits, a claim Democrats have repeatedly glossed over. That is, until now.

During a Senate hearing this week,  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen finally confirmed the fears of many Republicans. When asked by Senator Chuck Grassley if illegal immigrants would be able to retroactively file for tax credits pertaining to years in which they were not in the country legally, Koskinen said yes. “Then the program allows you to file for an earned income tax credit program, in terms of whether you can do that retroactively, the normal statutes of limitations would apply as to when you can apply, file an amended return, in effect,” he said.

This is not the first piece of evidence that points to the likelihood of taxpayer benefits being funneled to those who are living here illegally. It is already happening all across the country. However, this is the first time that a government official has come out and openly confirmed it.

Granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants was the catalyst that first ignited this hot-button issue. California has led the way in illegal immigrant benefits and recently became the 10th state to offer driving privileges to those here illegally. The move allows for documentation of those illegally in the United States, but completely disregards federal laws. Additionally, there is no way to validate the identity of someone applying for a license who lacks authentic government issued paperwork. The state claims it has safeguards, but any teenager off the street with a fake ID can tell you that the DMV isn’t exactly Fort Knox.

Any argument that this is a good way to allow illegal immigrants to get to and from work completely misses the real dangers posed by unverified drivers. A valid photo ID allows illegal immigrants to book plane tickets, open bank accounts, enter federal buildings, and exercise many other liberties IDs provide. Illegal immigrants come in all forms, not just Hispanics, this is a very real national security threat with regards to the war on terror.

The President has also repeated the debunked claim that the border is more secure than ever before. In his executive amnesty speech, the President claimed that illegal border crossings were at there lowest point in 40 years.

Firstly, that simply isn’t true. It is a well documented fact that the government changed it’s definition of “deportation” to achieve a lower rate.

Secondly, even if it was true, it would be irrelevant. A rate that is lower than it was in the 1970s doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. In fact, the number of illegal crossings has been on the rise the last few years. And of course, these numbers are based on the people officials catch and don’t count those who have gone through undetected.

The Washington Post reported in January that according to federal law, any US resident deemed “legally present” is eligible for programs like Medicare and Social Security. The story clearly states that these new residents are not eligible for certain programs like food stamps and financial aid. However, it is hard to take this administration at it’s word after it told the country for 6 years that it didn’t even have the authority to grant legal status with an executive order.

Still not convinced that amnesty is more than a racist contrived conservative fantasy? The Washington Times reported last year that Obamacare gives businesses a $3,000 incentive to hire illegal immigrants over US citizens because illegal immigrants are not eligible for the program which means that employers are not penalized for not insuring them. The government is literally rewarding employers to hire recently legalized immigrants over US born citizens.

The left would like to pretend that these revelations are all isolated incidents, but when examined as a whole, it is difficult not to believe that full-fledged amnesty with no restrictions is the ultimate goal.

Democrats have adopted a piecemeal approach to across the board amnesty. First there was drivers licenses. Then there was ICE agents refusing to follow the law. Then there was diminished border security. Then there was allowing illegal immigrants to attend tax payer funded public schools. Then executive amnesty. And now this.

The writing is clearly on the wall. The President has lost all credibility on this issue and the only question is whether or not the Republicans will fulfill their campaign promise to stop him.



Andrew Mark Miller