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Italy, UK’s MI-6 aid the Durham probe of Brennan, Mifsud’s Trump Spygate

Written By | Jun 12, 2019
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WASHINGTON, DC: As US Attorney John Durham launches a widespread probe into the origins of the Russia Hoax, foreign intelligence agencies implicated in the scandal are cooperating with the investigation. The government of Italy has fired the heads of two Intel agencies over the Brennan-Mifsud spying allegations.

As well as 4 of their top associates.

British spy Christopher Steele is also talking to Durham’s investigators.

Italy, UK, Australia, and Ukraine all need to cooperate with Durham

No word yet on the Australian government’s exposing the actions of Alexander Downer in setting up George Papadopoulos in phase two of the CIA entrapment scheme. Yet it is clear that CIA assets Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, and Stefan Halper were all intimately involved in the coordinated conspiracy to portray Donald Trump as a Russian agent.

Italy sacks Intel chiefs over Mifsud – Brennan Russia Hoax fiasco

That this operation was carried out by senior elements of the State Department, CIA, DOJ, and FBI. It is a testimony to the ultimate coordination of the illegal efforts by the Obama White House.

Now that Durham has officially notified Congress of the depth and extent of the Russia hoax conspiracy, we can expect the unseemly revelations to continue to be exposed.

Italy feels used by Brennan and Obama
Italy, UK, MI-6, Papadopoulos, Mifsud, Sambei

Arvinder Sambei, center, set up the first meeting between Joseph Mifsud, left, and George Papadopoulos, right. Image composite by

One of the principle reasons behind the turn of events is that the foreign intelligence agencies and the heads of their governments feel that they were used by the Obama White House and John Brennan.

They were engaging in illegal activities that clearly interfered in the internal affairs of the United States.

The Italians government in particular is incensed. Italy is launching an intensive investigation into the entire affair. They have promised to share the results of their investigation with the United States.

The possibility of criminal prosecution in Italy against Italian officials is very real.

UK and MI-6 are up to their necks in the Russia hoax

In the UK MI-5 and MI-6 have been up to their necks in the Russia hoax conspiracy for some years now. Why they would allow themselves to be used in this way? Much less participate enthusiastically.

It was clearly a large, tightly coordinated operation. How and why did they coordinate with Halper, Downer and the FBI? What could they possibly have been thinking? It is a total mystery.

Durham investigation: President Trump can’t be indicted but Obama can be

Yet sadly, it is clear that British Intelligence services were not only aware of the efforts to entrap members of the Trump campaign. They actively participated in it.

Imagine the surprise in London, Canberra, and Rome when Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump became President. Just as in the United States, panic set in at the intelligence agencies who had played a role in the scheme. Brennan, Clapper, and Comey were completely freaking out.

As was Hillary Clinton.

Imagine what the heads of MI-6 and Italian intelligence were thinking. Well, it is now clear what they were thinking.

Certain that Hillary would win, so they played along with Brennan

It seems they were thinking they were about to be exposed. They had joined the wrong garden party. They were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like their American counterparts, they were certain Clinton would win.

Obama, Clinton, Russia, Hoax, Steele, Stefan Helper

President Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton embrace at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton would the next President. So whatever her predecessor, Barack Obama, asked them to do, they were happy to do so.  All in order to secure ties with the next administration.

Oops. Guess they were wrong.

I’m sure MI-6 didn’t expect events in the United States to reach the point where the conspiracy against Donald Trump would be exposed. They were wrong again. Now they are trying to cover their ass. That is why Christopher Steele has finally agreed to speak to Durhams investigators.

Christopher Steele: A key witness will spill the beans

Steele will lay out the details of the conspiracy from the inside. He will clearly implicate high ranking State Department, DOJ, and CIA  officials. Including John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, John Breanna, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, and Bruce Ohr.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

The Steele Dossier was instrumental in the securing of FISA warrants. Andrew Weissmann and Peter Strzok used it as the centerpiece to lie to the FISA court. To bring the full power of intelligence agencies surveillance systems to be used against sitting President of the United States.

Steele has now been forced into the position of co-operating. He has clearly reached some sort of immunity agreement. MI-6 would never let Steele participate if that had not been arranged. Steele has already confessed in a civil suit in London that he had no idea whether the information was true.

That it was all a set-up. A hoax. An international conspiracy.

A widespread conspiracy run from the Oval Office

Steele couldn’t verify the truthfulness of any aspect of the dossier. Not to the court or the FBI. Yet there is documentation of Steele repeatedly contacting senior State Department officials to push the contents of the dossier.  What Steele did is verified in the FISA document by Clinton crony Sydney Blumenthal.

Blumenthal was compiling his own dossier from Ukrainian sources.

Now its all about to come out.

I guess Obama, Brennan, Clinton, Clapper, and Comey all thought that they would get away with it. I guess they didn’t expect governments to change in Italy, Ukraine, the UK, and Australia. They didn’t expect the tables to turn. Or for the coup attempt to fail.

They never thought the whole illegal operation would see the light of day.

Now the current governments of those countries have a problem.

Of necessity, they have decided to do the right thing.

John Durham is on the case

Durhams investigators will be speaking with officials in Italy, Ukraine, the UK, and Australia. However, their willingness to cooperate is enhanced by the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States and will be until 2025.  Ongoing relations with the United States and its President is more important than the crimes they committed on behalf of Barack Obama.

Obama Clinton Coup Attempt: Decimating the “peaceful transition of power”

As the truth continues to come out they will have to come clean as to their own roles in the illegal spying on Americans using their own foreign intelligence agencies. Of course, they are only coming clean after they have been exposed. That is OK. Let the truth prevail lest the heavens fall.

Grand Jury indictments are coming

The reach of the Durham investigation will almost certainly result in indictments of a wide range of top officials in the Obama Administration. They can no longer expect their buddies in MI-6 and Italy and Australia to cover their asses for them. Those countries will be too busy covering their own asses.

That means cooperating with the Durham probe. Exposing the truth about the full range of illegal activities of the Obama White House. That means revealing all the illegalities of the CIA done at John Brennan’s request.

A Reckoning is coming

In Italy’s case, it is about decency and the rule of law. Then there is the anger at being used by the CIA and Brennan in this fashion. In the case of MI-6, it is purely a case of damage control, cutting their losses, and maintaining a healthy intelligence arrangement with the current administration in the US.

Whatever the motive, the Durham investigation will get to the truth and see that justice is done. That the coup plotters will be held accountable.

All of them, including Barack Obama.

The constitution and the rule of law demand it.  The American people expect nothing less.

L.J. Keith

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