It is time to stop blaming the NRA and the Constitution for madmen like Elliot Rodger

No Gun / No Knives / No Weapons Allowed
No Gun / No Knives / No Weapons Allowed

WASHINGTON, May 27, 2014 – Last Friday, Elliot Rodger committed a horrifying mass murder. Yet somehow, this is the fault of the NRA.

Richard Martinez is the father of one of the victims. His son, Chris Martinez, was shot by Rodger. Richard Martinez held a press conference where he immediately politicized his son’s death by blaming the NRA.

The senior Martinez, losing his child, is understandably heartbroken and he simply wants to blame the NRA.

However, it is difficult to understand how reducing American’s Second Amendment rights would somehow stop unconscionable murders.

Americans are told that magazine round limits and background checks would stop mass murders.

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Yet all of those were in place and they did not stop Elliot Rodger. When Elliot Rodger first began his rampage, he used a hammer and a knife to kill three men. Then he used three 9MM handguns to kill two women and Chris Martinez. All of those guns were legally purchased. All three guns had ten round magazines.

More importantly, Rodger’s rampage shows that it really would not have mattered if there was a complete weapons ban and Rodger’s could not have obtained a handgun; he still would have gone on a rampage. Rodger stabbed three men to death and ran down at least two others on bikes with his car.

In other words, gun control or the absence of guns would not have stopped Elliot Rodger. Rodger would have done as he did, and simply used other tools to commit his crimes.

Sadly the left immediately jumped on this as an excuse to curb the Second Amendment. Senator Richard Blumenthal immediately called for even more gun control. Perhaps someone should point out to Blumenthal that until he started shooting, Rodger complied with all of the gun control laws.

Criminals don’t care about laws. Criminals with guns do not buy them legally. When someone is planning homicide, gun laws are a minor distraction. When someone is killing as a result of mental illness, which we can all agree Rodger suffered from, gun laws won’t stop them either.

In the Virginia area, for example, someone who wants to harm, kill, other people is using bottle bombs (Another bottle bomb device explodes at AMC Tysons movie theater

California has among the most draconian gun control laws in the country. The University of California Santa Barbara is a gun free zone.  None of that stopped a killer. Gun free zones don’t stop criminals. Recently, conservatives have been joking about a Jack in the Box restaurant that posted it was a gun free zone. Within a one month period, the restaurant was robbed at gun point three times.

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The pathology of these mass murders is shockingly similar. There is a young man who has a long history of mental illness. The young man is involved in violent video games. Most of the time he is either left of center or at the least comes from a family that is left of center. These young men choose a place or places for their murder sprees that are gun free zones. None of these murder sprees happen in a Walmart in Texas or Arizona where probably half the people in the store are carrying guns.

For decades, America has listened to the left on this issue. None of the gun control measures the left has proposed over the last decades have worked. In fact, they have failed. It is impossible to remove all the guns from the United States – that will only serve to remove all the guns law abiding citizens own.

There is a reason these mass shootings are not happening in open carry states.

If banning guns and more gun laws would really stop our children from dying, and save parents like Mr. Martinez and the others who lost children to a madman, his heartbreak, erasing the Second Amendment and laws on books would be widely accepted.

But it won’t.

We need to stop blaming policy for senseless murders. We need to put the blame where it belongs. On those that would senselessly kill. Whether they are using a gun, a car, a knife, a bomb or their bare hands.

How many times must this policy fail before we say no? How many people must die before certain parts of society stop looking to laws to stop the lawless.

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  • Barbara Courtney

    I am so sorry for his loss, But Elliot did not use a legaly owned Gun, He was mentally ill. Lay the blame where it belongs, the police department, his parents ( to a little degree, as they tried to prevent this) and his counselors. Stop blaming Guns. People pull the trigger.

    • Bren Pool Vignaroli

      I agree Barbara…and this is why the problem continues grow. The REAL issue (broken mental health system) continues to get covered up and smoothed over by the anti gun rhetoric while the mentally ill continue to roam the streets like walking time bombs. It’s just easier for them to blame guns and try to tear down our second amendment, then confront the real problem. Until the law makers are willing to deal with the issues of re-opening our mental health hospitals across this country and take the ACLU out of the equation…these types of bloodbaths will continue.

    • Howard


      What were the Police to do? The law requires that you be adjudicated by a court as a danger to yourself or others. Elliot was not. The only reason he was interviewed by Police was a report by a Social Worker. A Social Worker is not a doctor and cannot have people committed to a mental health facility. So the Police did all they could and interviewed him. He may have been on his medication at the time as they found no reason to pursue further investigation into him.

      He had three therapists who failed him completely. Not one of them referred him for psychiatric evaluation. That would have been a step in the right direction. Not one of them reported to the police that he was a danger to himself or others and Elliot never let on to them (until it was too late) that he planned on committing a crime.

      From his rantings it would seem that his parents did the most damage in raising an entitled child who felt that he was entitled to be rich and that would solve all of his problems. Your children are your responsibility. Always. It is up to parents to do everything they can to build adults who can be productive members of society, there is no evidence that Elliot’s parents made any effort to do so. He was an entitled brat. Pair that with, what appears to be, mental instability and you have a recipe for disaster.

      I agree completely that Elliot should not have been able to legally own guns, but maybe his parents should have been a little more involved and taken them away from him. If they were concerned about his reaction, then a call to the Police would have been warranted. “Hello, 911, I am worried about my Son. He is making threats and has a gun. He has been seeing a therapist and I am worried about what he may do.” That probably would have been enough to get his guns taken away and a 48 hour stay for a psych evaluation.

      The real broken piece of our culture is we have created generations of spoiled, entitled brats used to having their way and when they throw a fit there are no consequences for them. When they enter adulthood their expectations are distorted because they have no experience with responsibility and earning anything, so they are at a loss. They are unprepared. We will continue to see more and more of this as we continue to create children that are not equipped to be adults.

      If you want to fix it, teach your children responsibility and consequences. It will not go away completely, but it certainly will be mitigated.

    • All three guns were bought legally from 3 different gun stores, three separate months, passing the background check each time along the way.

      Kid was in therapy since he was 8 years old yet for whatever reason his therapists thought he was enough of a threat to tell his parents, but couldn’t be bothered to enter him into the system. And thats mandated in CA

  • 191145

    Mr. Martinez lives in California and CLEARLY KNOWS CALIFORNIA GUN LAWS ! He is now promoting complete disarmament of the law abiding nationwide. Make no mistake this is what it’s coming down to. Not one word out of his mouth addresses MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES ! Only words of contempt for the rights of law abiding citizens. He thinks if there were no guns, his son would be alive today and only those people who were killed with a hammer and knife would be dead ! But that’s ok, cause his child would be alive today. I feel bad for this man however he needs to promote mental health initiatives and not more gun control. Making everyone a target is not the answer.

  • ramrodd

    my comment was not posted

  • TexTopCat

    It seems that criminals are never responsible, it is always someone or something else that caused their criminal activities. When are we as a society going to wake up and have people take responsibility for themselves.
    This killer had everything possible given to him. but the liberal always find someone to blame.

    • Howard

      You are correct, he had everything given to him. If you read some of his whiny “manifesto” you see a spoiled little brat who expected the world to fall at his feet and is angry that it does not happen. No sense of value, work ethic or responsibility was instilled into him as a child.

      If you want to find the cause, start at home.

  • ramrodd

    Mental health is the avenue to gun confiscation..
    http fff. org/ explore-freedom/ article/ who-is-mentally-ill/

  • The author forgot to mention that CA already mandates that health professionals report people into the system. He was in therapy literally since he was 8 years old but was never considered enough of a threat to himself or to others to be entered into the system.

  • P VC

    ‘We can all agree that it’s mental illness’. No. I don’t agree. It’s rape culture. Proof is that many sympathy pages have appeared for the killer, not the victims. Some people genuinely think that if ‘women would have just given themselves away, this could have been prevented’.

    Another thing that pisses me off about your article is how you’re bringing up violent video games in conjunction with mental illness. It takes away your credibility as a serious journalist. Stop using violent video games as a scapegoat. Next thing will be gorehorror movies and grindcore metal. All of the above contain violent images, but they don’t ’cause’ mental illness. Mental illness is more complex than that. Usually it’s an existing condition or one that comes from the interpersonal relationships with other human beings (ex. children victim of abuse, children who witness things they shouldn’t). If anything, for many people, violent video games are a way to ‘purge’ frustrations in a realm of fantasy.You know when you get ticked off that people ‘blame guns’ ? The same thing goes for video games. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    That being said, I agree with the rest. Lets not blame guns, let’s not blame video games, let’s not blame individual mental illness, let’s realize that we have some intense cleaning up to do if we want to leave a future for our kids where our daughters will be respected by men, and where our sons will respect women.

  • Skyre

    “The young man is involved in violent video games.” – Really? So are millions of others, yet they don’t go on rampages. Don’t over simplify, or throw out blanket reasoning. It’s why guns get such a raw deal, and there’s no need for it to spread to Gamers as well. Beyond that though, you’re right. People have been saying it for decades, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.

  • wade

    Violent Video Games!!! Horrors! I bet he drank water and used tylenol too. Please, Please Please stop trying to alienate everyone under the age of 40 by throwing the first amendment under the bus to protect the second. Whenever a gun rights advocate invokes video games, most people under 40 immediately discount anything else they say.

    If you want censorship, go join forces with Tipper Gore and Hillary Clinton and get off my side.

  • Adam

    I’d just like to point out that 57% of guns recovered at crime scenes were purchased at just 1% of gun dealers. Granted, this is now old data (the study was done in 1995), because the NRA has actually pushed through legislation that prevents the study and analyzation of new data. The NRA can thank former Kansas Rep Todd Tiahrt for attaching his Tiahrt Amendment to an unrelated spending bill.

    Also, “Nearly half of the [firearm] dealers could not account for all of their guns, for a total of 13,271 missing firearms. … And they had made nearly 700 sales to potential traffickers or prohibited people.” This is due in large part to the direct efforts of the NRA fighting to reduce the size and effectiveness of the ATF. It was the NRA working with one of their great supporters in Congress, Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) who, 2006, attached an amendment to a renewal of the US PATRIOT Act that required congressional approval for a new director for the ATF. After which, the ATF was without a full time director for 7 years. Incidentally that same year Rep Sensebrenner received the Defender of Freedom Award from the NRA.

    While the mental health system in this country is in need of improvement, you cannot ignore or dismiss how effective the NRA has been in stifling any and all efforts to reduce gun violence.

  • Adam

    I am disappointed, but not entirely surprised, to find that my comments that directly contradict the opinions expressed in this piece were not approved. This is not fair or balanced, nor is it journalism, nor is it in keeping with the First Amendment. You need to change your tag line from “Telling the Whole Story 24 Hours a Day” to “Telling the story we want you to hear”.

  • Richard Matthews

    This is again further proof that the government should ban hammers. I’ve seen first hand the misery these unregulated weapons cause and I every country with a thriving Home Depot culture, violence is rife. Every attempt to ban these lethal tools is blocked by the National Hammer Association (who we know are all HD card carrying members), yet after every instance of violence and horror you see Chairman Stacy Keach claiming “u can’t touch this”.

    This kid was clearly mentally ill, I mean who takes a hammer and knife to a fight when they have a gun? ? But hammers must be banned. Won’t anybody think of the picture hook marks? ?

    • I blame home depot. They are in the pocket of hammer manufactureres across the globe