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It is past time for US elections systems to enter the 21st Century

Written By | Jun 7, 2021
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ILLINOIS: Voting is not Rocket Science so let’s stop pretending it is, ok?  Recently retiring after a very interesting and rewarding career as a technology educator in both secondary and post-secondary education, one of the fields I taught was Internet use and web programming.  Matter of fact, I was the first to do so in my college.  To design and teach a new class you have to do hours of study and research to become expert enough to be able to lead your students through the unknown.

In the 1990s the Internet and web programming was new to all of us. 

One thing I learned early on was there is a criminal element looking to steal from others on the Internet. These cybercriminals are masters at hacking and phishing schemes.  So much so that I made a decision early on to not use the Internet for any of my own personal online banking or bill paying because of security concerns.

You can imagine my concern when I retired and was forced to make use of both the online Medicare and Social Security websites. Two places where I had to log in using my most precious identity, my Social Security number.  Both of these government websites are not run by a private company such as Dominion Voting System as was used in our most recent national election.

The Social Security Administration’s own website explains,

“The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Systems (ODCS) directs the conduct of systems and operational integration and strategic planning processes, and the implementation of a comprehensive systems configuration management, database management and data administration program.”

Because of my newfound trust in dealing with the Social Security Administration online, I got to thinking,

“Why don’t we do absentee voting by a government-run online system using our Social Security numbers without our names?”

This would make far more sense than mail-in ballots the Democrats have pushed for.  How stupid is it to have to lick an envelope shut during a supposed pandemic?  How long does COVID-19 live on paper?  There was even a news story to this last year that went viral, “Washington state warns voters they shouldn’t lick their mail-in ballots”.

I have never trusted machine voting systems as machines can be made to do whatever you want them to do.  The oldest adage of computing is, “Garbage in, garbage out.” This meaning the data you get out will only be as good as the data you put in.

A failsafe voting system for the future will be for in-person voting using paper and hand-counted/scanned ballots. There may also be a Federally operated online Internet voting system whereby both systems would require ballot chain-of-custody by way of a Social Security Number, hand-printed/entered to each ballot cast either in print or online.

A secondary part of this idea would be for voters to be able to go online and check to see who they voted for. 

They could also see their voting record over the years.  A vote cast in error could instantly be canceled by the voter before the election count or challenges after the election count in the event of hanky panky.

A third part to securing our future Federal elections is to make election fraud a serious Federal crime with mandatory prison sentences in Federal prisons.  In this last election, it seemed like nobody wanted to do the job of investigating election fraud.  It also seems like those who were so obviously guilty of election fraud, such as those captured on video, were not prosecuted for their crime.

If people perceive they can get away with a crime, more people will attempt that crime. 

That is just human nature.  Criminal acts have to have consequences and the best place to start to make some examples is in Congress in Washington, D.C.!

Sending one party home under the false pretense of stopping the count for the night, while the other party continues to count unobserved through the night, is a criminal act. Certifying a Federal election with a substantial number of cast ballots lacking a proper chain-of-custody is also a criminal act.

If every ballot cannot be traced back to a legal voter, the ballot has to be assumed to be fraudulent and counted illegally.

Many people wrongfully think the FBI is the office responsible for counterfeit currency when, in fact, it is the Secret Service. 

The Secret Service website states:

“The Secret Service safeguards the payment and financial systems of the United States from a wide range of financial and cyber-based crimes. Financial investigations include counterfeit U.S. currency, bank, and financial institution fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, illicit financing operations, and major conspiracies.”

Some might well argue that our paper ballots representing our votes are more important than our paper currency, particularly since so many transactions are now electronic.  It is high time our Secret Service office be expanded to investigate counterfeit ballots in Federal elections.

In the same fashion, our Space Force would be used to investigate online voting fraud offering their reports to the Secret Service.

Voters required to use some form of identification such as Social Security numbers would greatly reduce election fraud chances in the future.  Also, Federal offices should be protected by a Federal voting system apart from State and local elections.  That is just logical and the time for the two to be split off is now as we can readily see the states, left to their own devices, are as suspect as mail-in ballots lacking any form of chain-of-custody.

It is pretty easy to check and see if a dead person just voted using a Social Security number checklist. It’s time we do the easiest things to protect our elections.


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About the author:

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability.  Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.”

Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting.  His website is www.IDrawIwrite.Tech.




Mark Schwendau