It is not time for Ben Carson to step out of the light

We the people want a president, not a tyrant. Conservative voters do not want the politicians, like Rubio or Cruz, the GOP is shoving down our throats.

Ben Carson Spotlight | Image courtesy of Ben Carson Facebook photos

SAN JOSE, February 27, 2016 – Americans who are still paying attention to the GOP “debate bubble” last week witnessed much of the same venomous bickering and personal attacks between the candidates that they saw in many of the previous debates. CNN was probably ecstatic for the ratings as viewers witnessed another version of political “Hunger Games.”

In fact, the mainstream television networks owe a great deal of gratitude to Hollywood for coming up with the perfect way to destroy the Republican Party.

It is hard to believe that the American people witness such personal attacks, merciless mudslinging, and public ridicule, and can still deem it an intelligent “debate.” Sadly, the very Republicans who are seeking the one true candidate who can “kick butt,” may be severely disappointed.

What if Dr. Ben Carson drops from the race?

The GOP Debates are ostensibly designed to help Republican and assorted other American voters get closer to a realistic decision concerning who would be the best possible candidate to run for POTUS for the Republican Party in 2016. Yet, from the beginning of the GOP “debates” last year, it appeared that the media’s idea of a debate is like an MMA event for political contenders. The contest makes for good television – it serves as entertainment. The real winner is not anyone on the debate stage, but those who staged the event.

To seal the illusion, paid “commentators” play up the value of the event, and propagate their personal opinions about the various candidates or voice whatever they are paid to parrot from their network.

And the Republican voters accept the illusion.

An intelligent Republican voter needs to keep in mind the nature of the host network, and to remember that the media controls the framework and content of what is being presented to the American people regarding any particular issue. What ensues during the “debate” as the media hosts are paid to create a “show,” is the instigation of any possible fight. And if the Establishment GOP happens to be struggling for control of the Party, the operatives will send their “main man” into the fray “locked and loaded.”

The media hosts and the big television conglomerates win, while the American people lose.

The American people have the mistaken notion that big media has helped the various candidates and helped the people become better informed about the better candidate for the nomination. Big media has been, and still is, on the side of the Democrats and big government, which has led to tyranny. But Americans are fed up with divisiveness and with the party known for divisiveness, the Democrats.

In this environment, Republicans are taught to believe by these “debates” that the best leader is the “toughest,” “kick butt” type personality who can accuse, belittle, condemn, and divide the supporters of the candidates in order to win the GOP nomination.

Meanwhile outside the GOP “battle bubble,” the rest of the country and the rest of the world watch and wonder at the spectacle. Conservatives and Establishment Republicans are locked in “mortal combat” to determine the meanest, toughest, SOB in the race. Yet, America suffers under one of the most insidious and manipulative regimes of soft tyranny in U.S. history.

Are Republicans via the media moguls slowly coming to accept, being manipulated into thinking, that Americans need to elect a tyrant – no matter what Party?

Why aren’t the majority of the questions aimed at the GOP candidates embarrassing to the current administration? Why are commentators asking questions meant to embarrass Republicans, while Hillary Clinton questions about her favorite president?

When is the last time the American people determined their “candidate of choice” as opposed to the Party choice?

Right now, the Democrats are stacking the deck for the suspected criminal Hillary Clinton, and the GOP is all about pouring as much money as they can into Marco Rubio’s run after the Bush fade. When is the last time America elected a candidate not riddled with skeletons in the closet and questionable ties to wealthy people who demand the nominee dance to their tune, and not to the melodies preferred by the American people?

Through the television networks and the “debates” media moguls are not only exposing the dirty laundry of many of the GOP candidates, but they are preparing the November stage and Republican failure in the main event.

The remaining five candidates have the attention of their serious supporters because they see in their candidate of choice a reflection of their values and their sentiments and the potential success of their respective agendas. But, the Establishment GOP is struggling to hold on to the core of their Party.

The simplicity of this year as an outright rebellion against the Party that “knows how to pick the winner” is astounding, yet it seems to escape many Republicans who have been in lock step with the traditional party network for over three decades.

Voters are rediscovering Ben Carson. Is it too late?

The GOP, as well as some of the contenders, want to further thin the field of the competition, and reports indicate that the GOP would like John Kasick to fall on his sword for the Party. As for Ben Carson, the GOP has all but rendered him invisible. It is all to maintain authority over their Party.

In time of war, good soldiers are expected to obey. In times of political elections, Party operatives are expected to obey by doing what the Party demands. This is why Donald Trump is so dangerous. Trump is so wealthy he does not have to pander to a wealthy GOP Elite for millions of dollars to support his run for office. Trump can thumb his nose at the blue blood elites as he cannot be manipulated by their money. But it also means he can thumb his nose at anyone he wants.

Dr. Ben Carson is also dangerous to the establishment. Carson is also dangerous because he will not accept donations from the Elite Establishment billionaires, nor money from the insidious lobbyists.

If that is the case, then an obvious question is how is Carson still around? That answer is astounding. His money comes from directly from the small donations of the “common” people. This source, despite such integrity, has been targeted again and again by unscrupulous politicians and political hacks who want to separate people from Carson in any way possible.

Since the days of the Iowa caucuses, there have been several of Carson’s “friendly” detractors attempting to persuade him to accept the fact that only the other candidates can win. And despite the fact that Carson may be the best liked GOP candidate, the myth persists that he cannot win, and should leave the race.

With regard to Ben Carson’s right to be heard, and to continue this race without people demanding he get out, Republicans and all Americans should consider a few other questions that may help put it into perspective. Do mid-western farmers call it quits when they suffer a single grueling season of loss? Do Americans in the SEC like it when their favorite football team “phones in” the second half of the game after starting off a game by scoring few points in the first half? Are NCAA basketball fans supportive when one of their favorite players on a Final Four team “throws in the towel” before an intense game ends?

Would the blacks in Alabama made much progress in the Civils Rights Movement if they had given up after they were told by Democrat tyrants that they could never win? Could Texans be proud of any surrender at the Alamo? Would America have come into existence had George Washington surrendered at Valley Forge?

An honest look at honest Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson should not quit the race! Carson deserves the right to be heard; he deserves the right to finish the race, and he deserves the support of brave souls who dare to believe they can take their country back from any elitists who continue to spew their “knowledge” that only they can pick a winner, or he cannot win. Such a ridiculous statement is like saying “our candidate is the only one who can win because we said so.”  And, as good as the “real” pollsters may seem to be, they make serious mistakes in their polling predictions. In 2016, pollsters were in error in Iowa, they were in error in New Hampshire, they were off in South Carolina, and in Nevada.

Benjamin Carson is an American citizen who deserves the right to run (like any other candidate) for President of the United States of America. He stands upon the foundation of those who had earned the civil rights of all people whose rights had been denied for almost 200 years under the laws in the U.S.A.  Carson stands upon the foundation of the black Christian church, which was the heart and soul of the Civil Rights Movement. Those brave souls did not give up because they seemed to have lost so much to those who kept telling them they would never win. Those brave souls finally stopped listening to those who told them they would never win, and acted upon their faith and genuine desire for freedom. Those brave souls began to believe, and their faith made a way for them to win.

Ben Carson can win, if supporters would stop listening to the paid “professional” political “strategists” and the doctor’s opponents, and vote for the candidate who truly earns their respect and trust.

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Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for a multi-billion dollar division of Johnson & Johnson for several years. Now semi-retired, he is an adjunct faculty member at West Valley College in California. He currently writes a column on US history and one on American freedom for the Communities Digital News, as well as writing for other online publications. During the 2016 presidential primaries, he worked as the leader of a network of writers, bloggers, and editors who promoted the candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson. He founded the “We the People” Network of writers and the Citizen Sentinels Project to pro-actively promote the values and principles established at the founding of the United States, and to discover and support more morally centered citizen-candidates who sincerely seek election as public servants, not politicians.