It Is Lose-Lose to be a Jew These Days

Only by demanding an honest discussion on the threat of Islamic terror can the civilized world give the Jews a win.


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel January 28, 2015 — Two Israeli soldiers, Cap. Yohai Kalangel, 25, and Sgt. Dor Haim Nini, 20, are dead and seven more are injured after their vehicle was hit by an anti-tank missile shot by Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon this afternoon. Hezbollah claims that it carried out this attack in retaliation for Israel’s strike on a Hezbollah convoy in Syria last week killing six of the terrorist organization’s members as well as six Iranians, including a senior general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Many saw this coming. Only some, however, are blaming Zionism, Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu in particular for the death of these soldiers.

But who really is to blame?

Let us begin by asking: What could have been done to prevent this?

Many on the left will say that if only Israel would stop antagonizing Islamic groups, such as when Israel bombs a bunch of Hezbollah members during a meeting with a leader of the Iranian military, Israel would not bring upon itself the terror and death that it is currently withstanding.

But that is, for lack of a better word, garbage. The reason the IDF had to bomb that meeting is because, in all likelihood, the powwow centered around a discussion on effective ways to kill the very soldiers who were killed Wednesday, if not hundreds of other innocent Israelis in the near future.

Therefore, when people such as Yariv Oppenhimer, the pompous Israeli head of the radical left-wing group Peace Now, knee-jerk Tweets “After the attack in Syria a few days ago, it was clear that Hezbollah will respond. Backlash and war is in Israel’s interest? What we will gain from it?” he is putting Israel in an impossible situation.

By this equation, attack the Hezbollah-Iran cell in Syrian and suffer the backlash, specifically the murder of two young men in the prime of their lives. Or, don’t attack and await the slaughter the cell was most likely planning where at least two or more young Israeli men or women would be cut down in the prime of their lives.

Lose-lose for the Jews.

So the Barack Obamas of the world say that the attacks are a result of irresponsible Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and Jerusalem. This too is refuse. The group that killed Cpt. Kalangel and Sgt. Haim Nini were not Palestinian. They were from Syria and Lebanon and wanted to kill IDF soldiers because they believe it is their duty to murder Jews.

By this logic, Jews must stop building on their G-d-given land because it makes people want to kill them. But if they don’t continue to build, that land will be taken over by the Palestinians, which will, in turn, be used as strategic outposts for the next war waged on the Jewish State.

Lose-lose for the Jews.

So the left-wing “Free Palestine” movements on American college campuses say if the Jews would just get out of Israel altogether, since they stole it all from the Palestinians anyway, these attacks would stop. This too is a bunch of rubbish. Jews that aren’t living in Israel have increasingly become the target of radical Islamic terrorism.

By this narrative, the Jews stay in Israel and suffer the wrath of terrorists from all over the world who are fighting on behalf of the downtrodden Palestinians, or all the Jews get out of Israel and go live in places such as France and Argentina, where radical Islamic terrorists murder them for being Jews.

Lose-lose for the Jews.

And then John Kerry will say, according to Breitbart, that this can’t be true because “it would be a mistake to link Islam to criminal conduct rooted in alienation, poverty, thrill-seeking and other factors.” This is once again pure sewage. Jihadis act in the name of Islam. It is also not criminal, it is murderous and evil. That is not to say that all Muslims believe or support this type of behavior but to deny the religious and ideological nature of these killings because it may offend is irresponsible and dishonest.

By this reasoning, we must accept that there are simply criminals in the world who are bored so Jews must die, or we accept that hating Jews is one of the tenants of Jihadi culture but we are not allowed to say it out loud so it will be able to continue to fester and spread.

Lose-lose for the Jews.

So where does this leave us? Whose fault is the death of these two young men?

The answer is all of us.

It is upon us all to stop people from justifying the killing of Israelis because it is a response to “Israeli aggression.”

It is upon us all to stop people from blaming the murder of Jews on “settlement construction announcements in East Jerusalem.”

It is upon us all to stop people from asserting that kicking the Jews out of their homeland will bring peace on earth.

It is upon us all to stop people from claiming that Islamic terrorists murder people because they are poor and bored.

It is upon us all to demand that the truth be told, and the truth is this:

Cap. Yohai Kalangel and Sgt. Dor Haim Nini were murdered because radical Islamic terrorists believe it is their mission in life to kill them. They specifically were murdered because they happened to be working along the Israel-Lebanon border a short time after Israel had prevented a different attack on its citizens with a pre-emptive strike in Syria. If they weren’t killed today it would have been other Israelis tomorrow, and that would have been just fine by Hezbollah, because they believe every Jew is equally subhuman and deserves to die.

Pretending that there is any other reason for Hezbollah’s attack is to put the Jews in a lose-lose situation.

Telling the truth about the evil in our midst is the only way to turn the situation of the Jews into a potential win.

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  • Joe Chernicoff

    Discussions, conference and all that jazz doesn’t accomplish anything except making the participants feel good about themselves…since these followers of Islam who are against the fundamentalist interpretation of the ‘religion’ cannot, or will not, do anything to stop the anti-Semitic attacks, then Israel should apply the security Golden Rule – ‘Do Unto Others As They Would Do Unto You’. Preemption sure as hell beats waiting around for someone to attack.

    Remember that during the Cold War, during the Nixon Administration, the Soviets feared that President Nixon was crazy and would attack Russia with nuclear weapons, thus stopping any plans they may have been developing

  • Isaac Walls

    It never ceases to amaze me when i hear people refer to the current inhabitants of modern day Israel as legitimate Israelites. The truth is that very few, if any of them, are actual descendants of the ancient biblical Hebrews/Israelites. It may come as a shock to some people but the ancient Hebrews were black/dark brown in skin color, and do not resemble any of the impostors that are currently possessing the land of Israel. The Messiah would’ve resembled the so called, “African American” man. I strongly urge anyone anyone that is truly interested in the truth to do some extensive research about the true identity of the Black Race.