It is 1984: Obama – FCC wants to send investigators into newsrooms

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WASHINGTON,  February 20, 2014  – We may be thirty years past George Orwell’s prediction however, Obama and the FCC plan to put investigators into every newsroom reeks of the author’s fearsome Big Brother. Many conservatives refer to Barack Obama’s presidency as the “Obama Regime” which, at the very least, suggests a lawless administration, an illegitimate administration.  Sadly these terms are accurate because the Obama regimes latest move, to control the news, is worthy of third world banana republics.

This action by the FCC would totally strip away the freedoms that our nation has enjoyed since before the founding of the Republic.

The Government, specifically the Federal Communications Commission is going to send investigators into newsrooms across the nation as a part of something it refers to as “Multi market study of critical information needs.”  What that means in plain English, and according to the FCC, is that a Federal Communications Commission study of newsrooms will be conducted in order “identify and understand the critical information needs of the American public, with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations.” 

What could possibly go wrong?

The government is going to be looking over the shoulders of editors as they decide which news story they will publish.  Which news stories you will be able to read.  For broadcast stations, this means the governmental entity that decides whether they get to keep their broadcast license wants to know how they select the news. These inquiries will center around news stories for underserved populations and “perceived bias.” Translation, if the Regime does not like the news stories the TV stations are covering, the TV stations risk losing their licenses as they come up for renewal.  A TV license is worth millions of dollars.

And if this door is opened, a move to control the Internet cannot be far behind.

This is the Obama Regime.  This is the same Regime that has targeted journalists.  This is the same regime that treated Fox News Journalist James Rosen as if he were a criminal, simply for doing his job.

The danger in this is alarming. Or as Jim Morrison of The Doors said:

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

For those who are not aware, broadcast TV is today’s dinosaur.  It looks up in the sky, wondering what that bright shinny object it sees is. That bright, shinny object is the internet and the capability of the internet to deliver on demand content.  Just as AM radio once ruled the dial and is now mostly dead, broadcast TV is in its last days.

With this move, the Obama Regime can extend FCC jurisdiction to cover the Internet.  It wants to control the information that people have access to. It wants to control our minds.

The Internet and conservative news sources were invaluable in the creation of the Tea Party movement in 2009 and it is arguable that the Tea Party movement might not have gotten off the ground without the Internet. Obama and the left long for the days of the seventies when the left had an absolute control over the media. They long for the days before conservative talk radio and before Fox News. They long for the days before the Internet allowed anyone with a computer to publish content.

Tyrants cannot stand the competition of ideas.  They cannot stand the thought that someone dares to disagree with liberal orthodoxy or fights it.  The Democrats are officially the party of socialism now.  The first thing socialists do when they take full control of a government is to kill the free press.  This is the goal of the Obama Regime.

If this plan moves forward, every American should be in the streets to protest the murder of the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional liberties.

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  • Tanya Grimsley

    So true it’s absolutely frightening!

  • Moe

    This entire administration is frightening!

  • harriet steele

    Orwell’s 1984 is coming true if Obama has his way!

  • Tom Winegar

    What’s really frightening is that he ever won a Presidential primary. It’s obvious that America’s Democrat voters are woefully ignorant about history or even the dangers of trusting the government to do what is right for them. Our situation is 100% the fault of those voters so remember who they are and cut them off when things get bad enough that their lives depend on a handout from the people that knew better…………US!

  • Mike Bixby

    What are we going to do about it? The election is over and he has two more years to transform the country.This is being done in the dark,it’s time to ring the bells if you want to keep the nation that we all love.Don’t listen to the attacks,spread the truth, damn the torpedoes.