Is the select committee on Benghazi political or a search for truth?

The men who died in the Benghazi attack

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 6, 2014 – Why is an investigation into the events of 9/11 Part Two considered by so many to be a waste of time and money, a mere political exercise? The only obvious answer is politics.

It is difficult to comprehend why the majority of national media is so disinterested in getting to the truth about Benghazi, unless again we invoke politics.

In general, journalists are lazy. If Rush Limbaugh wasn’t the first to point out how media gets in lockstep with White House talking points, he was certainly a pioneer, using audio montages to demonstrate how the press echoes the words or phrases of the day almost verbatim

A good sports writer can actually cover a major event from the press room without ever seeing a single play. He can reproduce an accurate commentary on any given game just from the wealth of data that is spoon-fed to him. With written play-by-play, stats, quotes and a comment or two from the locker room, the writer never has to break a sweat. The same is true with White House journalists who take the easy way out.

During the Nixon presidency, every budding reporter wanted to be Woodward or Bernstein. But Nixon was a Republican and it was cool to get dirt on “Tricky Dick.”

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With Benghazi there doesn’t have to be a cover-up to have a story. There are more than enough unsavory activities that should have every member of the press asking questions, and the story should capture every American’s interest if, for no other reason, than it directly leads to corruption in the White House.

Opponents of a special committee to delve into the Benghazi incident claim that there have already been several other inquiries. There have, but the opposition stonewalled them for the most part, making them only partial hearings. It was not that way in the days of Nixon and Watergate, when both parties sought the truth.

The Benghazi hearings were formatted in such a way that serious lines of questioning were cut off after five minutes, which allowed a good witness, a la Hillary Clinton and others, to blow smoke long enough to digress from the subject at hand. While there were hearings, they were hardly effective.

So why doesn’t anyone want to know where the president was that night of the Behghazi raid? The commander in chief was AWOL. Even if he was in the White House, it still defies credulity that he would not be in a location where he could monitor real time events with his staff. Not only do we not know, the president has no desire to tell us.

What about Hillary Clinton’s involvement? There has to be a reason why the YouTube video was used as the scapegoat. Obama was in the middle of his re-election campaign. Clinton was trying to preserve her image while winding down her duties as America’s uber-diplomat. Both were highly personal and selfish reasons for ignoring the slaughter of four Americans on foreign soil. Those two reasons alone should be enough to make the media curious and the American people furious.

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Susan Rice’s appearances on the five Sunday news shows were all about making her a scapegoat to provide cover for Obama and Clinton. The administration has shown clear disdain for the people they serve, and they’ve clearly demonstrated their personal arrogance and abuse of power.

Supporters of a party typically follow party leadership like lemmings over a cliff. That fact that Democrats are all over the networks decrying John Boehner’s decision to look further into Benghazi owes more to concern about the upcoming mid-term elections than to dismay over wasting congressional time and resources.

It is baffling why Americans who have been repeatedly lied to about Obamacare, al-Qaeda, the NSA, the IRS and other events, as well as Benghazi, would not want to have the truth and why the media would not seek answers.

Playing politics is the new national pastime. But doing so with American lives takes dirty politics to a different level. It is little wonder Democrats are scared to death about the prospects of new information about Benghazi being revealed before November.

Despite that, it is in the best interests of the United States and its people to get to the bottom of the muck and mire surrounding Benghazi just to put some element of trust back into our government. And for that, the select committee should be supported by both parties. Just as it was in the days of Watergate.


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  • dellt

    Benghazi is both, firstly a search for something that is
    always lacking in this administration – the truth and accountability.
    Secondly, anything congress does is political; they are all politicians trying
    to sway the electorate one way or another.

    Benghazi however has become a vast conspiracy to hide the truth from the American
    people, starting with Pres. Obama and ending with Hillary Clinton with the
    DOJ’s Holder willingly caught in the middle. Joining with Obama and
    everyone in his administration, along with most of the democrat base, is the
    horrendously biased mass media.

    No longer do democrats give a damn about being lied to, it wasn’t that long ago
    they were up in arms thinking (incorrectly) that GWB had lied to everyone about
    Saddam’s WMDs. But now, with Obama openly lying about everything from
    healthcare to the IRS and Benghazi, they just do not give a damn. All
    have circled their wagons to protect their leader, regardless of how despicable
    he is, and to protect their next heir to the throne, Hillary.

    Nothing these top democrats do arise to the level of indecency, not even if the
    deaths of four Americans can be directly attributed to them, through
    incompetence or the lack of any attempted rescue to save them.

    Obama left those and all the rest who managed to escape, to perish in order to
    protect his chance of getting a second term and that was all that mattered then
    and to escape any responsibility, that is all that matters to democrats now.

    Disgustingly horrid example of leadership on both Obama and Hillary’s part, and
    then lying and allowing an innocent man to be jailed to help perpetuate their
    lie about the video should be criminal.

    What Obama and Hillary did regarding Benghazi and the aftermath are not what
    America is or was or has ever been until we entered the decadent age of the
    Obama era (error).

    Now to have so-called journalists acting more like court jesters than reporters
    of facts is sickening and to those of us old enough are very reminiscent of the
    Pravda of the old USSR. In essence that is almost what we have now in
    this country, a state-run media who consistently lie to the people to cover for
    the tyrants in charge.

  • Bozeman

    Most Americans are starting to recognize that Hussein Obama is a menace to mankind.

  • anna07

    It is disgraceful that Jay Carney stands at the podium everyday and the media does not question his outrageous lies. If they do question him the media does not report it. In all of my years, I have never seen anything like it. Since Obama came on the scene the media has turned into his cheerleader instead of looking out for us the American public.