Sandra Fluke: California carpetbagger – the lies come home to roost

Sandra Fluke / Photo by Mark Brocher, used under Flicker Creative Commons license
Sandra Fluke / Photo by Mark Brocher, used under Flicker Creative Commons license

LOS ANGELES, August 5, 2014 — The 26th Senate District race in California was supposed to be non-controversial. The District covering many areas of Los Angeles is overwhelmingly liberal. California’s open primary meant two Democrats would compete in the general election. Not one Republican even successfully filed to compete in this safe Democratic seat, a seat guaranteed to be won by a liberal should have put everyone to sleep.

Then she came along.

She is Sandra Fluke. When she was insulted by radio host Rush Limbaugh, she became a darling of the left. When she speaks, she offers sentiments so anathema to conservatives that they may find her the most detestable liberal woman in America not named Hillary Clinton.

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Yet unlike Hillary, it is not Republicans who desperately want Fluke defeated. Many of her fellow Democrats do not feel this woman has earned the right to be near even the smallest lever of political power in California.

These critics are progressives. They are remaining anonymous to avoid antagonizing a potential rising star in the Democratic Party. Fluke received a personal call from President Obama. She spoke at the Democratic Convention in Tampa. She is smart, tough and tenacious.

She may also be an unrepentant liar.

The initial charge against her is that she is a carpet-bagger. She was raised in a comfortable home in a remote neighborhood in Pennsylvania. As of 2010, the entire population of Saxton, Pennsylvania was 736 people. The entire town is less than one half of one square mile. She got her undergraduate degree from Ivy League powerhouse Cornell in Ithaca, New York.

Fluke then moved to the wealthy Upper Westside of New York to continue her political activism in failed progressive causes. In 2009 she attended the prestigious Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C. She graduated in 2012. In 2007 she began a long-distance relationship with a metrosexual Jewish guy attempting to make it in Hollywood, California. This is where her biography gets murky.

Fluke has repeatedly insisted on the campaign trail that she has lived in California since 2007. The evidence shows otherwise.

Fluke was dating Adam Mutterperl for several years. They became engaged in April of 2012 and are now married. However, their multi-year courtship was not a traditional long distance relationship. Mutterperl lived in New York from 2001 through 2007. He and Fluke met and became a couple in New York. Mutterperl then moved to Los Angeles in 2007 while Fluke remained in New York, serving on several New York City commissions and task forces..

A basic search of public records shows a series of addresses for Sandra K. Fluke from 2003 through 2009, all in New York. 93rd Street on the Upper Westside was her stomping ground.

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When Republicans tried to claim that Fluke had a Hillary problem, the same Democrats criticizing Fluke defended Hillary. Mrs. Clinton was raised in Illinois and spent her adult life in Arkansas before moving to Washington. In seeking a New York Senate seat, Hillary did come across as insincere when she claimed to have been a lifelong Yankees fan. Bill Clinton’s personal strategist Dick Morris disputed her claim. However, Hillary never claimed to have watched the Yankees games from Chappaqua, New York. She may have lied about her favorite sports team, but she did not lie about her residence.

Fluke has been given ample opportunities to retract her claim. She would not be the first person to fall in love with the beautiful weather and beaches of Los Angeles. Plenty of people leave cold weather areas in search of the dying but not completely dead California dream. She probably visited her then-boyfriend frequently. Her family has enough money to fund her traveling lifestyle from coast to coast. This is not the same thing as having a legal residence in an area.

Her repeated insistence that she made her home in California as early as 2007 is simply not true. She was in New York through 2009 and then went to D.C. She did not graduate from her Washington Beltway law school until 2012.

Fluke has not explained discrepancies in her story, and her own biography has been deleted from the Georgetown Law website.

Republicans should worry about Fluke because she could become the next Barbara Boxer, which Fluke would most likely see as a badge of honor. Despite lacking any notable life accomplishments, being female is frequently enough to get elected to higher offices in California. The Golden State has become the grievance state, where identity politics works.

Some Democrats simply resent Fluke. She has not paid her dues. She has never held a meaningful job. She has certainly never done the grunt work required to succeed in local politics. She is a celebrity candidate attempting to leapfrog other liberals who have dedicated their careers to progressive causes.

The overly ambitious Fluke initially aimed for the Congressional seat being vacated by Henry Waxman. More than one female Democrat strong-armed Fluke out of that race and reminded her to respect her political elders. Los Angeles Democrats see Fluke as using this race to further her ambitions.

This is not about partisan politics, since her opponent Ben Allen is every bit as hard left as Fluke. This is personal. Fluke has been caught lying to the voters about her residence. She has shown a stubborn refusal to even admit she misspoke. Like the Obama acolyte she is, she wants her word taken as gospel simply because she says so.

Records clearly show that Sandra Fluke lived in New York from 2003 through 2009 and then in D.C. through 2012. She did not live in Los Angeles. Repeating that falsehood enough times will not make it fact.

The issue is not that Fluke is a flake. The issue is not that she is part of the leftist lunatic wing of the Democratic Party. In Los Angeles, that is high praise.

What matters is that she is a liar.

If she cannot be trusted about something as simple as her residence, she certainly should not be trusted on anything involving policy.

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