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Israel and Iran: Obama pursues radical power change in Middle East

Written By | Mar 2, 2015

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak to Congress on Tuesday, or at least to a majority of Congress. Some Democrats, including the vice president, have chosen not to attend because they say that the invitation and speech are a breach of protocol.

This from an administration that has shredded the Constitution, and through executive action has started to turn this country into a third world country. Susan Rice, the National Security advisor of Benghazi lies fame, called the speech a partisan issue destructive to the Israeli-U.S. relationship.

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Should the Obama Administration expect the Israeli Prime minister to be quiet when it is his country that is in the crosshairs of the Islamic powers in the Middle East? Or should sanctions be increased against Iran? Is there any doubt that this administration will give Iran anything it wants?

Obama has already announced that any agreement with Iran is not a “treaty.” That means it will not require congressional approval.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is blaming the Republicans and some “right wing Jews” for poisoning the relationship between American Jews and Israel and forcing them to speak out against Israel. However, many Jews—and non-Jews—continue to support Israel. Israel is the only democratic entity in the Middle East. How can Americans of any stripe not support it?

So the Democrats are outraged over Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Why would that be? Could it be that our current policies are actually designed to damage Israel and that the administration feels this is merited?

Netanyahu opposed the interim agreement between Iran and the so-called P5+1 in 2013 because it did not include any verification capability. That deal has not slowed Iran’s march toward a nuclear weapon at all. It is not true that a bad deal is better than no deal.

This new deal will allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium. White House press secretary Josh Earnest has stated that Iran has met all requirements in the agreement, when even the UN nuclear watchdog has stated it has not. In essence, we have absolutely no idea what Iran has or what it is doing.

Does Kerry just read a narrative handed to him, or does he actually look at the facts on the ground.?

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Obama is the president who left Netanyahu alone in a White House meeting room for over an hour in 2010. In the middle of tense talks, Obama simply walked out to have dinner with his family, snubbing Netanyahu.

The administration declared that Israel should move back to pre-1967 borders, an indefensible position.

Does Obama want transform the Middle East based on the conquest of Israel? It appears that he wants to empower Iran as the major player in the area, which is a concern not only to Israel, but to Saudi Arabia and others. If Iran rises, it could jeopardize the House of Saud, potentially even leading to its fall.

Is our government willing to sacrifice every ally, every American interest, in the Middle East to further Iran’s goals?

Time will tell.


John Velisek

John C. Velisek is a retired Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, write, and lives in Apple Valley California with his wife. Working since he was 14, he has recently retired to write full time, about a terrorism, racial issues, the economy and government on a personal level.