Is Hillary Clinton qualified to be President?

Hillary Clinton, photo by World Bank Photo Collection

DALLAS, June 10, 2014 — Hillary Clinton is running for president.

We know she is running for president because politicians who retire from public service enjoy the liberating return of their free speech rights. Private citizens can insult and offend the entire world and take clear stands on issues, unafraid of losing a single vote. Every word out of Hillary’s mouth is a poll-tested, focus group-approved, carefully parsed, strategically calibrated flavorless, colorless mush. Leftist critics of her newest book “Hard Choices” are noting her deliberate inoffensive blandness.

Hillary’s burning ambition has never subsided; her scars from her 2008 loss have never healed. She loves power, and being the leader of the free world is the ultimate power. This does not make her evil; it just makes her a typical politician. She is running for president.

We know she wants it, but does she deserve it? Is Hillary Clinton qualified to be President?

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Many feminists love her because she is politically liberal, female, and pro-choice on abortion. They may claim they want a woman president, but they would never accept a conservative woman, especially a pro-life one like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachman. Many of President Obama’s worshipers supported him because he was partially black and politically liberal. After six tough years, Americans are not going to mollify Hillary’s supporters just to disprove bogus charges of sexism.

Many of her detractors criticize her on policy, but some simply despise her. They believe she had Vince Foster murdered, and that she makes Satan seem like Mother Theresa.

Her worshipers and her haters are blind. Hillary has a record. Obama was a cipher for long stretches of time. The press ignored it and America didn’t care. But Hillary’s life is there for all to see.

Nobody was more qualified on paper to be president than George Herbert Walker Bush. He had held every possible job leading up to the White House. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were both Governors, but neither of them had the sparkling resume of the man between them. Yet Reagan is ranked as a great president while Bush gets average marks.

The resume isn’t everything, but it should not be ignored, either. Obama had no meaningful work experience, and we are paying the price for his ineptitude.

The resume is all voters have to go on. Based on hers, is Hillary Clinton qualified to be president?

After law school she went to work for the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. She was an average attorney. She was not lazy, but she did not excel at bringing in new clients. She survived. When her husband Bill became Governor of Arkansas, she had advantages most people would never have. She was still average at best. Governor Clinton had to beg friends like James McDougal to pay her a monthly retainer to keep her going.

Hillary became a mother, and by all accounts did a good job of it. Palin and Bachmann both raised five children. Palin has a special needs child. Bachmann also raised 23 foster children. Being a mother is a noble endeavor that does not qualify one for the presidency.

As Bill climbed the political ladder, Hillary rode his coattails. Her drive and discipline may have pushed Bill and he might never have made it to the White House without her, but “ambitious wife” is not a job qualification. As Obama showed, being adept at campaigning is not the same as being qualified to govern.

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Hillary has dedicated her life to women’s and children’s issues. Those are noble causes, but fighting for a cause is not the same as enacting policies. Hillary was an advocate, not a policy maker. Most of her efforts went to helping her husband win reelection. Every time she veered into policy, the results were disastrous.

Bill put Hillary in charge of education reform during his first term as Arkansas Governor. Hillary’s abrasive style angered the teachers’ unions and played a key role in her husband’s reelection defeat. In 1980 Clinton turned to strategist Dick Morris. Hillary was sent to the background and Bill successfully won the next election.

Hillary learned nothing from her experience, and the process repeated itself in the White House. Hillary was given control of healthcare reform. Her abrasive style angered others. She demonized her political opponents and rejected their ideas out of hand. Healthcare reform collapsed and Democrats lost control of Congress. Bill turned to Dick Morris to win reelection, again by shelving Hillary away from the cameras.

After the White House, Hillary became a United States Senator from New York. Her Senate tenure saw her to be a hard worker, neither great nor inept. She was just there. She did not author any significant legislation like Ted Kennedy or Daniel Patrick Moynihan did. She received a seven-figure advance for her first book, “Living History,” which was criticized on the right for being  work of fiction and on the left for being what Hillary tends to be: cautious and bland.

After eight unspectacular years as one of 100, she launched her bid for the White House in 2008. She repeatedly cited her “35 years of experience.” She graduated law school at age 25. She ran for president at 60. She had 35 years of being an adult, nothing more, nothing less. She said about Obama, “He has speeches. I have solutions.” Her solutions never went beyond paper. She did not disgrace any of her institutions, but she was nothing special.

As Secretary of State, Clinton was praised for traveling to many countries. If this were a standard, then every flight attendant would be qualified to run the country. Unlike Obama, Hillary’s work ethic was never in question, but she did not deliver any meaningful diplomatic breakthroughs. Former Secretary of State George Mitchell is every bit as liberal as Hillary, and he earned praise for bringing real peace to Northern Ireland.

The Benghazi debacle receives attention mostly as a scandal and a coverup, but that obscures the initial problem. Four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens and a pair of Navy SEALs were murdered by radical Islamists because the State Department was totally unprepared for the attack on the American Consulate in Libya. On the eleventh anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks, Hillary should have been better prepared. She messed up, and innocent people died.

She then went on to make millions on the speaking circuit and just released her second book. None of this adds to her resume.

Consider her many scandals, from Whitewater and the Travel Office firings to covering up everything from Bill’s “bimbo eruptions” to the Benghazi aftermath. She and Bill are the Great Gatsby’s Daisy and Tom Buchanan. They steamroll over people and leave disaster in their wake. Hillary has a persistent ethical cloud hanging over her. As Obama is learning, scandal is paralyzing. Trust is key, and Hillary does not inspire trust outside of her hardcore loyalists.

Many people like her when she fades from view or works on apolitical matters. The more they see of her, the lower her poll ratings fall. Her comment, “What difference at this point does it make” about Benghazi showed her at her most callous. Her history of comments like the “baking cookies” remark shows her to be condescending. Governing requires being likable, and Hillary often comes across as very unlikable. This is not because of her gender. It is who she is.

The desire to see a woman in the White House is no reason to elect one. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have all made millions of dollars. Some of these ladies have actually obtained it through real work. That does not qualify them to be president.

Hillary’s worst critics see her as Lady Macbeth, but colder and less ethical. She will not be ignored. She will be president because she wants it and her supports feel she is entitled to it. She is polarizing, and like Obama faces the credible accusation of despising the half of the country that disagrees with her.

Even if she were an incredibly warm, caring person free of scandal, her record is there for all to see.

Can anyone name a single significant thing she has ever done that qualifies her to be president? The presidency is too important to be given to another celebrity heavy on cultish devotees but light on substantive successful accomplishments.

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