Is Bergdahl a hero, traitor or victim?

Bowe Bergdahl's prents speak to the media about the release of their son

LOS ANGELES, June 4, 2014 — Jani and Bob Bergdahl got the news that their son Bowe was being released after five years in Taliban custody. For five years, the only prisoner of the Afghanistan War held by the Taliban, was being released. Sargent Bergdahl was a hero coming back to Hailey, Idaho for a parade. His home town never gave up hope. The hero was returning. His parents were feted at the White House. They gave poignant remarks to the world. Despite America drowning in bad news, it had a desperately needed feel-good story. An American hero was returning home.

Then the bloom rapidly came off the rose.

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First came the news that Bergdahl was traded for five radical Islamic members of the Taliban held at Guantanamo Bay. These high-ranking Jihadists will be free to continue killing Americans around the globe. The deal may have even been illegal. President Obama signed a law requiring he give Congress 30 days notification before making such a deal. Congress never received notification, insisting that Obama ignored his own law. The Obama administration countered that the law contains exemptions, and that Bergdahl’s rapidly declining health falls under the exemptions in the law. Congressional hearings will sort that out. At least Bowe Bergdahl was a hero finally coming home.

Then the narrative got worse. Minutes after Bergdahl was released, rumors began swirling that the narrative of Bergdahl as a hero was a complete lie. Bergdahl was being called a traitor by members of his own platoon.

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The new narrative was that Bergdahl voluntarily left his command and abandoned his post. In the middle of the night, he wandered off.

While the media often relies on uncorroborated innuendo, this time a heavyweight chimed in. Fox News Military Analyst Colonel David Hunt is a man’s man and a soldier’s soldier. He is pure military, not political. Liberals wishing to sneer at the opinion of any military man on Fox News should know that in his second book, Hunt offers high praise for Vice President Joe Biden and questions the wisdom of the Iraq War. Hunt stated that he had multiple sources verifying the story of Bergdahl as a traitor. Hunt is known for usually having at least four sources. If Hunt says it, take it as fact.

The changed narrative led to more questions than answers.

Was Bergdahl a deserter or a collaborator? A deserter abandons his own side. A collaborator takes up arms with the enemy and fight against America. That is John Walker Lindh territory, where words such as treason are appropriate.

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If Bergdahl supported the Taliban, why would they keep him in captivity for five years?

Maybe Bergdahl was neither a hero or a traitor. Maybe he was a victim. He could have been brainwashed, but that would only explain anything that occurred while he was in captivity. How does an American soldier get brainwashed on the job? Was he another Major Nadal Hassan, ready to explode?

His supporters are clinging to the brainwashed narrative out of a combination of shock, disbelief and perhaps an unwillingness to admit being duped. After all, Bergdahl was not from some Northern California anti-war hippie area like Lindh was. The Bergdahls from Idaho, known for potatoes and political conservatism. His parents spoke at an Idaho Republican Party function in 2010. They were greeted to loud cheers by the GOP faithful. GOP Governor Butch Otter worked tirelessly to secure Bergdahl’s release. Massachusetts liberals like John Kerry toss their ribbons overboard and vocally criticize their fellow troops. Republicans do not this. Do they?

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel did. Why not Bowe Bergdahl? Disillusionment can strike anyone.

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Everything is now being questioned down to the scraggly hairs making up Bob Bergdahl’s beard. Is it an Idaho mountain man Duck Dynasty thing, or an Islamic ritual? Are the Bergdahls now Muslims? If so, do they identify with the innocent Afghani people or the radical elements of the Taliban? How could they identify with the people who kidnapped their son?

Does Bowe Bergdahl have Stockholm Syndrome? Does he now sympathize with the Taliban? More importantly, did he in the beginning back in 2009?

Bergdahl defenders want to know why the traitor narrative is only coming out now. This is one question that has been answered. For five years, his seething platoon members were ordered to stay silent by the military. If this is true, who gave this order to subvert the truth?

Did President Obama know the details about Bergdahl when making the deal to free him? Freeing a hero for five terrorists is a bad deal Americans can debate. Freeing a traitor for five terrorists is a bad deal that could be criminal. 16 American soldiers died looking for Bergdahl. Is anybody going to answer for their deaths?

Pundits can speculate, because that is what they do. The administration will insist it did the right thing, because this administration always does. Obama critics will assume malevolent intentions, and they have plenty of other episodes such as Benghazi to make the malevolence claim plausible. The claim can still be false, and past behavior, while providing a guide, is not evidence of wrongdoing itself in this case.

Bowe Bergdahl cannot be a hero, a traitor and a victim. Can he? Are those contradictory scenarios even possible together?

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This is one time where frustrated people on all sides can bang their fists on the table and demand answers. Then everyone needs to sit back and listen, because most of us do not know a damn thing.

Colonel Nathan R. Jessup is wrong on this one. We can handle the truth, and we deserve to hear it.

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  • magi52

    IMPEACHMENT: Properly speaking “impeachment” refers only to indictment by the House of Representatives. Once the House charges an official under a “bill of impeachment,” the matter is then tried by the Senate. Only executive and judicial officers, not members of Congress, can be impeached. Historically, the grounds for impeachment are the same grounds that would cause removal of a private trustee for breach of trust—dishonesty, breaking an important law, negligence, disloyalty, etc. Commission of a crime is not necessary, but mere political differences are not sufficient. See The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant (2d ed., 2011).

    High crimes, Abuse of Power, Dereliction of Duties and Material Support of Terrorism is a big breach in our laws.

    I would say Øbama, Eric Holder and several others could and should be impeached for the very obvious reasons.

    • Mike Marcello

      Well stated and I agree BT can we really believe that Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled senate will remove their icon, rather doubt it! Besides I am not sure Boehner has the balls to try it!

    • Donna Festa Kihnley

      The problem I see is EVEN if the House impeaches and the Senate votes to remove him (If Republicans win in Nov) I do not believe this PRESIDENT will step down. I feel the release of these terrorists was deliberate and many of the offenses of this WH are of a taunting nature towards the Congress, a powerless branch as it is appearing to me lately. They must do something.

      • American-By-Choice

        He’ll step down when the US Marshals step in and physically remove him from the Whitehouse.

      • Just a thought, but perhaps Obama is preparing for such an event. Perhaps he is building a network of loyal followers so when we try to remove him from office he won’t be going quietly. I just have feeling that he’s not going out without a fight.

        • Terry16

          And you know the libs would shout “racist”. That is all they can come up with. They are too ingrained to see that the POTUS is incompetent. we don’t care what color he is

    • patourist69


    • texas0302

      As have George W Bush and Duck Cheney and Carl Rove. Poor old Scooter Libby!! Scapegoat for all of the above!!

      • magi52

        Amazing the PC-BS, some people will believe, thank goodness, i am fortunate to have family and friends who were involved and many were witnesses with boots on the ground in the Iraq theatre.

  • Joeli J.

    Traitor, plain and simple. His cowardly actions and desertion of his post and duties cost the lives of six soldiers, and released back into the world five extremely dangerous people. I know I’ll probably get attacked for this, but after years of being a conservative black female, my skin has grown quite thick. You may now begin….

    • Karen K

      I couldn’t agree more, Joeli. Now let us all try to figure out WHY? WHY does Obama want us all to believe he is a hero?? WHY does he regal him and demonize the families of Benghazi? WHY?

      • USAF Veteran

        It’s to cover up WHY he let the Taliban leaders go. It’s a diversion plain and simple.

        • AirForceMomJo

          There’s so much more to this than anyone will ever know.

      • Gracie777

        Because Obama hates what our military stands for: Love of country, love for God, Love of our Constitution. Obama is destroying all of the above.

    • tvlgds

      Nope- regardless of the color of your skin, you are absolutely right! Any “beginning” will come from the left.

    • Donna Festa Kihnley

      Couldn’t agree with you more, also a female Veteran.

  • Michael Fahey

    Traitor. Circumstantial evidence can be overwhelming. I believe my soldiers before I believe my government.

  • jennie

    Bowe is definitely not a hero. He needs to answer for his desertion as he signed up and knew what he was into. He deserted his fellow soldier which is unacceptable. However, I’m sure he did some suffering among his friends the Taliban. The real story and tragedy is Obama was going to do this in 2012 but it was election year so I guess it wasn’t too important to release his terriorist friends until 2014

  • Keith Martin

    Deserter at the very least, probable traitor.

  • cm1515

    He is a traitor. Not only that…..this whole deal has put every American serving and working in the middle east in harms way. Grab an American and get to swap them for jihadists held in Gitmo. I can NOT believe this is MY COUNTRY anymore. The “man” at the helm has done more harm in that office than good. This hits me hard…..I have a child in Afghanistan. God bless our people. God Bless America.

  • Ronnie

    Traitor & his Parents arnt any better.

  • eebedah

    I believe the soldiers first so will this turn out like the soldiers who testified against Kerry? Better hope not

  • Kathy Ann Hay


  • Capt America

    Bowe Bergdahl is at the least a deserter!. He is no hero. President Obama violated his own law in “securing” Bergdahl’s return for five top level terrorists. I would say he was hasty at best in an effort to make himself look good by returning a “hero”. Kind of like the way he takes credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden. But the truth is, he has set a very scary precedant in negotiating with terrorists and thus has put a price on the head of all military service men and women. Impeach him and court martial Bergdahl!

  • Mr_Oblivious

    Men died searching for this deserter. Men died because assets were moved to look for this deserter. How many men died capturing the five HVT’s that we traded for this traitor?

  • Sherry Peck Dove

    Berry doesn’t have to be impeached he can be arrested as a traitor to this country.. they need to go pick his butt up… And he knew darn well what he was doing this is another sorry act he has done to let his brothers go free.. and at the costs to American’s.. and as far as Bergdahl goes he is also a deserter and traitor to this country… and his father is very questionable.. and he is one healthy looking supposedly in ill health captive.. and he still has his head.. it isn’t cut off and tossed about.. He placed many lives in danger with his agenda.. and deserves to be punished to the fullest.. Hero’s welcome.. I don’t think so… Another Berry tactic as Benghazi is on everyone’s minds.. I doubt he will get Trey to go off course.. This president is such a shuck and jiver… he is sickening. I have never had such feelings for a President before.. and his skin doesn’t matter to me.. he is just pure and simple here to bring America down… and we are all letting him… I could just puke…

  • Idahoan

    Traitor. Should be hung.

  • Joe V.

    He is a Traitor, and should have been sent to the Firing squad. His father should have been sent to Gitmo for his taking part in Treason…
    I would not be surprised if him and his father were to carry out an Attack in the name of Allah here in the US.

  • Allan Martel

    He should be taken into custody immediately and a courts martial under
    Articles 85, 99 and 104 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice should be
    initiated, and if he is found guilty, the maximum punishment should be

    • Christi Mac

      Times six…

    • patourist69


  • Sonny C

    He is definitely a Traitor , Deserter , Coward ……… Needs military action against him for all of the aforementioned !!!!!!!!

  • Still Proud to be an American

    He is a deserter and definitely not a hero. You do not leave your post when assigned to it no matter what and that is exactly what he did. Lives where lost because of his stupidity and selfishness. Don’t even get me started on this “wonderful” president we have that will negotiate with terrorists. I am so glad I didn’t vote for him the first time or the second time and never will vote for him. I don’t have any family in the military but know that they have sacrificed a lot so that I can be free.

  • Dale


  • Paga G

    The son is a traitor and needs to be dealt with as such. His father is no better.

  • Mike Marcello

    Traitor, have you seen that video released by the Talban of his release. Berdahl looks way to well nourished and walks well. The Taliban leans in, no words can be heard but he gently pats Bergdahl as a fiend might. Brainwashing, NO, he allegedly wrote letters prior to deserting wanting to renounce his America citizenship. How do you forget your native tongue?

    • Charlet McEvoy

      I agree !! And I know they wouldn’t keep him five years because with the Taliban its always off with your head.

  • SSG Dale C. Flory U.S. Army

    As a U.S. Service member, Bergdahl new and willfully violated his 1st General Order. I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.” This man is a traitor plain and simple, and his action cost other Soldiers their lives. As for this administrations actions to secure his release. It was Stupid, Illegal and Dangerous and the POTUS should be impeached. Period !!!

  • Erin Taylor

    Bergdahl was sent in to do what he did. It was all planned out ahead of time.

  • Mike Colvin

    Deserter in a time of war. The potus is guilty of aiding and abetting… Now,do something about it!

  • USAF Veteran

    He walked off his FOB in the dark of night without his gear or weapon. That is dereliction of duty plain and simple, absent without leave. I’m glad his family can be assured he is alive but he needs to be held responsible for his actions regardless of where and how he ended up.

  • Veteran

    This guy is a I’m of the earth I hope he hanged for being a traitor! I will take his fellow troops words before any political scum! Ridiculous cooperating with terrorist and risking Americas safety for a traitor. Yet again the President ignores the law and his military leaders!

  • nick

    I still am surprised people in this country haven’t woken up to the level of involvement the intelligence community has over our media and ultimately our minds through propaganda. People swear the news lies but continue to get their information from it and shape their beliefs and opinions based on what is fed to them through it. This story is complete propaganda just like Snowden. They want you arguing over is he a hero is he a traitor is he a deserter is he in Russia is he in Venezuela is he a victim is he a patriot when all it is there to do is keep the dialogue strictly on something that is irrelevant to the real issues not being discussed. Wake up America turn off your TV get educated learn about this nation and its relationship with the rest of the world. Let’s face the hard admissions and address them for our future generations.

  • Phronsie

    Something stinks in this. Obama had to have had Bergdahls file in front if him the whole time. Whatever he’s doing, I doubt it will benefit the United States or its citizens.

  • Judith Chapman

    Whether he is a deserter or not he was not worth the destruction that will be
    caused by the five criminals that have been loosed on an already dangerously
    affected world. It was a thoughtless political scam.

  • Jerriatrix

    He is definitely not a hero. If he wanted out of the military he could have filed as a Conscientious objector or filed a Hardship case and still would of had an Honorable discharge. Instead he chose to desert his platoon and by doing so he made himself a Traitor to his country and a victim for the Taliban. Now, if he was a spy, like some people are saying, why did any Americans have to die looking for him. He is definitely not worth the 5 terrorists that were released. How many more Americans have to die before the POTUS is held accountable.

  • tvlgds

    he’s a deserter and a traitor. he should face a firing squad instead of a
    hero’s welcome. He got many people killed looking for him, possibly
    more if he aided and abetted the enemy. 5 really nasty terrorists are
    now free to execute more Americans,and this guy will likely walk, free
    of any charges. Well, we know the saying “Karma’s a witch!”

  • GeorgiaMarnell

    Traitor who need to be brought to justice and pay for what he has done and how he caused others to lose their lives in search for him.

  • dani

    He deserves a trial before he is hung so to speak however president Obama has broken the law and placed a bounty on our military. THAT is the real story and should be proclaimed by every American forcing our governing officials to take action.

  • stevenaquinn

    He;s a deserter and probably a collaborator, too.

  • Doug

    While I would love to give Bergdahl the benefit of the doubt any desire to do so is washed away by the deaths of soldiers in the “recovery operations” following his desertion. Calling him a “victim” is an insult to those who are in fact taken against their will. Walking away from your post and actively seeking the company of the enemy is desertion at a minimum, and treasonous at worst. I hope we can get an impartial, apolitical military investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance followed by a trial under the UCMJ but I doubt that it will happen.

  • R Kennedy

    He’s a coward and traitor. His release was nothing more than a Whitehouse PR stunt aimed to draw attn from the VA screw up. Real soldiers were lost looking for this traitor. And now we bargain without consent from congress as law states should occur beforehand, for the release of this traitor by releasing 5 top Taliban. This is the same Taliban that were responsible for the deaths of many Americans, and others not subscribing to their extremist views and beliefs. Our whitehouse now negotiates with terrorists and war criminals, and I thought our government was supposed to protect us.

  • J.t. Coleman

    Bergdahl deserted to seek out the Talban. Good men died attempting to find/rescue him. His actions caused the deaths of those men therefore he aided the enemy.. yes he is a traitor.
    Obama acted independently of congress because he WANTED TO. Perhaps he thought this act would take the attention off of the VA and other scandals.. he made a bad wager. What it showed us is that Obama sees himself as above the law. He should be impeached.

  • James P. Wilber

    Bergdahl is a deserter and traitor, deserving of the due process of Court Marshall and full military justice. Obama is worse than a deserter and a traitor, deserving of, at the very least, the due process of impeachment.

  • Tim Sullivan

    Brainwashed? Really? He premeditated this by sending all of his personal effects home ahead of time, then deserting voluntarily, then chatter was intercepted that an American in a village was trying to contact Taliban commanders. He sought them out and was not coerced. He put others in jeopardy and lives were lost. He should be tried for treason.

    • Tim Sullivan

      Oh, and Obama should be tried right beside him.

  • Danny Holcomb

    Deserter, he left post of his own volition. Traitor due to reports from guys there staing the OpFor in the area, upon Bergdahl leaving, became increasingly “accurate” with their forays in that area. End result is headed towards a real life rendition of Showtimes series “Homeland”.

  • Pamela Meadows Woods

    What if….the powers that be needed something in a human interest kind of way that would allow them to once more circumvent the US Constitution? The law of the land? An experiment…hard enough, yet soft experiment to see what the people would actually do? After all, he was a captive and needed to be brought home. His hometown didn’t give up. His parents supportive. All of the feel-good pieces needed to set the stage to extract ONE MORE section of our Constitution… Plus, it would take focus from Benghazi, etc. What if…

  • Gary Biles Sr

    Given the testimony of his own platoon members, and who were ordered to keep their silence; a definite coverup! This man knowingly walked off his post, knowingly left behind his weapons, gear and knew where to slip through the perimeter, past his own people, says that he planned his own departure. Taking only a knife, water and a compass and then heading off to find the Taliban camp, speaks this was his intent. That is Desertion To Duty! Desertion to his own people! Desertion to his Country! So…if he was captured by the Taliban and they held as a so called prisoner of war, it was by his own design and intent! Why….did the Taliban not kill him, as they had done with other service members captured? There is only one reason: “Because he was giving them intelligence!” “He was useful and instrumental to them!” That…Is being a Traitor!
    Then for the POTUS to make an unscheduled unexplained trip to the Afgan region, and then this guy gets released? For FIVE High Ranking Taliban Officers being held in GITMO?

    The Obama Administration could not save our people in Benghazi, they have not went after the Marine being detained in Mexico, but they can turn around and go get a guy who not only deserted his own Country and sought out the Taliban, but also for release of the 5 Taliban Officers?

    Those who view this man as a Hero or a victim, a question for you: What happens when the 5 released members of the Taliban, coordinate and carry out another major terrorist attack upon our citizens, will you still view him as a hero?

  • sojorrn

    I beg to differ that “we don’t know a damned thing”! We know he deserted his post! We know that the troops looking for him were under devastating attacks ” as if they knew our tactics”! We know 6 to 12 men were KIA looking for him. That would be Collaborating with the enemy! Not a far leap considering the Tweets & Emails from Bergdahl himself of an Anti American nature. We have just learned that there was a negotiation for Bergdahl’s release for Cash in December of 2013. We know that Obama halted the negotiations because he favored the release of 5 high risk Taliban Terrorist allied with Al Qaeda since the 9/11/2001 attacks on the USA! This fact tells us the Obama had 6 months to inform Congress prior to the Swap that is a violation of law ! We know we are being Stone Walled again & this administration doesn’t give a Fig if the American people don’t like what the POTUS has done! It appears that there is enough evidence to assess that Obama is collaborating with the enemy! They can dismiss, claim nobody knows & shake their heads violently in the negative with a delusional pathological Lie! IMHO that is not going to work this time! The blatant wrong doing & law breaking in the scandal is documented & transparent!

  • Mike Kincaid

    Its amazing to me that in a war long as this he is the only one captured. He deserted and should be held accountable. I can’t trust anything coming out of this administration. 2016 can’t come fast enough!

  • Donna Festa Kihnley

    Deserter possibly traitor. President should be impeached for releasing our enemies without notifying Congress, and prior knowledge of Intelligence Reports saying these terrorists are not to EVER BE RELEASED. Basically he deliberately put our country at risk.

  • Airborne Lib

    Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ): ART. 104. AIDING THE ENEMY
    Any person who–

    (1) aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition, supplies, money, or other things; or

    (2) without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or gives intelligence to or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly;

    shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial or military commission may direct

    Seems pretty clear to me…..

  • Dawn Alduc

    For five years, Bergdahl’s platoon members were ordered to stay silent by the military. If this is true, who gave this order to subvert the truth? AND if he was being held hostage – why no gloating television coverage from his captors?

  • Chuck Nugent

    I wish the US Marshals would arrest ALL of these slimeball commy bastards… starting with obama, all the way to bagabawls and his father.

  • heavy1two

    5 Taliban killer set loose on mankind and we get a traiter who renounced citizenship and is resoncible for eight soldiers deaths. All done without congress or any reguard for standing laws. Supporting the enemy. …

  • Donna

    I believe he is a coward and a traitor

  • Mike W

    How can this guy be considered a prisoner of war or even a hero? He served his country with honor? He walked off his post and sought out the Taliban! Even his own former squad leader calls him a deserter and he was there! I understand negotiating with the enemy has been done in the past and I’ve had my reservations about it but trading terrorists for a deserter? I’m just utterly disgusted right now!

  • Don

    I believe without knowing O released them for the fall national park hunting season but, this time its not catch & release.
    The little weasel traitor and his family need to load up and go back home to Afghanistan. We Americans are not your family and we don’t want you here on our soil. or wink wink you can play a major part of the fall hunting season. if you think Arab Spring was fun just check out American Fall.

  • Swray

    If the left has the audacity to back the POTUS on this one, they do so at their own peril. I find very few liberals who think Obama is right on this one.

  • pat green

    I don’t care if he was Governor of Massachusetts, he should not of been traded for five war criminals. What has America become ?

  • veteran

    Deserter. Traitor. Court marshall. Wall. From the president, an apology to every family that has lost a son, husband, father in the war against terror. Then impeach him and his cronies.

  • Colleena11

    Traitor!!!! Impeach Obama NOW

  • Michael K

    Bergdhal is a traitor at best. I believe Obama released him BC he was sympathetic to Al Queda and the Muslim community anyway, but also he wanted an excuse to free Taliban from Gitmo. He will free more. Harry Reid agreed by saying he was delighted they were freed.

    This new radical left holds contempt for our men and women in uniform. They also hate the entire fabric of democracy. Rather they support an equal outcome based system vs. An equal opportunity based system. In other words, they are outright communists wearing the label “Progressive”.

  • Daz73

    Sorry, Eric. I’ll take the word of Bergdahl’s fellow platoon members. He’s a selfish deserter who betrayed his country and his comrades, some of whom were killed searching for him. He took an oath. He disavowed it. He should have been left in captivity. In any event, his rescue should never have been predicated on the release of five of the world’s most dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo.

  • Stan

    He is a deserter, he left his unit without permission in a combat zone. Several honorable men of distinction died looking for his pathetic cowardly butt. He is not a hero by any stretch of the word. To call this coward a hero makes a mockery of all honorable service men and women who lay it on the line every minute of everyday for this Republic and its people. To all of you just coming around to how awful this president is, this is what we have been trying to get you to see all along. Our president is a lying coward who lacks honor, decency and integrity, he is unworthy of the office, unworthy of the position of commander in chief, and unworthy of any respect at all.

  • Jason C. Gray

    This man knew what he was doing. And Obama knew the mans intentions and feelings towards the United States. Obsma is a muslim himself and he sympathizes for the muslim world.
    This is treason at its finest. How long are we the people going to let him occupy OUR Whitehouse?

  • Sally Morris

    I don’t know if he is a traitor, I certainly don’t think he can be called a hero. Obama’s feckless foreign policy (which is to say non-existent) may have caused deadly harm in this case.

  • Boomswing

    Bowe, our illustrious President, and any member of congress who sits by and does nothing about this are all TRAITORS!

  • Christina Hodges

    When did we stop hanging deserters? It’s not like he was even drafted.

  • Judy

    I just heard the taxpayers paid 5-6 million dollars, besides trading 5 terrorists for one of our own…terrorist, that is. This act is an act of treason and an impeachable offense for the POTUS. Not only that but the POTUS has committed treason by arming our enemies in Syria, not to mention all the other smoke and mirrors.

  • MaggiesMessage

    Another BARRY BLUNDER…..we get them faster than we can read them! Unquestionable -he is a lost soldier. And coming back like this he will have a hard time finding his way home!

  • dennis

    Traitor and a deserter, deserves to rot in prison

  • Sassy Serf

    I’m fairly certain Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter. That’s all. Whatever he may have been thinking and believing five years ago may have changed. Maybe he will tell us. I do know for sure Obama is a traitor though.

  • Joe C.

    There is too much overwhelming evidence that he went over the hill. Members of his unit, and others who knew him had nothing positive to say about him. He left written material and hopefully it will come out if he collaborated with the enemy or not. The administration is covering this up, or trying to with lies.He needs to be court martialed, and sent to Leavenworth if these allegations prove without a doubt to be true. The president just went ahead and made the exchange without informing congress. The president needs to be impeached for allowing these high ranking murderers to be released. Absolutely unacceptable.

  • Tim Landwermeyer

    Impeachable offenses. Derilection of duties. Court martial and prison for both the deserter and our lawless el presidente. Enemies of the USA.

  • Lorna Jaye Merriott

    Our president has proven repeatedly that he is a liar. For that reason I believe our soldiers. And I don’t believe this was ever about rescuing an American soldier, I believe this was about BO doing what he wants. What he wanted was to free the Taliban, so he did, he merely used the AWOL soldier as a cover story.

  • K M

    Deserter & Traitor.

  • Proud Veteran

    Hero or Traitor? Please… That’s the easiest question to answer since “does this dress make me look fat?”!! TRAITOR!!! This goes way beyond politics and whether you agree with Obama or despise him. The facts are simple and self explanatory. We have how may people coming forward with eye witness accounts? Now I don’t know how many of you out there have actually served, but your brothers and sisters in arms are just that… brothers and sisters!! You don’t rat them out and you definitely don’t drag their name through the mud the way they are dragging Bergdahl’s. You may have your differences and not like a person, but in the end they are your brother in arms. For this many people to be coming forward and ALL sharing the same ideas, opinions and eye witness accounts, there is clearly something here. Also, why have we never listed him as a POW? But that aside. This individual’s self serving actions cost the lives of 6, that we actually know of, 6 good men. How many injured? He is a deserter and has ZERO integrity and morale fiber.
    Now for our unaccountable, and completely arrogant leadership… how? How do these clowns think there is nothing wrong with these stunts? Yes Mr. Obama we get it. You screwed up yet again and are trying to distract us from your usual blunders as commander in chief. The sad part is, there are sooooo many out there that allow it and continue to turn a blind eye. Such a disgrace! And Susan Rice, this little nugget of all that is damaged, where does she come off? “Bergdahl has served his country honorably”… HONORABLY?!!! What?!! If his service is considered to be on the same level of those that have served honorably, we should be giving out the Medal of Honor like its a freaking piece of candy on Halloween.
    The problem is, we have become a nation of lazy whining cry babies. Little spoiled brats that are more prone to cower and keep their mouth shut, so that big brother’s hand doesn’t slap them down or throw them the scraps. It’s a joke. We elect these politicians. We allow them to continue to hold their positions regardless of the scandals and abuse of power. President Obama has crossed a line here. And not like the little imaginary ones he uses when trying to flex his muscles. Which by the way, has anyone seen those pictures of him in the gym today? Wow… that was fun! Anyway, he has now set a precedent with the Taliban and other groups like them. We have shown a weakness, which I am sure they will continue to exploit.
    Where did we go wrong? At what point did our country jump the track and take this ever so damaging turn. It’s like in Back to the Future 2 when Marty and Doc return to the altered 1985 where Bif is wealthy and successful. If only we had a time machine and could go back… oh the changes we could make.

  • Mr.Sinister

    As an operator for 10 years. NO soldier will leave his post UNARMED and alone. That would be considered suicide. After sending anti U.S. emails home. His dad is a homegrown anti American jihadist. The “swap” was an excuse for the president to release his cohorts so they would be free to plot to murder more Americans world wide. Bowe is a deserter in a time of war, in a war zone. His platoon went looking for him, some were injured, some lost their lives. He should be held accountable. UCMJ Art. 85. Punishable by death. And thats what i say should happen.

  • Chad B.

    Okay now who is surprised? Really, who?

  • randbom

    A hero would not have allowed freedom for himself, if it put other Americans or humans period at risk

  • Marcia

    He is a traitor and should face court martial for placing his fellow comrades at risk. It would be a shame if he is not held accountable for his actions.

  • Pitstop

    OB defies the rules AGAIN & makes a catastrophic decision like this on his own –when will it stop ! He WANTS: “Redistribution of Wealth, A World United Under One Leader / One World ORDER (Government) , and more ! I am scared aren’t you ? What can WE DO. One this GITMO SWAP I guess I need to say-at least those 5 Prisioners will not be part of the Transfer of GITMO Prisioners that will end up being transferred to the Tompson Federal Prison in Illinois when that happens. I know Gitmo prisioners can’t be held on US soil–well OB bought the 14 year old never used prision from Illinois for $165 MILLION againist Congresses will– just before HIS (ob’s) last election–HE DID IT THROUGH EXECUTIVE ORDERS JUST LIKE THIS SWAP–Just watch him close After the Midterm Elections–He behaves like a dictator & WILL continue to do as he pleases. I truly believe he will have the rest of the GITMO bad guys on US soil–by AGAIN –Using HIS PEN instead of Congress. Again –that is the way he bought the Prison inIllinois. It was an Albatrose around the neck of Illinois NOW IT belongs to the US TAXPAYERS & it is a mess ! I live near the area & I don’t want GITMO Prisoners in my back yard ! Watch OB like a hawk !

  • Tina

    Bowe admitted he was ashamed of America, walked away from his troops and became a traitor. Not sure how libs can cry victim….it’s pretty black and white.

    Berry is too big for his britches yet again and circumvented the law. He is protecting his own (not Americans) and is the enemy within. I have said it since the day he came out of virtually nowhere and ran for office and I’m even more convinced now.

  • Wilhelm Sauer

    You should never ever make deals with terrorists. Even if he was a POW. We are seen now as cowards. Only from within will America be destroyed.

  • Pitstop

    P.S. OB & Bergdahl are both Traitors & now we have 5 Of the worst back to there people and we are stuck with this guy and his family ! Remember it has been said “We will destroy YOU from WITHIN” Surprise They’re Here !! When have we EVER made such a horrible trade of prisioners !

  • Kelly O

    Fact 1. He walked away from camp on his own. Fact 2. He left his weapon and sensitive items behind. Fact 3. Radio chatter within days after picked up traffic of someone looking for the Taliban that spoke English. It’s time for the next fact! A senior officer needs to start an Article 31 investigation because if he compromised any intel, he should go to jail! Oh, he was a PFC when he deserted his post and the Army saw fit to promote him anyway? He’s a freakin PFC and calling him anything other than his proper rank is an insult to EVERY Specialist, Corporal and Sergeant in the US ARMY!

  • Janet

    Honestly, I think this whole thing was planned way ahead of time. When the POTUS couldn’t get his M. Bros. released from Gitmo by closing the facility, he had to place someone in their hands that could be used for a “trade” that would get his Bros. released and, at the same time, make him look good. Bergdahl was a collaborator and living there for several years was not difficult. I think his whole family is involved. The idea that he has forgotten how to speak English in the last 5 years is garbage, but they had to think of some way to keep the press from interviewing him. Let’s not be foolish – POTUS is in with the M. Bro. Hood up to his eyeballs. Treason – yup.

  • Lyle Kittle


  • scubagirl

    Traitor. He is a coward and caused the U. S. to suffer the loss of six soldiers. Obama and others should be impeached as he continues to break laws for his own gain. We let five extremely dangerous people go back, and for what? So, they can begin or continue with another plan to come against the people of the U. S. My opinion, in part, is Obama wanted some of the negative issues surrounding the VA by trading for Bergdahl to go in the background. Well, guess what? He achieved that goal because now the only story to really be heard is about this coward who deliberately left his fellow soldiers. Unfortunately, Obama will never be impeached. Our Country is in a sad state of affairs, and it’s only going to get worse.

  • Roxie Zirlott Fillingim

    If he was a captive, why would they keep him alive for 5 years, that is not their way – they like to publicly behead their captives. Also, why did they want to say goodbye to him during the trade. They made a comment that the trade happened so fast they were unable to say goodbye – Seriously, terrorist known for their cruelty wanted to say goodbye to an American captive? I don’t think so – he was there willingly in my opinion and should be held on desertion charges and held accountable for the deaths of the 16 men that went out looking for him.

  • Chris D

    Traitor. No quarters given.

  • Pitstop

    So folks–what do we do-because talking is getting us nowhere ! You still have until a new Pres. takes over to– just watch the damage OB can continue to do. IT will be ” High Speed Ahead” on using Executive Orders once the Mid-term Elections are over. My great grandpa came to the US for freedom from stuff like this ! I am not a Republican nor a Democrate-I JUST WANT MY AMERICA BACK so my grandkids can live in freedom !

  • Laura

    Impeachable-no doubt about it.

  • Karen B.

    Soldiers who were with him when he left should know what happened. Those speaking out are saying the same thing. I think Obama did this to get the VA scandal off the front pages. But, it backfired.

  • Michael Koontz

    The man is a traitor. All possible charges should brought against him and when found guilty locked up for the rest of his life.

  • Pitstop

    OB has a way around what he did “DUE TO THE NATURE” on Berg’s condition ! Does OB think we are that stupid. JUst wait and see Berg’s condition next time you see him–he looked pretty good to me ! The Pres said he was allowed to act ON HIS OWN due to Bergs” Worsening Condition” !?! There is too much time left in this administration for sooo much MORE damage to be done. What can we do. Did I hear some one was actually trying for Impeachment ? HE DID PROMISE to Preserve, Protect, & Defend. He has done just the opposite ! What DO we do -only the people who care are messaging here. I am sure we are being watched by Uncle Sam-and this is America ? This really is doing us no good but to VENT because others could care less & ARE NOT reading these posts.

  • Raychell

    Honestly, I believe that we have an enemy to our country sitting in the WH. President Obama hates our military he has done absolutely everything to destroy our military. Then he slaps our military by trading these 5 terrorist for this one sorry traitor. My husband serves in the US Army and it pains me to know that all of these lives died in order to capture these 5 terrorist and now this president throws them back into the world when our men and women are still out there fighting for their great country.

  • fromAZ

    This entire story makes me very uncomfortable. I am scared for America.

  • Adam Thomas

    Let the UCMJ try him. Personally I feel he deserted. Just like Marcus Luttrell said, they just don’t typically take American prisoners and keep them for 5 yrs. This is the administrations way of trying to keep at least 1 campaign promise. Probably figures if we get rid of the worst ones first the others are just a walk in the park…..and walla closing gitmo

  • Gracie777

    Are we all just sitting back waiting for Barry to attack our citizens with Martial Law?

  • poppit

    He deserted his post in a hostile country…the consequence was he was captured by the very people he was looking for….they used him to get what they wanted…not caring that he apparently supported their cause and views…he did what he could to impress his captures in hopes of being accepted by them…but they were never interested in accepting him…just using him to their own advantage…He is responsible for the deaths of 12 men who went out in search of him to rescue him from his CHOSEN fate…the administration knew about how and why he became a captive…they let him sit there for 5 yrs because they didn’t want to bring any kind of negative attention to the terrorists…until the time came that they could use his situation to their advantage…the administration had to have some excuse…flimsy as this is…to let those terrorists go…the rate of Maximum damage inflicted on the American people is increasing with this administration…and it will only get worse…Bergdahl should be tried for desertion and the deaths of the 12 men that sacrificed their lives to try and save him…in a military court of law…Several people in the administration…those responsible for the release of the terrorists…should be brought up on charges of treason and tried in a court of law…from the low person on this totem pole to the top person…which is our Commander and Chief…but this will never happen…because those in Congress lack the moral compass and the backbone to do what is right…they are only interested in serving themselves…not the law or the American people…just another scandal added to the bloated list of scandals from the “most transparent Presidency that this country has ever had”…problem is he is right…Obama said he would bring this country to its knees and he and his administration are doing just that…one scandal and executive order at a time.

  • Jyn60

    I am going to believe the Soldiers over anyone else. They work eat and slept in the same areas of this man. And anything his family or Obie has to say is a lie.The traitor needs to go to jail and oboe needs to be impeached and kick out all of his fools in the whirte house

  • Carol L.

    Bergdahl is a deserter, that we know as fact. I hope the United States is not afraid to allow the truth to come out and find out if he is also a traitor. My personal thoughts are that he is also a traitor. The only type of victim he is comes from not being as smart as his captors and was probably used by them without appreciation. My daughter and her husband have and are serving in the U.S. Army and have made the choice to follow the oath they took. They deserve Bergdahl to be punished for his actions.

  • Dale Davis

    Great article………..UCMJ should be the paramount issue here. Life in Leavenworth is not out of reality.

  • chessmate

    There has also been rumored that BO gave them several million dollars along with 5 extremely people. Video I see today is this guy doesn’t look unhealthy quite the contrary of what the WH administration said. He is a traitor to this country, lives were lost & his dad holds some accountability because he told his son through email to follow his conscience then has the nerve to stand on the People’s WH grounds & praise Allah. This whole things smells fishy & again shows BO’s disdain for our military.

  • Congleton

    No grey area . . . he left his “post” a clear violation of one of his General Orders and in a combat zone . . . he should suffer the consequences. While we’re at it, lets stop calling him sergeant . . . his normal promotions are for those legitimate POWs not deserters! Private or PFC Bergdahl is more appropriate!

  • Thomas

    If Berdahl did desert he should be tried and if found guilty serve out his sentence.

  • cg


  • Charly Blackston

    Hero? Definitely not. As to the remaining allegations, I challenge the Whit House to take responsibility for investigating the specifics of the soldiers behavior. If the Government does not do their due diligence, it is the Administration that does this nation a great injustice and should be charged as co-conspirators and labeled as traitors to the people.

  • hartzy

    traitor. More to come to prove this. Deserter during wartime, punishable by death.

  • Lisa Dillon

    how did this soldier have enough confidence, in a dangerous area, to put down his weapon and body armour and walk away? why did he feel so safe?

  • Steve Broshar

    Traitor like his Dad,POS needs to spend life in Leavenworth for desertion during war time

  • Jill Powers

    There is no angle to look at this without seeing something sinister. He deserted. My husband was a Staff sgt. In Afghanistan. His number one priority is that all soldiers with out for each other. If this guy wasn’t interested in taking te time to properly voice his concerns or objections, then he ha another plan. Next, why the Taliban dream team?! Has this administration forgotten 9/11 among other various catastrophes? Also, how many people died not just looking for this guy but also to capture these guys to begin with. There was no notification of congress but ten again this administration has done quite a bit behind closed doors. Common core anyone? All I’ve witnessed with the current administration has been “resignations” and investigations, and Obama doesn’t seem to know anything about a lot of questions. We’re in horrendous debt and unemployment and welfare dependence it at it’s highest. Too much, including Obamacare, to count. This Presidency had enormous potential. Wrońg guy on so many levels. Time to impeach.

  • Steve Wedgworth

    I’m quite sure he deserted. The treason part of this needs to be established via a court martial.

  • K

    Sick of lie after lie after covered up lie!

  • mike

    Traitor any one who deserted their post is he knew where he was going the whole time hang him and his daddy.

  • blacktygrrrr

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion. To all those serving or who have served honorably, thank you and welcome home. To their spouses, God bless you.

    I can be followed on Twitter @TYGRRRREXPRESS and my 3 conservative books “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy” are available through me directly.

    For those who love our troops and this nation of America they defend, say hello to me any time.

    eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Susie J

    This is probably a stupid question but if he walked off of his own free will how do we know he has actually been held prisoner? Is it just based on the pictures and videos they released? Do we have proof that he just wasn’t staying of his own free will?

  • Carlos A Esparza

    Traitor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harris

    He is at the very least a deserter. Obama traded FIVE taliban for a deserter and did it with no approval, for that he should be punished. When does the tail stop wagging the dog? This president is and has been out of control this has to be the last straw.

  • tom

    Bergdahl is a Deserter and a traitor. He needs to be Court Marshaled and tried for Treason. All who have served have taken the same oath that Bergdahl violated. He left his camp on his own accord and not only put the lives of fellow soldiers at risk. His actions caused the death of our brave Soldiers. For that he needs to face Military justice and the consquences to his actions. The White House and State Department violated the same Law they signed into law and took their oath to uphold.
    The evidence to support this stance is clear and blatin. Hearing from those whom served with traitor is overwhelming evidence to support the charge of Treason. I rest my case.

  • bmonticello

    Both Obama and Bergdahl have something in common. They are both traitors. Obama needs/should be impeached, and Bergdahl should be brought up on charges.

  • G C

    He is a deserter and as such should be tried in a military court and if found guilty then face the firing squad for treason.

  • Leslie Ann Brown

    Not just a traitor, but a mass-murderer. Why? His leaving led to dead soldiers looking for the creep, and NOW, only time will tell how many WILL be murdered by the released Taliban. The only “upside” to this is that maybe people will wake the h&ll up and see what some of us knew the entire time.*Newsflash* Anyone who vetoed the “Born Alive Act” three times as a Senator is an evil human being.

  • Christi Mac

    Traitor. The tears he shed after finding out he was accompanied by special forces were “shit, here we go” tears. He knew he was going to used to get the terroist leaders freed and it was the plan all along. Orchestrated bt obama himself. It’s time to end this reign…

  • patourist69

    obama broke another Federal Law. This one could have him brought on Treason Charges. So who wants to sign up for the Duty of a Firing Squad?

  • Trs

    Traitor, his actions caused the deaths of his fellow soldiers…..and increased the strike accuracy of the enemy…..

  • TMiles

    He is a deserter and a traitor as is Barack Obama.

  • WmThomas2424

    The accounts for the team around Bergdahl tell a story of a man who wanted nothing to do with the US. This was prior to going AWOL. He got soldiers killed because of his desertion. Obama made what seems like the biggest mistake of his life. I don’t think Obama’s reputation will ever be the same.

  • ykcin100ahman

    Bergdahl is a deserter and now a member of the taliban. He should be sent back to the the group of people that he loves and is not ashamed of.. as he is of the United States of America. Send him back along with his father

  • OldCorpsEd

    Bergdahl is a deserter and a traitor. He, along with the Traitor-in-Chief, should be tried, convicted, and executed for treason.

  • Gramma

    He deserted his post and left a note denouncing The US. That makes him a deserter or at least AWOL. Therefore, he should be court martialed.

  • Sandra Stanislav

    our military is being infiltrated by muslims. why is this acceptable? because Obama wants to take over America and he can not with our real military

  • Pam Petracco Greco

    Coward deserter, traitor. Just proves how much Obama hates our military!

  • wes

    Truth is a wakeup call. Will we continue to slumber as we have our hands further extended for hand outs? Awaken sleeping giant, awake.

  • JL Manley

    He sought out the enemy and gave them full cooperation. TRAITOR!

  • Jacqueline Rizzo

    He’s a traitor plain and simple. Five years of More indoctrination by terrorists.

  • Marlene Schultz Parlak

    Deserter and traitor. He needs to be Court Matialed and either executed or life in a military prison.

  • SD Wheeler


  • TC

    IF he found to be guilty in what hopefully will be a military court, then he should be dealt with in the harshest way possible.

    My opinion is much the same as most everyone else posting here. However, the old veteran in me remembers the friends who gave their lives to preserve the rights we all have. I hate to say it but that includes this Bergdahl character.

    What he allegedly did turns my stomach and I hope that whomever is digging to get the truth never gives up till that truth is made known. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and I believe there is a lot more to the story than we know.

  • Morrie Itzkowitz

    A hero I don’t think so, A traitor possibly, A coward more than likely. There is no doubt that he did abandon his post, the question is why, did he do it because he wanted to join the Taliban? was he so scared that he wanted to run home? Rumor has it that he was walking around some of or one of the little towns asking for them but that is only rumor. It was said that the father tweeted some remark about the Taliban and that is seemed to be radical Muslim in its context but are they Muslim or converted Muslim, who knows yet, sure the father looks like one but that does not say he is. I know that many of you will say many bad things about this but in reality we need the facts before we hang him and his family. What I do know is that Obummer is a traitor, a lying coward that should have been removed from office 6 years ago. He has proved that over and over again.

  • geneva

    Absolutely a traitor! Just maybe 15 or 20 years ago this kind of thing was taken very serious. There were consequences with lots jail time. It’s very sad the state this country us in. There is no punishment for crimes anymore. The military should have handled this alone without any help from this sick administration!

  • Matthew Smith

    we traded 5 extremely dangerous terrorists for one american-born terrorist. Obama gave the Taliban the recognition of a world power. I believe that Bergdahl went to Afghanistan specifically to join the Taliban. He was no pow, he was a recruit.

  • Anita Lynn Williams

    I question a video as to whether him being a captive. This one video showed him eating. He has on a beige shirt with a pocket. In that pocket is a capped blue pen. We all know that the Taliban is known for their inhumane treatment of Americans. Why does a captive of the Taliban have a pen? In the video of the exchange, he looked as though he was drugged. Failing health, do not believe. He is a traitor!

  • Francis X. Knight

    Traitor… And it appears to be another staged event by the White House. That bunch has lied so much, that the truth is abhorant to them…

  • Courtney Leong

    I am an Army Vet and for someone to walk away from their post makes them AWOL and in doing so during war comes with the death penalty. I believe that this man is a traiteror and stayed out of the states so that he would not be prosecuted. I think he is either Muslim or is a Muslim sympathizer. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I also think that Obama diserves a life long prison sentence for this with out the chance of parole.

  • Dave Covato


  • David

    Traitor.Period.Just watched Obummer on T.V.He say’s “leave no one behind”.Really? What happened with that statement when it came to Benghazi? And the speech by the father at the white house is very strange.You know that speech was approved before he made it, so what’s with the quote he made from the koran? This guy should be tried as a Traitor and Obummer should be Impeached!

  • Holley

    This entire trade situation makes me upset. This deserter should be put on trial for being a deserter. Those 5 should never have been released under ANY circumstance! There was a viable option to buy the deserter back which would’ve been fine. I don’t believe that it fell through, I think the White House saw an opportunity to release these 5 as another apology and submission to the middle east. Everything this president does is political at its core because he’s such an ideologue! He’s a scandalous, lying, lawless, unaccountable, incompetent, spin-doctor… I’m tired of him, his agenda, his staff, his policies, and his lies! Impeach him, put him on trial, and make someone accountable for every scandal he “found out about on the news”

  • Pitstop

    This IS unreal but what DO we do ? I am the wife of a 67 year old disabled (for real) Vet and it makes me sick. When Benghazi broke I stayed on website like this getting more & more upset & stressed. I am a Human Resource person and so I knew about the Coming of Obama Care and even 2016 will be more changes that WE in HR were told about. Most of the public were just “Sitting Ducks”, Then all kinds of Executive Orders– OB bought a beat up Prison from his home state of Illinois with our money AFTER CONGRESS said no –he used His Pen–He wants to bring all the rest of the Gitmo Prisioners there & he will do it with THE PEN AGAIN–Then Benghazi-let the guys die–but tell Hillary and OB to plead IGNORANCE ! Come on –then IRS then — well you get the idea–now this–a real SCARRY DEED he took it upon himself to do. The rest of the world is scared for us too. What can we do ! I got to go the Stress of all the items mentioned above caused me to get Shingles last year at a age 60 yes STRESS !

  • Rick


  • D Brown

    Why would he be kept hostage? For his monetary or swap value. I hope Bergdahl’s conversion was pretended. Bergdahl seems to know his own mind well enough to make difficult decisions such as the one of abandoning his team and America while knowing what military laws he was violating and what the consequences would be. The only possible excuse is that he was insane, which there does not appear to be any evidence of. Like many young men he failed to do his homework before joining the military. To say he was told by his recruiter that he would be helping Afghan’s, then fail to understand in what manner, is absurd. Absent a mental disorder he’s a traitor as evidenced by his purposely seeking out the Taliban after abandoning his post. He committed a crime and should be held account. There is room for mercy in my opinion, only because soldiers do not generally receive a thorough explanation of American foreign policies and war strategies, nor what the philosophy behind them before they are told to kill. But he could have researched all this on his own before signing the enlistment contract. Of course his parents should support him as much as possible, but neither should they condone his choice, which I doubt they will do. Unfortunately, the dad has failed to make the distinction that the Islamic god is not the same god of the Christian bible. He will go down in Christian history as the Presbyterian that praised Allah in the White House Garden.

  • upload

    He walked off guard duty, leaving his fellow soldiers in danger. That is traitorous. Period. He is a victim of nothing and a hero to no one.

  • texas0302

    He is a soldier and none should be left behind. PERIOD!!!! As with any individual…shouldn’t we wait and see what has happened to him first before judging him in a ruthless manner. He still has his Constitutional Rights!!! That is the Tea Party favorite document!!! Impeachment again?? Why can’t the Republican run Congress work on the economy, making jobs, increasing the minimum wage, and IMMIGRATION reform. Please oh please!!! Give me a break!!!

  • Curtis Thompson

    Firing squad for Obama and this Traitor,

  • Irritated conservative

    Deserter and traitor. Should be put to death. His family should be on a watch list or punished with him for supporting the Taliban.

  • I don’t really care enough to watch all the tv shows about it. either this or the newest school shooting. I do know Idahoans have asked for help getting him out for years. He did desert according to stuff I read in 2012. his words. If they were going to cut his head off I dont mind them getting him out. If he’s court martialed I dont mind that either. I think the men Obama let go he was going to let go regardless.