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Iranian insurgents gain ground as election boycott support grows

Written By | Jun 18, 2021
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By Shahram Sharif –, CC BY 2.0,

FRANCE: The Iranian people are demonstrating their disgust with the regime’s sham election by declining to participate in it. Low voter turnout reveals how this election is a staged event, played out for the international audience. Ebrahim Raisi is the Supreme Leader’s choice for president and the election is just window dressing for his installation. (Low election turnout could spell trouble for Iran regime, experts say)

Raisi’s history with the Iranian people is paved with their blood. He was part of the death commission that sent thousands of political prisoners to their death in the summer of 1988. His career with the regime is littered with death, destruction, and human rights violations. Despite this, he is deemed to be Khamenei’s successor, so his installation as president is seen as part of that transition.

In response, MEK Resistance Units have rallied the people, installing images, posters, and banners that support regime change. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are part of a coalition of the Iranian opposition, who believe that the only way to address the issues facing the Iranian people is the end of the regime, replacing it with a democratic government accountable to the Iranian people.

Slogans, such as “Down with Khamenei, down with Raisi,” are being chanted throughout Iran.

A boycott of the sham election is seen as a way to defy this regime’s tyranny. Khamenei preaches that it is a sin not to participate in his drama of an election, but the people’s lack of participation simply demonstrates that the regime has no legitimacy with people. Instead, Khamenei is a dictator, putting into power only those who are loyal to him. The factions are not truly for the Iranian people, but for the status quo that allows them to continue their corrupt activities while bankrupting the Iranian people.

Iran’s election a screen for the Regime’s consolidation of its power

In recent days, resistance activities were carried out in cities throughout Iran, including Tehran, Shiraz, Sanandaj, and Ahvaz. Posters of the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Maryam Rajavi is appearing throughout Iran, along with various slogans, such as “Our vote is regime change and a democratic change and people’s sovereignty.”

Defiant youth are torching and demolishing Raisi’s images. “I have ordered not to print more posters and instead spend the money on the poor,” said Raisi in response to the destruction of his posters and images. All the social outrage has raised concerns among the clerics of the regime. They see the cracks in the foundation of their control of Iran. The writing is on the wall. Their response is increased repression.

“We will deal very hard with any person or media that accompanies the enemies,” said Yadollah Movahed, head of the Judiciary in Kerman province. “The amount of propaganda to boycott the elections is unprecedented.”

That low voter turnout demonstrates that Iran’s regime stands on a precipice. There is nowhere for them to go, except back to oppression, destruction, and death.

Their goal with the installation of Raisi is to put fear into the Iranian people. Distractions with war or international issues with those named enemies in the West are no longer enough to keep the Iranian people from demanding change. They are tired of suffering and corruption. Their boycott of the election and an increasing number of resistance units demonstrates that the Iranian people are at the end of their rope and the regime is in its last days.



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About the Author:

Hamid Enayat is an Iranian political analyst and freelance writer based in Europe.

Hamid Enayat

Hamid Enayat is an independent Iranian political analyst and writer based in Europe.