Iowa Caucus’ Norma Banks responds to Cruz campaign tactics

Iowa Voter Norma Banks response to Ted Cruz's campaign premature dismissal of Dr. Ben Carson during the Iowa Caucus


COLORADO SPRINGS,  February 12, 2016 – It was Washington politics at the very worst. And elderly Iowa caucus goer, Norma Banks, was there to witness it all first-hand. She saw the Cruz cavalry warning caucus goers in her precinct ahead of the voting not to “waste their votes” on Dr. Ben Carson because he was out of the race.

Their man was still standing and, hence, would be the likely second choice for those abandoned Carson supporters

Cruz campaign tactics in Iowa just wrong

And we hear the pundits weighing in later in their usual mordant postmortems: “It was business as usual.” “Let’s move on to New Hampshire.” “Everyone has a story to tell.” “Big boys don’t cry.”

Never mind: Just listen to the polls that are being served up to us already minced into tiny pieces as a mother might do for a child.

Activate bibs. Prepare to believe drivel.

What the pundits and the GOP (you recall, the ‘Government of the People’?) don’t get yet is that citizens finally are waking to it all and taking control back. We are moving off irony and our corrupt government. Rejecting the Washington Way.

Jack-Nicholson-You-Cant-Handle-The-Truth1-300x180Disbelieving a media that’s no longer worthy of their fancy titles. The legacies of I.F. Stone and Woodward and Bernstein are but flickers in the rear view mirror now.

But, who you gonna believe? Me, or your lying eyes?!

Here’s the truth. “You can’t handle the truth!”

The Carson campaign has been in South Carolina since early 2014 and has more than 1,200 volunteers who have passed out hundreds of copies of a book titled, Ben Carson, Rx for America. They have worked South Carolina hard, yet there already are rumors that the Cruz campaign is once again saying that Carson is out and Carson supporters should not waste their vote by voting for him.

Iowa a bigger problem for Cruz than expected

There are rumors and there are rumors. No one will really know about the honesty of Carson’s competitors until the dust has settled and the votes have been tallied. Do we really want to wait for another disaster like happened in Iowa? Do we want to accept the status quo?

Or are we still seeking, in the person of Dr. Ben Carson, that shining city on the hill, as Peggy Noonan wrote about President Ronald Reagan?

Can morality return to the front seat before politics as usual drives us off another cliff?

In North Carolina, the surf’s up as Dr. Ben Carson, steadfast as ever, continues to seek honest votes from Carolinians.

The forecast may be stormy, but we have learned by now that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. With Kevlar vests firmly in place, the Carson team soldiers on, trusting citizens will continue to see the truth, without the ‘help’ of the professional king-makers.

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Following is Ms. Banks letter, courtesy of the Win Ben, Win – The 2016 Committee web site:


My name is Norma Banks.  I am 86 years old, and a proud Iowa Republican.  Electing good Christian conservatives has always been important to me so I’m usually very careful about studying the candidates.

I’m writing to you to set the record straight about the charges of voter fraud in Iowa you may have heard about, and what really happened that night.

At my caucus in Altoona, a Cruz supporter stood up to speak on behalf of Ted Cruz.  I was shocked when he told us that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race.

Let me be clear, he didn’t say Ben Carson might drop out.  Or that he would drop out next week.  He said that Ben Carson was QUITTING the campaign.

And Ted Cruz’s people said the same thing at caucuses all over Iowa.

No one was more surprised than me.  Why would Ben Carson drop out just minutes before the caucus started?

The Cruz leader told us that if we voted for Carson, we were wasting our vote.  He said that if we wanted a Christian; Ted Cruz was our only choice.

I was shocked.  But then, just minutes before we started the vote count, Candy Carson showed up and set the record straight.  She said there’s no way Ben Carson is dropping out.  In fact, she said these kind of dirty tricks are exactly the reason her husband decided to run in the first place.

Well, maybe you can imagine the feeling in that auditorium.  I couldn’t believe Ted Cruz would out and out lie.  But that’s exactly what he did.

Thankfully, Candy Carson was at our caucus and told us the truth.

Unfortunately, Candy could not be at the other 1,500 or so caucuses that night so there’s no telling how many people were confused or convinced that Ben Carson was dropping out.

Now some people want to say this is sour grapes.  That I and thousands of other voters across Iowa are upset because Ted Cruz took advantage.  And, after all, isn’t that what all politicians do?

But that’s exactly the problem.  By lying to us, Ted Cruz was really saying we didn’t matter, our votes didn’t matter; and our constitutional rights didn’t matter.

To them, “We The People” don’t matter, only their political careers count.

Here’s what Cruz himself tweeted out to his caucus captains:

The problem is that CNN never reported any such thing.  It was all a lie.

Ben Carson went into the caucuses with almost 40,000 confirmed supporters.  But he received less than half that number.  Ted Cruz won by only about 6,000 votes.  There’s little doubt that this dirty trick changed the outcome of the Iowa Caucus.

Ted Cruz lied to us.  He stole our votes, and he robbed voters of our rights as Americans.

It makes my blood boil.  That’s not how Republicans are supposed to behave.  That’s not the Christian, or the conservative, or the American way.

After 7 years of Barack Obama, and all the dishonesty and deception from our government in Washington, why would we ever elect another dishonest politician to lead our nation?

Please don’t believe what the Cruz campaign tells you — about him or about his opponents.  He lied to us.  Is that really what we want in a President?

If electing a conservative Christian is important to you, I hope you’ll remember this letter and consider Dr. Ben Carson.  Thank you for taking time to read this.


Norma Banks
Proud Carson Supporter

P.S. I have never written a letter like this before in my life.  But today, I fear for the future of our nation and for my grandchildren.  We must nominate and elect someone we can trust when the chips are down—Dr. Ben Carson.  And, before I close, let me thank the good folks at The 2016 Committee for making it possible for me to send this letter to you.

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