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In surprise appearance, Carly Fiorina endorses Ted Cruz

Written By | Mar 9, 2016

MIAMI, March 9, 2016 – Former HP CEO — and presidential candidate — Carly Fiorina made a surprise appearance at a Miami rally for Ted Cruz, where she endorsed Sen. Cruz.

“Last Tuesday, we had a primary and I walked into the ballot box and I looked at the ballot and I saw my own name on the ballot,” Fiorina said. “It was kind of a thrill. But then I checked the box for Ted Cruz, and I’m here to tell you why.”

Fiorina ended her presidential campaign last month after failing to gain much momentum across the country.

Even journalists covering the event were surprised by Fiorina’s endorsement, which lauded Cruz as a “constitutional conservative.” Fiorina also said that Cruz can “unite our party” and is “someone who doesn’t care if the Washington cartel invites him to their cocktail parties.”

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Fiorina slammed GOP front-runner Donald Trump, calling him a liberal who buys politicians and wants to ensure that Washington protects the rich and powerful like himself. “Of course, there are also many Republicans who are now horrified at the prospect of Donald Trump as our nominee. I am one of them,” said Fiorina. “The only way to beat Donald Trump is to beat him at the ballot box. And guess what, the only guy who can beat Donald Trump, who has beaten Donald Trump, is Ted Cruz.”

Fiorina attacked Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and Trump, saying they are “the system” and will not reform it. “So when the establishment says Ted Cruz is too much of a conservative, too much of a fighter, he won’t get along, I say, you go Ted!”

Fiorina’s history as a vocal critic of both Clinton and Trump leaves her well-positioned to act as a major Cruz surrogate. Few candidates have been as successful as Mrs. Fiorina in knocking Mr. Trump off balance during debates.

Cruz remains the only Republican candidate who poses any serious threat to Trump in the Republican primary race, claiming 359 delegates to Trump’s 458.

In her first act as a Cruz supporter, Fiorina even managed to praise the senator using a favored Trump phrase. “He has won over and over and over,” Fiorina said of Cruz. “He has won.”

Larry Lease

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